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I put this under the Livestock category: Mitt Chicks Rock dot com

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If one was real shrewd they could go to FB and infiltrate

and start asking innocent questions that would blow up the board.

This one is wide open

This one is a group and you have to join and be approved

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

Do we have a "Paul's Girls" site?

We would all be young and hot!! hahaha..

definitely very silly--

all silly.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Jefferson's picture


complete with a sing-along. (I think I'm going to puke)

United we must stand,
Behind just one man.
If at the end of the day,
We want to preserve the American way.
We must expose the Washington façade!!
An unite as One Nation under God.
Replace a media that is bogus!!
On this we must now focus.

From sea to shining sea,
This is the way it must be,
Truth must lead the way,
So United we will stay.

God has given us the wisdom to find the right one,
A Constitution to lead us, to a true America’s son..
Our fore fathers had great insight,
So we would understand what is right.
We must not be led astray!
With the hocus pocus practiced today.
It’s for America we must fight!
Giving all our energy and mite.

And while all may not agree,
There is just one man who will give you just what you see.
If it’s perfection you seek,
It won’t be found with either the weak or the meek.

An inner strength is what must be found,
Experience and Leadership must abound!
We have seen this in just one man,
Now it’s time to Unite and take a stand.

Mitt Romney wants to preserve the American way,
To help All Americans in the coming day.
He is a man of integrity that we can trust,
So to get him the nomination Now is a must!!!

Compare those War lovers to

Compare those War lovers to the ladies we have in OUR movement.

I actually like Ann Romney

I actually like Ann Romney and have a lot of respect for her. Any girl who can survive cancer, MS, and living with Mitt is pretty cool in my book.

Me too.


It's not "Mitt's Chick" it's "Mitt Chicks"

They just recently added a picture of his wife to the website...I guess so it wouldn't make Mitt look like a playa'!

I do not see

How ridiculing the wife of a candidate adds anything of substance. The candidate sucks, there is no need to go after his wife, especially when we could write a 20,000 page book documenting the problems with Romney.

It's not about his wife. Did you look at ALL the pictures?

I guess not.


I was looking at an ad that had Romney's wife on it. My bad.