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Barry claims the government owns rainwater


This sort of thing really makes me sit back and marvel at the wisdom of Dr. Paul. Between this bovine scat and Romney's mouth it seems the height of prudence for him to simply sit back and watch them self-destruct.

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I'm still having trouble

wrapping my head around this one. So, for the many people who have wells are they not collecting rain water and run-off as well? The state should arrest everyone with a well on their property for collecting water then.

This is absolutely ridiculous, yet sadly I'm not surprised. I hope this guy can get his message heard and cause enough publicity that maybe the state rescinds prosecution of this man (most likely not).

I was thinking about wells

I was thinking about wells too. Aquifers were here long before America, but I would imagine that since Barry considers all land (including whatever's beneath) his property he'll claim that too.

You're right about it being ridiculous. He's got to go. I won't be surprised if he manufactures a reason not to hold elections so he can sit in the big chair for the duration of his lifetime.