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Seinfeld's Jason Alexander's positive Tweet to me about Ron Paul

I've talked to Roseanne, Dream Teamer David Robinson, DL Hughley, Natalie Maines, and now the great theatrically trained Jason Alexander who was my personal favorite from the greatest sitcom in the history of television. He also mentions in his response to my tweets defending the right to defend yourself that he lova Howard Stern who unortunately has so far missed the Boston Ron Paul due to his dependence on establishment' journalists. Jason Alexander's appearances on the Stern show ar always very entertaining though I believe it been a few years now since he's paid a visit. Hope he gets in soon.

PS...Baba Booey Ta Ta Toothey

PSS....My Twitter is @RyanScott35

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Howard's Issue w/ Ron Paul

There was a point where Howard was a supporter back in '08, I think. This last time around, he heard some MSM spin about Ron Paul's stance on Israel. That's when everything changed. I think Howard is a victim of propaganda and doesn't quite understand the nuances of the issues or the truth and reasoning behind RP's stance. His hatred is a knee-jerk reaction to bad information rooted in many layers of the Israel agitprop agenda.