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Rachel Maddow dedicates 18 minutes to Romney lying about his taxes and perjury, with an invite!

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1)most of Maddows audience is

1)most of Maddows audience is Democrat.
2)Alot of democrats don't want to change party but also don't want to vote for Obama.
3)The democrats that don't want to vote for Obama were known to be leaning towards RP.
4)Right now, RP is not much in the race, the nominee is Romney and this is the case unless we pull a fast one in Tampa.
5)if Romney is going to be the nominee than all Rachel did was make all of those democrats want to vote for Obama.
6)Therefore, this is only a plus to us if RP wins in Tampa. If he doesn't shows like today will only clinch the election for Obama.

So I'm not crazy about this particular show. I like that she is shining the light on Romney, but it will only help us if RP wins in tampa. I want her to shine the light more on the Ron Paul campaign and the fraud that occured, that might help a little.

I'm no Romney fan

but I'm getting tired of reading about veiled accusations from the Dems. If they've got something substantive put it out on the table and charge Romney with some sort of crime. Plenty of people, including me, want to see white collar financial criminals brought to justice. The Dems need to sh!t or get off the pot.

What I like about Rachel

What I like about Rachel Maddow is that she doesn't even pretend unbiased reporting exists, wears hers on her sleeve and goes straight for the throat. I like that. It's a lot classier than Fox News' brand of madness. Same way the rapier is classier than the axe.

But about Romney. How is this guy still running? Why are not even his closest allies saying 'whoa there Mittyboy.. we knew you had skeletons in the closet.. but we didn't expect to find a warehouse rave in there, bro'.

Always putting Romney down,

Always putting Romney down, but never propping up the only other competing GOP candidate.

Stay classy, Madcow.

This reminds me of the birther controversy

I think that Romney will at some time release some additional tax records - probably not 10 years but several and I think that they will show that he did in fact pay taxes and make significant charitable contributions - for some reason he didn't want the Dems to go over his personal records in detail and make issues out of nothing but it is obvious that it would be less damaging to release than to not release - I wonder though if after he does release whether any of these media sharks like Maddaw will have the integrity to admit that they in fact lied themselves - good luck on that one.

This is just like the birther issue - I hate what Obama represents for this country but I do believe that he was born an American citizen. Now will the left admit that they may hate Romney because of his wealth and success but that he is not a liar or a felon? Good luck on that one too.

I think that Romney will release tax records for prior years and I wonder how the critics will handle the truth when it is presented.

Birther controversy?

Sounds like you've never researched it...

Obama's father was never a US citizen therefore Obama is not a 'Natural Born' US citizen and he never will be. Obama is not eligible for the office of President.

Read the Constitution

The 14th Amendment extends citizenship to all persons born in the US and subject to the jurisdiction thereof at birth - now while I wish Obama was not a natural born citizen - the Constitution states otherwise and if you want to follow the Constitution you have to do it all the time, not just when it pleases you.

big difference between citizen and natural born citizen

please learn the difference

I have read the constitution

What an idiot you are - there is nothing in the Constitution that requires both parents to be US citizens at the date of birth in order for someone to be a natural born citizen - if you are born within the geographical area of the US then you are a natural born citizen - that is established law in the US and there is absolutely nothing in the Constitution to counter this - are you smart enough to actually understand the Constitution when you read it? Or are you just full of BS and you have never read a single word of the document? - I guess that the latter is the truth of the matter.

Romney is a sacrificial cow...

He's not in it to win it. (IMHO) Prepare for the Rebulicrats to hand over the election to the OBAMAnation. Everybody wins! Except you of course.

In Liberty

Mitt Romney will get utterly destroyed by the media

if he is the GOP nominee and that video shows that he will get smoked in the of the swing states. He has no chance.The way demographics are he cannot win.

Every single Ron Paul delegate or other candidates delegates that knows that Mitt cannot win and would be the wrong choice need to unite on the floor of the convention and in unison tell the GOP NO MORE OF THESE HAND PICKED EMPTY SUIT LIARS! WE NOMINATE RON PAUL!!!!

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
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Why are people on here defending the unelectable tax evader?

Firstly, Willard is a hypocrite of the highest order. As governor of Massachusetts, he proposed so many tax hikes that the Democrats decided to end the madness by voting against them. Of course, us "little people" are expected to swallow every single tax hike that slick-talkers like Willard propose and pay every red cent. However, when it's time for Willard to prove that he pays his "fair share" like he expects his constituents to do, he runs and hides like a coward. Is this not the typical arrogant Washington corruption we're supposed to be fighting against?

Secondly, every second that goes by without a full disclosure of the tax returns makes Willard look more and more unelectable. Seeing as how he hasn't been nominated yet and Ron Paul is eligible, this can only help us.

I don't play, I commission the league.

Romney summed up in one word...


He's such a weak candidate on the issues, and is carrying some serious baggage, which has been obvious far prior to his rise in the primaries to his current establishment GOP anointment. I have to wonder if it's a conspiracy to give President Obama the election.

But, if Romney stumbles, runs into some serious legal issues, or just drops out for any reason, guess who has all their ducks in a row to pick up the ball and run with it?

Ron Paul is the only candidate who has a real chance to beat President Obama in the fall... and the GOP knows it.

I don't think it's a conspiracy at all...

Willard's "frontrunner" status is simply a product of the status quo media slurping a status quo candidate, as well as the older generations falling for the same old GOP fearmongering about "Christian values" and brown people.

I truly think the GOP is delusional enough to believe Willard is actually electable. Otherwise, no way would they have spent so much time and effort propping him up over the past two years or so. They're just too intellectually lazy to respond to people's dislike of Obama with something more substantial than "here's another person with an R next to his name, and he says he doesn't like Obama". They certainly don't want Willard to actually run on his liberal record, and they're too shallow to meaningfully debate policy, so we're left with an unelectable candidate with nothing to say.

Thankfully, we have a choice in Tampa. Hopefully, enough people make the right one.

I don't play, I commission the league.

Im starting to figure out

Im starting to figure out that the only times I can stomach Maddow is when she is talking RP or when she's got a "Republican" or "independent/libertarian" guest on the show. She ignores a lot of key angles on the show and a lot of times those ignored angles ruffle up her message. And then she puts on that self satisfied face...bleh

She had my old HS classmate on who was then president of college republicans during the Christine O'Donnel fiasco and I enjoyed that but...


The Key To This Post - Romney is No Match Against Obama

Thanks for the great post.

It is NOT necessarily a great post because of Rachel Maddow. It is a great clip because it illustrates how the Democrats will campaign against Romney.

This clip should be enough for most to see that they can control the diaglogue in a way that leaves Romney in the dust.

Gene Louis
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A Citizen-Operated Legal System.

I'm just hoping it's the nail in the coffin

that will lead to him being ineligible for nomination. Or simply that he's forced to drop out. Hoping it sways his delegates.....

Who else would they vote for?

Wouldn't Paul be the only candidate eligible for nomination in that scenario?

I don't play, I commission the league.

Remember early on they were

Remember early on they were talking about a "dark horse" guy like Daniels that could swoop in and be nominated at the convention?

The rules we're praying work in our favor could just as easily go completely the opposite


Correct me if I'm wrong...

but couldn't that only happen in a brokered convention? If there's only one candidate left on the ballot with enough delegates to be eligible for nomination, how could we end up with a brokered convention?

I don't play, I commission the league.

well technically NO one has

well technically NO one has been nominated yet. That can only happen on the floor. And since we've speculated that all of the delegates are unbound then many Romney or Santorum or Gingrich (Bachman even has one delegate) could vote for whomever they please in the nomination stage. They could vote for Al Gore if they wanted to, and if he gets the plurality then he could be the nominee.


Correct But...

The GOP Requires a candidate to have the plurality of 5 states to be eligible for nomination. This is a highly contentious subject with us Paul Supporters. We feel we have it, the GOP will ensure we don't.

Which means, the ONLY thing we can hope for, is that enough delegates abstain from voting forcing a brokered convention at which point we CAN nominate Dr Paul.

Again, we need a hail mary. But my gut tells me that even if all the stars allign, and Ron Paul is elected from the floor, the GOP will over rule and either keep Mitt, or nominate someone else.

Then the Fire Starts!!!

Go To Tampa!!!

For Liberty!

Viva la R3VOLution!!!

Hail Mary? No. We need some

Hail Mary? No. We need some crazy ish like




^^^Or This^^^


^^^Or This^^^

BC we dont have the ball


I'm still somewhat confused about this, though.

According to the RNC, only two candidates have the appropriate pluralities to be eligible for nomination: Willard, and Paul. If Willard were to drop out, that would just leave Paul.

Since a brokered convention would need multiple eligible candidates all being unable to get a majority of the vote, how could we possibly have a brokered convention if there's only one candidate to vote for?

Wouldn't the rule about all delegates being unbound only affect the voting for eligible candidates? Otherwise, why would the RNC announce certain candidates as being eligible?

I don't play, I commission the league.

yes yes we get it

you don't like or trust Rachel Maddow. Doesn't change the fact that exposing Romney is good for us.

Maddow is a joke

I have absolutely no respect for her as a journalist, and do not have any interest in anything she has to say. Do not get me wrong, I have plenty of issues wtih Mitt Romney, but she does not care to raise any of the ones that matter.

She is attacking Romney simply because of the "R" next to his name, he could believe exactly the same things and have a "D" there and this 18-minute useless rant would not have occurred.

I could not care less about Romney's tax returns, when exactly he left Bain Capital, or all this other stupid political garbage to keep the talk away from the erosion of our liberties, the destruction of our dollar, the continued disappearance of the middle class, and our endless foreign policy adventurism.

Shutup Maddow, stop spewing your venom like Bill O'Reilly and all the other talking heads and talk SUBSTANCE. However, she won't do that, because then her guy Obama will fail the test just as bad as that joke Mitt Romney.

You couldn't care less if it

You couldn't care less if it were exposed that Romney didn't pay taxes for 10 years? This after already have demonstrably lied about his taxes in the past? Of course, if this would come to light before the convention, it would give RP a much better chance at being nominated... But you don't care?

It won't happen

Every election cycle there is useless arguments over issues that do not matter in terms of our foreign, domestic, and economic policies. Instead of the candidates debating substance, they instead spend the entire election cycle attacking the other on personal issues like tax returns, business affiliations...offshore bank accounts...are you kidding me?

Of course I don't care. You want to know what I DO care about? The fact that Mitt Romney would most likely put as in a war with Iran, ramp out foreign aid to Israel even more, entangle us even further in Middle Eastern politics, and continue to support legislation that curtails our civil liberties for police state measures. How about worrying about THAT over whether or not the guy was CEO of Bain Capital after 1999...gimme a break.


Of course I don't care. You want to know what I DO care about? The fact that Mitt Romney would most likely put as in a war with Iran, ramp out foreign aid to Israel even more, entangle us even further in Middle Eastern politics, and continue to support legislation that curtails our civil liberties for police state measures.

Those are all very big concerns with Willard, there's no denying that. However, so is the very real possibility that we could be nominating a felon.

I don't play, I commission the league.

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According to the good judge...

We all commit Three Felonies a Day (see his book of the same name).

So, regardless of who we elect, we're most likely electing a felon.

Now, the trick is to convert this felon into a "convicted felon" prior to the election, to ensure he's unelectable.

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