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Romney the fall guy?

I've seen people say that Romney is being set up as a "fall guy" for Obama, after the whole McCain debacle, I'm actually beginning to wonder if perhaps the RNC has gotten wise to how the dems pull the strings. Obama has been trashing Romney for months now, even the president is acting like the convention is already decided. Just maybe (and I'm being very optimistic here) the RNC wanted this to happen, perhaps this was a way to force Obama into an offensive, and get him fully committed to fighting Romney. That way after the convention they can completely disrupt Obama's camp by putting forth a different nominee (Ron Paul), so that all of BO's attacks on Romney are a waste of time and money. And in reality if that happens what can BO dig up on Dr. Paul? Of course they'll try to play the racist thing with the news letters, but even that only holds water until people hear the good doctor speak. I may be totally out of line with this reasoning, but putting Romney forward in the wake of his embarassing tour stop in England, and all the wonderful factoids and misdirections the BO camp has found to use against him they are either 1.Hand the election to Obama and show us just how ridiculous and futile the system is. or 2.They actually want to win this thing, and see the hillarious look on BO's face when the convention ends with Paul as the nominee. So I guess it's time to see if the establishment is as leftist as we think they may be, or if they really want to win the presidency and have a strong, beloved republican as the POTUS. Honestly a Ron Paul presidency would renew the American people's faith in the party, and make them feel respected by their government. Just food for thought, I know I'm reaching here, but without hope and faith in our fellow man what are we left with?

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RNC has nothing to do with this.

It is the DELEGATES who will decide in Tampa. Individual delagates. RNC, GOP whatever, it comes down to individual votes and what they add up to:


This is what the r3VOLution is about. It is about you, me and other individuals, as our Constitution states.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

I understand that

I wasn't stating any fact I was just as another commenter said "wishful thinking". Unfortunately I don't think your comment really hits the mark either, if it was up to the delegates alone with no outside influences, and agendas I might buy it. The rnc has been controlling alot of this since the primaries began, they are essentially liberal just like the media they are influenced by. They also seem to think that we are very stupid, I don't know if anyone else caught it but the "liberal" media feeding us Romney to me seems just like an Obama rally, he is weak politically, too closely aligned with the current POTUS' views, and generally not a very likable person.

Mike G.

Do this and let the delegates decide:


That is ultimately what everything comes down to. Plain and simple. So forget the msm, the ptb and the RNC. We need to educate the delegates before going to Tampa. They are the ones casting the votes.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Here's more wishful thiniking

What if there were another choice?
None of the Above.
Jesse Ventura thinks that "None of the Above" would win.
"give me a choice other than Pepsi or Coke."
Bingo! If RP does not get the RNC nomination,
Indie option. Is it really going to be too late?
I know, I am being silly. Go ahead vote it to red.

No, don't expect the RNC to embrace Ron Paul at all.

The RNC, in their feeble attempt to re-gain control of the federal checkbook, have insisted on pushing the Mittster into the ring. They made sure every other candidate got a "surge" along the way to highlight the inevitable champion Mitt. (Surge for all except Paul) The fallacy of their plan is that Mitt is going to prove unelectable. He's just not endearing to anyone. Nice guy, means well, but he's a Mormon, enriched by the very Wall St. that most people are becoming loathsome of, and then there's Obama. A socialist/marxist/illegal alien dude if there ever was one, but oh, the charisma and the smart plays behing the scenes. He'll out slick the RNC and Mitt with one hand tied behind (holding a beer) his back! I do believe that if the RNC would have played fair, Ron Paul would be the nominee, and he'd win, and America would begin to right the ship, but we all know this is not the case. Get ready for 4 more years of Obama, and watch out, he'll go haywire with government growth.

alan laney



Nothing would make me happier than a President Paul

But what we all must remember is that the next president will reside over the next great depression. There's no way around it. There will be a lot of waking up to do prior to RP taking office so that all the RP haters and all the brain dead people don't blame RP for what's headed our way. President Paul will turn things around 10x faster than anyone else, but there is no way to avoid the pain.


Let Obama blow all his money on Romney and then

when Paul gets the nomination, they will be scrambling like mice on meth trying to figure out what to do next.


That's what I was thinking, but is the rnc really that smart? Guess we'll find out in 24 days.

Mike G.

NO, the RNC is not that smart

If that was really in the cards why would they challenge all the Paul delegates. If they were gonna pull a rope-a-dope with Romney they'd need Paul to show up with a majority of the delegates so his nomination would be legitimate. Just as an aside this would be an awesome plan if it could be pulled off, since it would fully discredit the MSM as well.

Josh Brueggen
Jack of all Trades
Precinct Commiteeman Precinct 5 Rock Island Co Illinois

i agree. RNC has always been run by dufuses (DEWFI?)

who wear clothes that don't fit and who are sort of bumbling. It's their trademark.

All RNC did was be "owned" by the corps who threw Romney at us. Romney can't even get his lies straight. To me he's the presumptive THIEF IN CHIEF.

It's inevitable. Repubs think we the people can essentially be bought (Romney's delegates ARE BOUGHT)