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Rachel Maddow dedicates 18 minutes to Romney lying about his taxes and perjury, with an invite!

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all BS...

why are we even talking romney?

obombya or Ron Paul!

romney is irrelevent...

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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A financially elite person

A financially elite person closely tied to Wall Street, and therefore the Fed, who does not pay his taxes while middle class Americans do is completely relevant from many standpoints, and is DEFINITELY related to domestic policy, namely his positions on the tax code.

Both Obama and Romney will put us into war with Iran. No differences there.

You are assuming too much

You over-trivialized what I said in an earlier post by saying I do not care if Romney hadn't paid taxes in 10 years. Of course that would be unacceptable (even though I think our current tax code is a travesty anyway), however there is a stark difference between revealing he has evaded taxes for 10 years or spending an entire campaign cycle attacking someone over refusing to release additional tax returns.

I have plenty of issues with Mitt Romney, but you cannot keep saying over and over again in your argument that he hasn't paid taxes in years and provide no evidence. Further, do you have evidence that he is closely tied to the Federal Reserve Board? Not everyone who works on Wall Street, or more specifically in private equity, is evil.

My own father has worked on Wall Street for 25 years and happens to be an outspoken critic of our monetary policy. When you continually attack a major section of our economy, as private equity is a key industry in terms of capital formation, redeployment, and investment...then you start to sound quite similar to Nancy Pelosi.

Even Ron Paul had to defend private equity when other politicians started calling it "vulture capitalism" during the primaries, remember?

Ron Paul was WRONG

Ron Paul was WRONG do defend Romney on this issue during the debates and primaries. He only did so to help Romney, not himself, and not the American people. The liberty movement was WRONG not to call Ron Paul out on this issue. There is no free market in this this country today or in the past decades, that's why Ron Paul is wrong on this issue, and Ron Paul refused to recognize this knowing full well there isn't a free market. Romney didn't make his money honestly, he made it through a corrupt system and thereby deserves to forfeit those ill gotten gains, just like every other fraud who profited from this corrupt system.

Never trust the msm narrative. No matter how tempting.

Was it an 18-minute National Delegate special detailing exactly what Rules 11, 38, and 40 mean? Was it an 18-minute slow motion video of the hundreds of thousands of kids that are being mamed and slaughtered on our dime for the benefit of a foreign terrorist state and a few traitors? It was 18 minutes of blue vs red childish trash talk. A diversion to keep Americans dumb.

Maddow does not point out RP's supporters

To make him look good, she does it to make Romney and the GOP look bad. So let's stop acknowledging propaganda pieces put out by her like this one. I would never cast a vote for Willard, but never for this reason. His record at Bain is one of the very, very few things I would put in his + column. Anyone who makes a lot of money does what Romney did with his taxes.. We all would 100% guaranteed do the same thing, Maddos would do the same thing, Obama would do the same thing. But they don't have as much money as him so they can pretend like they would do something different. Why don't they bash him on one of the million other things that actually matter? Oh, because on those issues, him and Obama see eye to eye.


I learn something new about Romney every day.

Of course she did. Romney is not a Democrat

That was an 18 minute infomercial for our reigning king. I despise Romney for a whole different set of reasons.

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

"Fully half the quotations found on the internet are either mis-attributed, or outright fabrications." - Abraham Lincoln

Actually, I think Romney IS a

Actually, I think Romney IS a democrat. The more work like this that gets done before Tampa, the better off we are... So whether it's a commercial for Obama or not, it's helping RP (and there's a good chance that most of what was in the piece is actually true).