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Pauls will try to find common ground

Pauls will try to find common ground

Backers of father, son hold separate views

By Ralph Z. Hallow-The Washington Times

Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky made efforts this week to overcome a split between his father’s supporters and tea party backers in a move that could pay dividends for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign.

Republican strategists say tea partyers and supporters of Mr. Paul and his father, Republican presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, will be essential to the coalition they will need to defeat President Obama in November, but the two sides have been at odds over their choices of candidates in state primaries and over who will wield more influence within the Republican Party.

But when Rand Paul this week heaped lavish praise on the tea party, that diverse movement’s leaders said they saw signs of a denouement and a willingness to work together to boost Mr. Romney.

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So much for the claim of some

So much for the claim of some here that Rand's support for Romney was only "nominal." As many of us predicted he is throwing himself into the Romney campaign with gusto. Please note that, by comparison, Rand did not lift a finger to help his father at crucial state conventions. In fact, it was Rand's support for Ron that can truly be described as nominal.

It was a step backward for liberty when Rand won. His main mission now seems to be align our movement with the likes of Romney and/or further his personal agenda (whatever that is).

Who cares?

As always the two biggest pieces of dung are in the major parties. I will never vote Romney or Obama.

And I will live happily ever after for not violating my beliefs by voting for either of those men.

The End

LOL! Rand is out of touch if he thinks we will vote for Romney

Is he that dense?

I really hope that Ron takes

I really hope that Ron takes a stand e.g. endorses someone other than Romney for November. He doesn't have to diss Rand in the process but he can't let Rand succeed in his mission to redefine libertarianism as a harmless adjunct to the ideological vision of Beck, Hannity, and Levin.

I don't want Romney to win

If Romney wins, War with Iran is absolutely guarranteed.

I don't want Romney to win. This is a Neocon's wet dream, and even worse than Obama, so I'm not interested in "defeating Obama" with someone who will only be even worse.

Vote 3rd-Party: Gary Johnson (Libertarian), Rocky Anderson (Constitutional), or Dr. Jill Stein (Green).

Well said brother (or sister)

Well said brother (or sister) I don't feel confident enough in Johsnon yet to put the bumpersticker on my car but over the last few months he has been increasingly saying the right things on foreign policy.