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Nigel Farage at his finest (the Ron Paul of England!)

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I like Farage and follow his work..

He does not come close to having the consistency Ron Paul has ideologically.

I think he is half awake and needs to study Ron Paul and his ideology to improve.

My 2 cents..


I try to change people every day. Do You?

Please - Farage Comparison Is An Embarrassment To Ron Paul

Please, please - this comparison is an embarrassment to Ron Paul. Just check up a bit more on this man Farage before putting him on a pedestal. The man has been more destructive to his cause than useful. He has been responsible for very many active and genuine UKIP members leaving that party in anger and disgust. His private life is a constant concern to UKIP members. The only reason that he is getting recognition is because the British media (in particular)know that they can build him up as their tool to control and minimise anti-EU activity in the UK - to block others who might do a better job. Farage has one saving feature - he can talk tough (unlike Ron Paul actually!!) - that's about it. So can many crass politicians. But Farage will never have the decency and qualities Americans are blessed with in Ron Paul.

Farage is no Ron Paul

I like some of Nigel Farage's angry and very direct and to the point critiques of the European Union, but in this video he goes too far, insulting Van Rompuy in an uncalled for, personal way. Also, the comments about Belgium being a noncountry...

Ron Paul would never act that way, or at least I have never seen him act in such a rude manner.

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Agree, Not at his best here,

and it is the lesser of all the videos I have seen of his work.

He is a tireless warrior for freedom and liberty in the UK (also the only Englishman I have ever liked and respected). He has made positive statements about Dr. Paul.

I believe he is a brother and an asset in the struggle for freedom around the world.

I think his reference to Belguim stims from the resentment that the EU, NATO, and the World Court are headquartered there, and Belguim seems to have sacrificed it's sovereignity and has become subservient to these powerful organizations. (I seem to remember, at one time there was a movement to move the UN there also.) You probably recall, he has complained that all the EU countrys have given up their sovereignity.

I equate his assult on Van Rompuy as I would an attack on Hitler. Why should Farage be "politically correct", when this leader of fascism is raping all of Europe?

You are right, Ron Paul would never act that way. Not everybody can be a Ron Paul and we are running out of time. Playing "nice" with those charactors may be somewhat like taking a knife to a gun fight.


Farage is legit. I have no higher praise for a politician. I won't even offer support for Kucinich, but I would be a card carrying UKIP member if I lived in the UK with absolutely no reservations.

No train to Stockholm.


He really is great, always gives the eurozone technocrats a good stomping. When will we listen.

"He's this eccentric Ghandi-Like figure that you cant touch with the normal bribes that people respond to."
the man Doug Wead on DR. RON PAUL

Nigel is Hilarious!

the man has 200 pound brass balls. God bless them both.