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Rand Paul Tries to Intimidate & Harass Journalist After A Youtube Video

RT reporter threatened with arrest for harsssment after asking Rand Paul questions about his endorsement of Willard Romney


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Pandacentricism will be our downfall.

I don't believe it

Rand Paul tried to get them arrested? I'm not buying that. That punk kid kept following Rand Paul around acting like a pouting child after Rand said he couldn't talk. I saw the original video and I thought it was harassment. This is just people trying to get a name for themselves. I don't agree with Rand's endorsement of Romney by no means but I know he is a good guy and don't deserve this type of treatment.

Damn it!

I want to like Rand SO bad but i just don't fully trust the guy like I do his dad and this is not helping. I know it's gotta be REALLY hard in the business of politics to be as consistent and principled as his dad especially when you're the new guy on the block, but he's gotta drop the go along to get along crap. If he'd wise up and take some notes from Pappa Paul's play book he wouldn't be getting these righteous wearechange and the like type dolts bugging the crap out of him.

This building is owned by the

This building is owned by the people, so ANYONE should be able to go in and ask questions. Everyone at the Capitol also works for the people.

The problem is Rand has done a flip-flop to get into the establishment. He doesn't want to talk about Bilderberg anymore because that is a no-no. This, his endorsement of Mittens and his vote for sanctions on Iran are all highly suspect. I really can't support Rand anymore than I would support a DeMint.

There are always three sides

There are always three sides to every story. His side, her side, and the truth is somewhere in the middle.

Please keep hammering Rand Paul

I think it's great that WeAreChange is really going after Rand Paul. His voting record makes him worthy of being pinned down on subjects such as the Bilderberg Group and endorsing Mitt Romney.

How he actually votes in the Senate is completely irrelevant. And how the rest of the long-time, incumbent Senators vote is also equally irrelevant to freedom and liberty.

So dog-gone-it...let's go chase Rand up a tree. He needs to be taught a lesson. Grrrrr.

Voting record?

Like voting to commit acts of war against Iran?

Hmmm, you're right!

We DO need to go after Rand's voting record. His voting record is probably the worst in the Senate. There are dozens of senators that vote better than him. Does Rand really represent the freedom & liberty?

Recently, I was disgusted by his sponsorship of S.202. How DARE he audit the Fed! We need Fed independence, right? Why get more govt involved?! That's just more big govt!

We gotta get this Rand fellow outta here! Grrrrrrr. I hope WeAreChange spends all their resources taking down Rand. It will totally benefit freedom & liberty-loving people.


noted... :)

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Didn't expect anyone to catch

Didn't expect anyone to catch it. I was expecting a ton of thumbs down. Apparently, no one's really reading this thread.

This video will be extremely

This video will be extremely popular tommorow. and if this video or thread is deleted from the DP, that will be an even bigger story. ;-)

Don't let the control freaks stifle free speech and dialogue.