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Romney: Put A Paul On The Ticket

Experts seem to think the VP candidate doesn’t make much difference. Marco Rubio might get 2 points in Florida, or Rob Portman 2 points in Ohio.

Consider the impact of choosing a Paul on key swing states. Ron Paul got 23% of the primary vote in New Hampshire, for example, and 40% in Virginia. Paul attracts independent voters.

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How about: Romney: Get out of the race.


Why should we help romney win

Why should we help romney win after all the shenanigans they pulled? I want romney to lose. Besides that, we need Rand in the senate trying to stop wars, cut spending, and protecting our civil liberties. He would have no power as vice president.

Having Ron as Romney's VP is

Having Ron as Romney's VP is the best life insurance Romney can get.

It would accomplish nothing

First of all, Romney is the Wall-Street/Bankster/Israel/Empire candidate who admires and respects Dick Cheney and seeks his advice.

All "picking a Paul" would do is sideline them and spirit them away behind closed doors. V.P.s have no power (unless they are the defacto President like Dick Cheney), and no ability to go against the policy wishes of the President.


Rand Paul is of better use staying in the Senate to Fillibuster the next War Authorization bill, or to submit & attach the Audit The Fed bill to unrelated legislation (to force acceptance).

And Ron Paul would never agree with any of Romney's positions.

It will never happen

It would be good for the movement in terms of continuing to get the message out, but I still wouldn't vote for Romney unless I became convinced that he was actually changing to a more libertarian stance. That would take a lot of convincing. I would have to be able to read his mind with telepathic super powers to be convinced of that. Up to this point he has represented nothing but pure evil and so has Obomba of course.

I don't trust Romney

I like what I've been hearing from Romney (in his frequent campaign mailers), but because of his frequent changes in positions, I don't know which Romney we will actually get. In my opinion, he has lost all credibility.

If he chooses a Paul for VP (or the convention does it for him) It shows me he is moving ever so slightly our way.

Romney is a politician, not a statesman.

And as a politician, he will say whatever he thinks he has to say to get elected and once elected, he will do whatever he thinks he has to do to stay elected. If he thinks he can win it without Ron Paul's support and the support of Ron Paul's supporters, he will gladly plow ahead as if Ron Paul never existed. However, if he thinks he needs Ron Paul and his supporters on his side, he will do whatever he has to to get enough on his side to win and once elected will do whatever it takes to keep enough on his side to win reelection.

I want a principled president as much as anyone, but, this country is sick, badly sick in every way imaginable. I'm only 21 years old and hopefully will be able to live a long time in this country. If swallowing the puke and pulling the lever for a flip-flop like Romney is what it takes to buy us eight years to organize enough at the grassroots level to be able to restore Constitutional government in 2020, I'll gladly do it.

Not only that....he's an average politician but he is right up

there as the THIEF IN CHIEF. I trust Obama more than Romney. At least I know what I have to fight against.


I would never vote for Romney

I would never vote for Romney if if he chose Rand or the good doctor himself. Romney would ignore all council from them and do whatever he pleased once he got in there.

"and do whatever he pleased once he got in there."

I wish that were true, unfortunately Romney will do exactly what he is told to do.

Always remember:
"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds." ~ Samuel Adams
If they hate us for our freedom, they must LOVE us now....

Stay IRATE, remain TIRELESS, an

A Paul as VP

A Paul as VP would be a tremendous asset to the cause of Liberty. Yes, the running of the nation would be unchanged, but was changes is having the Republican VP campaigning for Liberty Republican Candidates in 2014. It will draw press when the VP comes to town in support of a local candidate and draw media attention to the message of Liberty.

I'm not suggesting voting for or against Romney. I say "Vote for [whichever] Paul as VP."

That's the same unconvicing

That's the same unconvicing argument people made for Palin in 2008. As to a Paul for veep, it won't happen with Ron and if it happens to Rand it will be final proof that he has completely gone over to the dark side.

The media would ignore him...

like a pariah just like they have done Biden - for different reasons, of course.