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Remembering my days as a hardcore neocon.

After watching Dr. Pauls floor speech today on Iran, I recalled my days as a war drooling neocon. Today I find it laughable that I actually believed in the rhetoric of the pundits and my own imagination on these silly affairs. I grew up watching war movie after war movie, playing war with my friends in the woods. Good times indeed. It was glorified for me, through those with an impact on my perceptions, or my own driven desire to be some sort of hero.
I joined the Navy at 18. Thought I was going to Eff shit up. Previously before that (knowing I was going into the military) I registered republican because I knew republicans would increase my pay. How Fucked up is that! Ahh the days of stupidity and ignorance, sometimes I miss them.
Voted for Bush twice. Defended that fucker for more times than I can count. This is all I will say about this, I get too enraged. Then, Ron Paul.
I heard him speak in 2007, just like many of us. I was so happy that there was a fiscal conservative and a social liberal all wrapped up into one. But then of course I heard about the newsletters and I was gone. Scared by the MSM into thinking Dr. Paul was a racist. uhh, fuck me.
So of course I did what I had to do, Give John McCain some of my money. ARRRGGGGHHHHH! I want that 500 dollars back so bad I might have to see a shrink about this problem.
I will end this with sincere honesty, If Obama didn't turn out to be a neocon, I would not be a hardcore Paul supporter. Obama's BS is what turned me.

This thread is for the stories of transition. I am sure there are more exiting ones than mine.


Fuck Neocons

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From CFR to AFTF to Ron.

I used to go to the CFR's web site to read and educate myself on why we need to be in Iraq. I supported the war, and genuinely wanted to be able to form better arguments to support Bush and the Iraq War/War on Terror. I'm sure I probably read Heritage Foundation, American Enterprise Institute, and others too.

Then one day in Jan. of '07, I saw both America: Freedom to Fascism, and Terrorstorm. Right after AFTF, I googled "Ron Paul". I saw he just formed his exploratory committee for his '08 presidential campaign. I read his positions and was like "Hey guys! Come check this out! That dude in the movie is running for president, and his positions are cool!" They came in and we were all crowding around the screen rattling off Ron's positions from his web site, and my friends and I were supporters from then on. Signed up for email updates. 3-4 months later I met him at a $250 lunch speaking event.

He's done everything he could folks. I hope he gets to relax soon, take a break, and spend time with family. Thx for everything, Doc. You changed my life, for the better. You showed us how. Now It's up to us. If we don't succeed in getting you elected, we'll just recruit more people and start competing for positions at the state and local level. Some day some state is gonna have a pro Ron Paul majority in their state legislature. That state will start nullifying Agenda 21, 0bamacare, or ATF authority over guns made/remaining there, and more Liberty minded people will move there. Then it will spread to other states.

Almost the same EXACT story!

Except the Bush and McCain supporter stuff...

I also joined the Navy (during Desert Shield) with the intention of kicking ass....

While going through some old tapes last night, I stumbled on a recording of myself calling into a talk radio show in L.A.. Well, let's just say that I was completely embarrassed to hear myself state, "We should continue to bomb through Ramadan" and "This is a religious war to those people... They think God wants them to destroy us - the infidels!" Sean Hannity would've loved it. The gateway to my mental freedom happened one day in late 2005, after seeing coverage of civilian casualties in Iraq. Being the father of three myself, it tore my heart to pieces watching a Iraqi woman sobbing relentlessly while carrying her dead child who was killed by one of our missles. This got my wheels spinning, and shortly thereafter, my co-worker introduced me to the good Dr. and the power of logic.


That is propoganda to the max. If Israel and Iran have a beef with each other. LET THEM FIGHT IT OUT. ughhh. Sometimes I wish the war would start already just so we can get it over with. Enough of the puffy chests, Im calling these punks out, HEY ISRAEL, DO Something , what bitches.

They're waiting for America to fight

their battles for them.

I remember my days as a liberal

Not caring about real issues, only the media bs that pours out of the tv. I wanted guns to be banned, the fed to print more money and Obama to be elected. However many ideas were good, I agreed with Ron Paul on social issues. Then, one day I was surfing YouTube, and I found a few videos about Ron Paul, libertarianism, and here I am.

"Believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear." - Benjamin Franklin


My goal is to convert at least 1 person a month before the election.

LOL Remember Patriot

You only did what you thought what was right for our country, just move on without regrets, I too loved the concept of the US fighting military campaigns as the sole military superpower, but I realized this ideal only belonged to the control freaks and Bankers, we can only go so far till conscience kicks in and gives us a reality check, some will deny and continue on, but some will put aside their ego and start questioning this whole charade. What drew me to Ron Paul was that his message resonated deeply with JFK's warnings, and MLK, and the founding fathers, all legendary regarding their belief in Liberty, And I really realized, even now Im learning why they remained forever devoted to this idea, I see now what the right to live is, the pursuit of happiness and the right to defend oneself from tyranny, people here really take it for granted that the west has the power to change, places like Iran and China, people are constantly tortured and killed, and cannot defend themselves with guns or knowledge

so true so true

I really feel bad for those that are still stuck in the paradigm. What the hell were we thinking. lol. It seems crazy now, but for a long time, it felt so right.