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Video Update: Ron Paul's Subcommittee Examines Parallel Currencies 8/2/12

Archived web link, thanks bear: http://financialservices.house.gov/Calendar/EventSingle.aspx?EventID=304699

Hearing entitled 'Sound Money: Parallel Currencies and the Roadmap to Monetary Freedom'

Thursday, August 2, 2012, 10:00 AM ET
Witness List:

Dr. Richard Ebeling, Professor of Economics, Northwood University
Mr. Nathan Lewis, Principal, Kiku Capital Management LLC
Mr. Rob Gray, Executive Director, The American Open Currency Standard

L i v e S t r e a m L i n k

Statement from Ron Paul:

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It's probably because your browser is running in 64bit mode. The plugin for this video only works in 32bit mode. Use firefox and a bar will show up asking you to restart the program in 32bit mode. Once it restarts the video will work.

I have not tested this one but it might work: If using safari go to your app folder, highlight the app then press command i. In the window that pops up select start in 32bit mode and restart your browser.

I hope this helps.

Hey, I am doing good to use

Hey, I am doing good to use my netbook...don't ask me about a mac LOL My netbook uses windows media player and it loads by itself. I have no idea how to help you. Sorry :)

having trouble getting it to

having trouble getting it to go on my mac =(


Sooo bummed I missed this!

Anyone got a link to a recording of it?

For Mac Users:

Many thanks

to you!

Yeah I second that. But

Yeah I second that. But since I missed it, before we find the link, was this another one of those "soundless tree falling in the woods" hearings or did people show up?


(3) congressmen total including Dr Paul if I'm not mistaken

are all who cared to show up.

Proves Mr Gray's point of the congress not being responsible and not doing their jobs. We just need to completly ignore the entire Government since it doesn't do anything but pass unconstitutional legislation and conspire with wall-street and multi-national corps to steal from us, our children, and the unborn.

Oh yeah, the gov't does do a couple other things...it puts lots of people in cages for non-violent crimes and kills lots of people in other countries for reasons that no one is allowed to know because it would "jeopardize national security".

Video Link Request

Anyone know where to get a video link for those who did not see it live? I'd like to pass it on!

Rob Gray's comments are spot

Rob Gray's comments are spot on.

"The bottom line is simple: humanity is not going to wait for permission to survive. Things that cannot go on forever... won't. The market will move on - with or without you. And, based on your rate of success to date, our preference is without you."

I almost fell out my chair laughing. I really need to see the looks on the faces of these "Representatives" of the people.


Go Dr. Paul

All the way to the White

All the way to the White House!!!


Bernanke bucks....


Love it!

Yah, I think we should all start calling them that in public...Open sleeping people's eys to what they really are.

Bernanke Bucks LOL

I like that

Ha Ha!

I was getting ready to say the same thing!

How about Dr. Paul: Money has become the vehicle of taxation (as opposed to a medium of exchange) [Not exact quote] Dr. Paul is a Master!


The stream keeps buffering during Mr. Ebelings talk. Is that happening to everyone, or just me?

I cant tell if the discussion is picking up where it left of or if I am missing some of it.

Go Figure

I opened a new player and it worked just fine...guess I should have done that sooner.

This if fun. Any idea how

This if fun.

Any idea how many congressmen and spectators are there?

"You must be frank with the world; frankness is the child of honesty and courage...Never do anything wrong to make a friend or keep one...Above all do not appear to others what you are not" - Robert E. Lee, CSA


Received the following message:

Windows Media Player cannot play any items in the playlist. To find information about the problem, click the Now Playing tab, and then click the icon next to each file in the List pane.

working for me.

It's working for me.


Transcript of Robert J Gray's written testimony

is just awesome. I expect he will read it as his opening remarks.


The greatest hurdle you will face over the next few years is trying to convince “we, the people” that you are still necessary in spite of your failures to get the job done. Sure, some will continue to rely on you for hand-outs; it’s what they’ve known their entire lives and they will be slaves right up and to the point of their own destruction. They don’t know any better and I don’t blame them for their ignorance. But as you continue to squeeze the life out of the middle class, watch out for their greatest weapon: apathy. They may not be ready to admit it, but soon they’ll turn their backs on you and never believe another lie – the lie that you are willing and able to do the job for which you were hired. In the future you will not have to worry about million man marches or citizen journalists trying to catch you on camera. What you need to fear is no one paying attention to you. The next American revolution will not be fought with bullets and bombs; it will be won with the opposite consciousness.

“It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” ~Henry Ford

"The bottom line is simple: humanity is not going to wait for permission to survive. Things that cannot go on forever… won’t. The market will move on – with or without you. And, based on your rate of success to date, our preference is without you."

Entire statement at the bottom of this page:

I love this guy!

"No fair challenge can be made between honest men and thieves. Let me be clear that when I say thieves: I refer to the current private central bank and the men in government who allow it to exist."

I agree.

And I love his style. Doesn't mince words.

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina


Anybody here know much about Bitcoin? It's an online currency, very interesting stuff. The only negative I know of that it has going for it is anonymity, which may be good for individuals in some cases, but leads to the money laundering question.

Yes. Bitcoin is the way.

I own Bitcoins and I firmly believe that Bitcoin (or something very similar) is the future of money. Here's why:

It is 100% Peer-to-Peer, meaning no central governing authority. Users determine the value of Bitcoins. Bitcoins cannot be printed. Once all the Bitcoins are "mined" (by users who offer their computer's processing power to secure the Bitcoin ledger) there will never be any additional Bitcoins created beyond the planned 21M.

Since its still pretty new and not very well-established, there are some infrastructure pieces that are lacking. At this point, it still requires a deep understanding of personal computer security. There are a few Bitcoin "banks" that will hold your coins securely for you, but they have yet to prove themselves (especially after a few unreputable banks made off with gullible users' money). It's still a bit of a "wild west" here in Bitcoin town, but we're gaining users bit by bit and the technology is getting more intuitive and user-friendly.

Rick Falkvinge has written a set of fantastic articles on Bitcoin and its hurdles:

I encourage you all to read these articles... even if you're not comfortable owning it right now, get acquainted with it. If you're on the fence about it, make very careful considerations about getting into Bitcoin. I've decided to assume the risks of owning Bitcoins and so far am very happy that I did.

I have bought with Bitcoins, and I accept Bitcoins in my consulting business (Excel projects / macros / data-entry forms / simple databases, BTW, if you're interested *wink* *wink*).

Like I said, I firmly believe Bitcoin (or something similar) is the future of currency. It's still risky (and the exchange rate is volatile) but it gives you a true sense of monetary freedom. What you earn is what you keep. Monetary freedom is a beautiful thing.


no internet, no

no internet, no sustainability. if the govt doesn't like what arizona does, no internet for arizona.

we need something tangible.

Eh, the internet ain't going anywhere...

Unless government literally cuts the cord, there are always ways to get on the internet. And even then, users can still create P2P networks invisible to government that run their own "fork" of Bitcoins.

Also, familiarize yourself with Tor. It's how the fine folks in countries with oppressive governments communicate with the outside world.