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Proof of the Cointelpro-like smear against Rand Paul

"Rand Paul Tries to Fire & Arrest Journalist for Asking Him Questions" is listed TWICE on the Daily Paul with the same exact name with the exact same content. Usually, there are two or three topics with different names with different content/opinions. This reeks of Co-Intel-Pro like behavior.

Image for all to see.


Given Luke Rudkowski's credibility who's side are you on? Luke basically had We Are Change pay for his college. I mean that is class-A fraud.

Given that Rudkowski engaged in fraud, I would imagine he would love to destroy the Ron Paul Revolution and replace it with his We Are Change deal. This is sick and disgusting. Also, people who use this as a beat stick about how even Rand is a traitor are just trying to use this as a wedge. Don't fall for their tricks.


Rand was basically stole the show at the YAL convention. I guess everyone at YAL are traitors as well (sarcasm)

Edit: The Cointelpro tactic being used here is 'Forum Sliding'. Many have asked for the 'proof' the proof is in the image. Clearly, forum sliding is happening.

Edit 2: Okay many of the We Are Change supporters/members do not even know basic business ethics. What Luke did here was something called embezzlement.


So there you go. Geesh, I thought people on here were smart. Embezzlement is a type of fraud thus why I call Luke a fraud. Dang! I love it when I am right when all my critics are super ignorant.

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No need for cointelpro

Rand Paul is a POFS! Morover, nowhere is he near not being a POFS.


Spend your time on educating NEW people on govt corruption, ending the Fed, anti-war, etc. Educating the Voters is the key. Don't spend ANY time on arguing among Liberty people about who is cointelpro and who is not, until it makes people's heads spin.

Liberty will eventually prevail regardless of who is cointelpro, traitor, etc. and who is not. Liberty movement cannot be subverted, because the physical empowerment of an individual is an evolutionary, historical, biological, technological, and scientific trend of millions of years. That's why tyranny always fails, because the individuals get eventually empowered enough to overthrow it. If you do want the Liberty to prevail sooner, then just spend more time empowering more people with truth: the founding fathers, the Constitution, Austrian economics, Ayn Rand, etc.

And of course, like other people said, one of the tactics of FBI counter intelligence is to get people in the targeted movement to distrust each other and fall apart - see the facts here:

So resist the urge to waste time thinking about who is cointelpro and who is not, why Rand/Luke/etc did this or that, etc. Liberty will prevail regardless. Help this to happen sooner by staying focused on educating people about the Message of Liberty. Don't get distracted from this and stay patient. When it comes to vote, just vote for the guy who is best on the issues. The "lesser evil" idea doesn't work.

If we get distracted, it will take longer to reach the goal - which is educating people in order to get the Republic to what the founding fathers wished it to be. Their writings are freely available to all on the Internet. It's much easier to empower people now than decades ago.

Did Cointel Pro force Rand to

Did Cointel Pro force Rand to not object to the recent bill kissing Israel's as_? Or his vote in favor of sanctions on Iran?

To the anti-truthers here:

“The only way you can control people is to lie to them. You can write that down in great big letters.” - L Ron Hubbard.

BTW, share this link: http://committeetorecallcarllevin.com/3-easy-steps-to-recall...

Famous Quote from Justice William O. Douglas

"The Constitution is not neutral.
It was designed to take the government
off the backs of people."

i am not anti-you, i am anti the pile of s**t you drag behind

you and the cock roaches hiding behind you sniping at the paul movement. like i said, there are communists in your 911 movement, many would like to see paul movement die so they enhance their powers. get a fuking clue.. if you can't clean house and get your act together, don't even bother staying. still wear that truther tag like all is fine and dandy, like your comrades didn't fire the first shot and cause s**t around here. puke. you people should just all disappear and concentrate on your own gimmick and continue to pay for that luke whatever guy's college tuition through your wearechange account. asking you to stop urinating all over the place on dp is apparently too much of a request.

Luke And Webster..

...Sitting in a tree...K-I-S-S...Oh! Yes!

Back to my point...These two are the "USEFUL IDIOTS" that Webster has detailed in his many "conspiracy" videos.

The truth IS finally being told..it's more apparent everyday.

Webster has become what he has loathed, and Luke is NWO Tool who predicts the future to "soften the blow" when TSHTF.
....This makes it easier for "them" to perpetuate this stuff on us.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

that video sucked

they acted like rand was the one having them targeted by the cops, which i guess is possible but not like rand. How do they know the cops just didn't decide to pursue it on their own?

They make the conspiracy theorists

look like idiots. I am one of those who talks about Bilderburg, CFR, ext, but these guys are conflated with me. They make me look bad with their bad conjectures.

Remember their anti-Ron Paul bias. That Ron will create draconic austerity measures. That is what Luke and co produce.

It is obvious that Luke has a vendetta or grudge against Rand. With the hundreds of globalists he can go own and pester... he chooses a non-globalist to make public enemy #1. Amazing really. Shows you his priorities.

May the LORD bless you and keep you
May the LORD make His face shed light upon you and be gracious unto you
May the LORD lift up His face unto you and give you peace
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at this rate the paul movement might as well join with the LP to

get rid of the 911 conspiracists once and for all.. compared to this s**t, the distraction by LP is nothing. i've said all along to 911 people who happen to support paul, that there are many others who don't but would rather take down the paul movement, as webster tarpley and this guy luke whatever. and i have said that since 'truther' is such a wide tag, it covers those saboteurs as well, that if you can't separate yourself, then join the paul movement clean without that truther baggage. said that all along and no one listened, and now this crap. always knew there's gonna be problems. always knew.

this is why ron paul stayed the f**k away from you truthers.. another wise decision. the doctor never fails. rand might be even smarter, having stayed even further right from the start.

Rand Needs to stop putting his head in bear traps!

I believe that luke is telling the truth and I also believe that Rand has gotten the message to knock it off. Rand has many good points that I like but one thing I will not do for him anymore is send his campaign money.

Does he really think these Banksters are going to support his campaign? Come on Rand, stop with the nonsense like this and just act like you did before the election.

Rand Paul didn't put his head in anything, he ignored it

Rudowski is almost as bad as Richard Gilbert. He did what any one of us should do and that is he ignored stepping into the mud ring.

We Are Change is a questionable news outlet in its own right. It always works with Russia Today which if you hadn't noticed, spins an awful lot of communist reports with no reason given.

But I go by evidence alone. And Rudowski claimed he saw "evidence" off camera, that Rand Paul was dirty. Or he confronted him. Yet, right as the news segment closes...this evidence is never displayed. Just as I expected as much.

Given their shoddy track record, I'd hardly say this is Rand Paul's fault or his issue. In that regard Rand Paul needs to get back to repealing the Patriot Act and stay out of this circus show.

My Belief is

that the reporters job probably did get threatened but if I recall correctly, in the video they say they were called by someone saying there was a complaint. I don't believe they ever verified that Rand made the complaint. also, when you pester someone, they might complain. simple as that. Rand doesn't lose any points in my book.

Totally disagree.

Luke is a champion. He hasn't committed fraud; this is only your opinion. I've run my local We Are Change chapter for the past 3 years and met Luke in person in NYC last November; he's legit and very humble.

Rand pulled some stupid shit here and the backlash is to be expected considering that Luke has never run into scare tactics like this from any other politician he's confronted on Bilderberg, the Fed, 9/11, or the rest; including Pelosi, Reid, and other Senators.

Rand has a stick up his ass. I've cheered for Rand over the years and will support good legislation he sponsors or co-sponsors. But I don't trust Rand to stick to the principles of liberty which guide this movements ideology.



Watch this dry yet astonishing Dr. Robert Beck cancer treatment lecture on Google Video - search "Suppressed Medical Discovery" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkiX0jJJozk

This is not my opinion

This is business ethics 101. Note when I took my Fundamental of Engineering exam I got a 100% on ethics. I know how business ethics work. If this was Mitt Romney, you would be a howling monkey screaming at the moon.

This is not only my opinion, but also other We Are Change chapters as cited in Cryptome (the first Wikileaks).

Luke has not signed onto the principles of liberty. Luke regularly cites Ron Paul's Restore America Plan as draconic austerity (probably borrowing that from Tarpley).

There is no evidence this was Rand's doing. This is mere conjecture on your part.

Finally, Rand said for Luke to schedule an interview with him, very politely I may add. I guess Luke went to the O'reilly school of ambush journalism if he does not respect others, and their schedules.

May the LORD bless you and keep you
May the LORD make His face shed light upon you and be gracious unto you
May the LORD lift up His face unto you and give you peace
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Luke Rudkowski is the guy

Luke Rudkowski is the guy behind Loose Change right? That should tell you enough. I'm no fan of Rand but I wouldn't answer Rudkowski either, especially not when he starts to gang up on you and follow you around asking trick questions.

Don't get me wrong I'm not

Don't get me wrong I'm not speaking on whether he defrauded WeAreChange. I don't know. And I would like to see some 9/11 truth, thank you. But Loose Change is pretty shaky. Lots of stuff in there that's easily debunked and distracts from the valid questions which helps other portray anyone that wants truth as conspiracist. It's good to get really uninformed people to ask some valuable questions, but not much else. It doesn't speak to his qualities as a journalist is what I meant.

From all I've seen

Luke is an American hero. He speaks truth to power and has for years. I don't know anything about his college being paid for, but if it was, then it was a good investment.

Jim Rogers

Calling Luke R and Aby of RT cointel is....

Absurdistan! Ridiculous and Stupid!

Ron Paul 2012
The Champion of the Constitution

At the cross Jesus Christ defeated sin, death, hell, and the new world order.
C’mon boys, let’s take the plunder!

Calling the son of Ron Paul a

Calling the son of Ron Paul a traitor and sell-out publically on a website that his MOTHER probably reads is stupid, mean spirited, arrogant, paranoid, counter-productive, and pointless.

Worse, its a betrayal to Ron Paul who deserves better. That you can't give Rand the benifit of the doubt out of respect for his father until some actual proof arises shows an utter lack of respect for Ron Paul. I would never suggest blind faith in anyone, its wise to question, and perhaps even suspect... however at least keep your rude, mud-slinging rebukes and gotcha ambush style journalism of Rand to yourself and your pals until you have evidance. The man who AWOKE freedom in America deserves that much dont you think?

You accomplish nothing but to insult and injure Ron Paul.
Lessen our chances of getting a Liberty candidate elected.
Cause division among us.
Make yourself look like a paranoid idiot.
and last, load the MSM up with amo to call us all crazy lunitics.

The Art of War says that we should play to our strengths and our enemies weaknesses. Guess what... the establishment is doing just that. They know that our main weakness is that we tend to be overly paranoid and distrutful. Thats why we questioned authority in the first place. How easy it is for them to exploit this and make us canablize our own movement by introducing a conspiracy theory about Rand Paul into our midsts.

Be smarter than dumb animals being led to the slaughter. None of us can win this alone. You have to put your trust in others now and then, and if you can't trust the Pauls, who the @#$% can you trust?

Have a little faith and remember that Rand Paul was born and raised in Ron Paul's house. Stop being a paranoid asshole and roll the dice for liberty.

Excellent post

"Be smarter than dumb animals being led to the slaughter."

So....Rand's campaign to

So....Rand's campaign to recruit the liberty movement to support Romney is okay with you?

Okay, then do you agree that

Okay, then do you agree that its okay to criticize Rand for trying to recruit us to support Romney? I had the impresssion that you thought any criticism of him was off limit because it might be upsetting to Ron. Please correct me if I am wrong. As to me, I go by the credo that silence by good men if others do wrong (in this cas Rand) is equally wrong.

I don't recall

Rand attempting to recruit me to support Romney. Perhaps you can refresh my memory?

Okay, then do you agree that

Okay, then do you agree that its okay to criticize Rand for trying to recruit us to support Romney? I had the impresssion that you thought any criticism of him was off limit because it might be upsetting to Ron. Please correct me if I am wrong. As to me, I go by the credo that silence by good men if others do wrong (in this cas Rand) is equally wrong.

I second that.


P.S. The female reporter trying to ask questions to Senator Paul in this case was rude and childish, all you need to do is see the video for proof. "Hey Rand.." Like they went to school together or something..

Those self proclaimed "journalists" are still growing up, so I won't be to hard on them.



I try to change people every day. Do You?

Did I just color outside of the lines?

Oops, I guess this is like Glenn Beck where the only accepted conspiracies are the ones he establishes. If you believe something else, you are a crazy.

Sorry, I talk the language. I have researched the facts. There is no evidence that Rand had anything to do with this. This makes us real conspiracy theorists look like chumps when you all make up false junk like this.

Also, I did not call them Cointelpro. I said the posters on the DP were if you even read my article.

But maybe one protests to much?

May the LORD bless you and keep you
May the LORD make His face shed light upon you and be gracious unto you
May the LORD lift up His face unto you and give you peace
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The fact of the matter is that there is absolutely no evidence that Rand Paul initiated ANY of what occurred after they attempted to ask him questions. Rand was simply the Senator that they harassed THAT day. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Luke's videos and think he's genuinely trying to get "the message" out. However, if you think the PTB wouldn't love to get him and RT out of any government building forever you're being a bit naive.

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.

wrong place


I am personally getting tired

I am personally getting tired of the Paul family cult worship by some on this board. The Capitol belongs to the people and ANYONE should be allowed to ask questions when any public official, again voted in and paid by the people, are walking the hallways.

If Barney Frank or another empty suit tried this crap, everyone here would rightfully condeem it as an attempt to silence the alternative media and dissent. But if Rand does it, we have folks falling over themselves to come up with reasons to justify it, including wild conspiracy theories to try and smear Luke.

Rand is not Ron. He is a separate person and it's time for him to stand on his own two feet. This, his endorsement of the anti-Paul Mittens Romney, his vote for sanctions on Iran, etc. have casted great doubts to many. He also does not want to openly talk about the Bilderberg group as that is a no-no, when he was very willing in the past when he was unknown and needed the support of many here.

I can no longer offer Rand anymore support than I'd allow a DeMint.

And I don't give a damn if you Paulbots vote me down. You have compromised your beliefs to continue your worship of Rand and proven idiots like Mark Levin that he was right about some in the movement.

You have the freedom to wear

You have the freedom to wear a Ron Paul shirt and go take a dump on the White House lawn. That doesn't mean you aren't an idiot who will cause irrepairable harm to our movment in doing so when you become the poster child for our movement on the MsM.

This has nothing to do with cult worship of Ron or Rand Paul. Its about our movement and its odds of prevailing over the Collectivist Juggernaught which is doing a damn good job of crushing human liberty. Thats not to say Dr. Paul isn't worthy of a little respect.

Attacking Rand Paul hurts our movment. Asking him about the Builderberg is their right, but it remains a gotcha question with no possible correct answer that will make Rand Paul look bad to other idiots. If you want to live in an Orwelleon nightmare with no rights and no freedoms, in constant fear, go ahead and keep acting like idiots and hurting our movment with stupid stunts like this one by RT. But I will oppose you because I have in interest in living in a country free of Collectivism.