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Proof of the Cointelpro-like smear against Rand Paul

"Rand Paul Tries to Fire & Arrest Journalist for Asking Him Questions" is listed TWICE on the Daily Paul with the same exact name with the exact same content. Usually, there are two or three topics with different names with different content/opinions. This reeks of Co-Intel-Pro like behavior.

Image for all to see.


Given Luke Rudkowski's credibility who's side are you on? Luke basically had We Are Change pay for his college. I mean that is class-A fraud.

Given that Rudkowski engaged in fraud, I would imagine he would love to destroy the Ron Paul Revolution and replace it with his We Are Change deal. This is sick and disgusting. Also, people who use this as a beat stick about how even Rand is a traitor are just trying to use this as a wedge. Don't fall for their tricks.


Rand was basically stole the show at the YAL convention. I guess everyone at YAL are traitors as well (sarcasm)

Edit: The Cointelpro tactic being used here is 'Forum Sliding'. Many have asked for the 'proof' the proof is in the image. Clearly, forum sliding is happening.

Edit 2: Okay many of the We Are Change supporters/members do not even know basic business ethics. What Luke did here was something called embezzlement.


So there you go. Geesh, I thought people on here were smart. Embezzlement is a type of fraud thus why I call Luke a fraud. Dang! I love it when I am right when all my critics are super ignorant.

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How is this a stupid stunt?

How is this a stupid stunt? Rand gave an answer to Luke when he was running about Bilderberg. Now that he is in the Senate, he refuses to answer the question or even acknowledge the existence of the group and Luke and Abby are holding him accountable. Isn't this what we want - to hold folks accountable to do what they said or keep those core believes when they were running through their time in DC and not be compromised by the establishment?

And yes the denying of any bad news by some on this board, including wild smears and conspiracy theories against those who try to say the bad news, is like cult worship. If folks would have admitted the official campaign, led by Benton Arnold, crapped out on us earlier than we did, then we may been able to increase our efforts even more at the state convention. But folks here denied it and attacked those who saw what was coming. Those who are trying to hold Rand accountable to what he ran on, being close to the positions of his father, have also been attacked and called traitors for pointing out where Rand is straying off the road.

We want to hold all other public officials to consistency, but when Rand ventures off from it, he is the exception here.

am I more crazy? or less crazy?

I think Rand sold out to try to keep himself and his father alive... Kennedy went after the Fed. Garfield went after the banksters before there was a fed. Lincoln went after the banksters too.

They know Ron's old and won't make another run... and they know the liberty end of the spectrum is gaining more supporters every day. Rand was the real threat to them as he has decades ahead of him.

I think they had a conversation and reminded him of what happens when you cross the masters.

At their inceptions, the #Liberty, #OccupyWallStreet and #TeaParty movements all had the same basic goal... What happened?

I don't think anyone can really know at this point popfree

It's entirely possible that come November Rand's endorsment of Romney could (in some way I have to admit I don't see right now) will have made sense. But if ANY of us who are competely out of the loop to think we know what the real reason behind Rand's official positions really are, are claiming to know much more than they can possibly know.

I hate people that are vague and who do things that go against what I see as logical but many times in my life, as time passes and more information beomes available to me...decsisons others made which at the time I thought were illogical end up making sense.

We are not being forced to make any personal decisons based on Rand's current actions...so I just ignore them. They are not consistant with what I beleive but at this point they have no affect on me so it's pointless in my view to waste time worrying about what Rand does or doesn't do.

As far as Luke being pushy...I've never been comfortable with that type of in your face quesitioning but the facts are that our Government officals have sheilded themselves from critism. Most of us now know that criminals have invested the highest offices in our country. If Luke has the stones to keep doing what he does...I have no problem with it. Luke has changed a lot over the past year and does appear to try his best not to yell or become rude.

If I had to put money on who was more honest...Luke or a public official...I'd be all in with Luke.

Let's take a step back...

Anyone forcing me to "pick a side" should be suspect. I am a free human and I am capable of deciding whom represents what.

Luke a Fraud? C'mon. The kid has gotten in the face of elite one worlders for the last five years. Has great courage and does not fear these people even when they are safely in a crowd of their peers. He will challenge them in a full auditorium.

Taking a salary from a non profit you started is not unusual. It is a fact of non profits.
Let me guess I should respect him more for taking out loans to go to school?

People need us divided into small camps to be sure we make no meaningful difference. Let's stop this canabilazation of the Liberty awakening.


Liberty = Responsibility

I agree completely. Luke

I agree completely. Luke should be allowed to profit from his work, just as you and I profit from our work. There are also costs he has to pay for in order to perform his valuable work.

To say he shouldn't profit from it is to have a socialist position.

I am an Austrian

There is a difference between profit and fraud. Luke defrauded thousands by diverting funds from the We Are Change account to his private bank account. If Romney did that, you would have a screed to high heaven. If Luke does it, it is okay. That is some how magically capitalism.

We Are Change is not a non profit 510(c)3. It is a for profit company.

Luke and Co are socialists. Pure and simple. They called Ron Paul's Restore America Plan the most draconic austerity plan ever. What more do you need to know.

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We Are Change is a for-profit

We Are Change is a for-profit company, so should Luke get paid for his work or not?

Luke is trying to hold a senator accountable for a flip-flop, but since it's Rand, now Luke is some sort of evil guy. If this was Reid or another empty suit up there, folks would be cheering. Again, this cult worship of the Paul family is what is going to destroy this movement.

it is called a salary

it is a for profit company but the founder should not get paid?


Liberty = Responsibility

This wasn't a salary

This was drawn from the businesses general fund. Look at the complaints lodged against him by other We are Changes.

He took money donated for certain causes and pockets it for his own greed.

I am sure everyone would of donated if it was the Luke Scholarship fund.

What a sick joke what you just said. You deserve to go sit in the corner and think about what you just said. You need to read a book on business ethics.

Luke even admits it was 'his bad lol', but still pocketed the money.

What a disgrace.

May the LORD bless you and keep you
May the LORD make His face shed light upon you and be gracious unto you
May the LORD lift up His face unto you and give you peace
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this post looks like a "cointelpro-like" *defense* of Rand to me

what "credibility" does HE have, given his wormish character/positions

This is another attempt to divide

I think the jury is still out on both Rand and Luke. No one has to take a side with either of them.

No one is being forced into donating money to Luke or Rand. What purpose does it serve to try and get people to pick one or the other as being "wrong" at this point?

I have identified the number of traitors within our movement

Jack "SouthernAvenger" hunter is on the YAL board. Because he made an argument that Rand supporting Romney was a sensible political move, he is a traitor.Therefore YAL are a pack of traitors.

Rand Paul is supporting Romney. Traitor.

Luke Rudowski has been accused of using WeAreChange donations to pay his college tuittion.He is a traitor.This also makes WeAreChange traitors.

Alex Jones is buddies with Wester Tarpley, who has attacked Ron Paul.He is a traitor.

TMOT supports israel. Traitor.

Julie Borowski is a social conservative.Traitor.

Adam Kokesh attacked the Ron Paul Campaign. Traitor.

John Stossel hangs out with Cato, who kicked out Murray Rothbard.traitor.

Tom Woods is catholic. So he MUST be a Vatican agent.Traitor.

Israel Anderson(RonPaul Flicks) is from New Zealand. He could be MI6. Traitor.

Sheriff Mack still belives in SOME government.Traitor.

In addition to those mentioned here, there are EXACTLY 57 traitors within our movement.

At the Mises University, Tom Woods gave a speech about the "Anti-Rothbadians", but he also mentioned the problem with our movement.

That problem being that we try to shut out those who do not think exactly as we do.The "mainstream" political parties brag about diversity, but what big deal is it if they all believe in the absolute state?

If there biggest argument is whether marginal tax rates should be 36.3 or 39 percent, where is the intellectual diversity.

I love this movement because we are the ONLY political movement where we are not all intellectually alike. Imagine how boring it would be to be in a room of drones who repeated empty camapaign slogans and party talking points(those of you who have been in a room of Obama or Romney supporters know what I am talking about).

So maybe we should stop trying to excomunicate people from our movement simply because the disagree with them. while the real sabotuers laugh as we attack each other over 1 or 2 issue disputes, while they bring this country to ruin.

As the Good Doctor himself has said, "Freedom is popular and appeals to everyone".

But then again,I hear that Ron Paul is related to the traitor Rand Paul, and supported that statist Newt Gingrinch for Speaker of the House.So his words are HIGHLY suspect...

I'm with you!!!

Everyone is a traitor....well except for ME ofcourse..I'm totally with it!

Well said. Paranoia can be a

Well said.

Paranoia can be a virtue when it leads to questioning authority, however right now, our collectivist opponents are using it to tear us to shreds.


Rand Paul 2016!!!!

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

rand paul is cointel pro

rand paul is cointel pro


Not trying to be snarky, but where is the proof?

Your title said "proof" and I don't see any. Do you have more?

Just rampent forum sliding

that is all. Forum sliding is a cointelpro tactic.

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Luke was pushy

Luke was very agressive in the interview. He hounded Rand. The good questions got lost in the style. He interrupted Rand's conversation with his staffer. What happened to being respectful?

If you listen to the video Rand tells Luke to schedule an interview.

The conduct of WeAreChange towards Rand during this incidewnt was more suited to TMZ than serious journalists trying to interview someone.

It is one thing to hold a politican to account, but the video clearly shows that this is an attempt to crucify Rand. No, I am not being polemic, nor am I defending a corrupt politico.

Name ONE sitting senator who has a better record on liberty than Rand?

Go ahead. I'll wait.

Did the possiblity

ever cross your mind that it was just a bad interview on Luke's part? Luke is NOT a professional journalist, just judging by the way he speaks and he, like every other human being is subject to making mistakes. I remember that week well: everyone calling Rand a traitor like it was absolutely undeniable. I'm thinking Luke just got caught up in the hysteria, like so many others.

And the colonists were pushy

And the colonists were pushy with the Boston Tea Party and other acts against the crown. I'm sure you would condeem them, too.

This country has been sold out by corrupt politicans and we're supposed to play nice? The time for being nice is over.

Luke also said he had requested interviews several times and they were not granted. What is he supposed to do, go have some tea and enjoy the tyranny or take action.

Yes, but that isn't proof.

I also came to this thread because of the word "proof". I just don't see it. I'm not taking any "sides" yet, but the thread said "proof" and it's not here.

The claim was

two duplicate posts, one being older with tons of down votes, and another one that was magically generated with the same name and content was a Cointelpro style forum sliding tactic. I know how forums work and how to manipulate them. This is a classic example. I have the image saved on Piclair for posterity.

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May the LORD make His face shed light upon you and be gracious unto you
May the LORD lift up His face unto you and give you peace
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