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♠ TENNESSEE Has An Election TODAY Thursday August 2nd 2012

Like so many that I speak to, very few people know that there are a bunch of what's called "run off" primaries taking place before the General Election on November 6th.

That means everyone needs to get off their arse and vote "liberty candidates" into office so we can change the playing field in the country that has bent and broken the rules against us.

On Thursday 8/2/12 people in TENNESSEE hava a chance to pull the rug out from under the status quo because the sheeple are only motivated to go vote in the big elections. Below I've collected names of liberty candidates from different sources. I suggest voting for these people, but nothing trumps your own research. I don't know it all and someone's definition of a "liberty candidate" may differ from yours.

Tennessee 8/2/2012
polling hours 8:00a EDT (1200 UTC) / 8:00a CDT (1300 UTC) to 8:00p EDT (0000 UTC) / 7:00p CDT (0000 UTC). The polls close at the same GMT/UTC time, that is, polls close at a particular local time in the advanced time zone and close one hour earlier local time in the lagging time zone. Poll opening times are set by county.
[] Tonya Miller House Rep Dist 53
[] Daniel Lewis House Rep. Dist 52
[] Shaun Crowell Senate (Independent)
[] Zach Poskevich Senate (Republican)
[] Adrian Eddleman Senate (Republican)
[] Mark Clayton Senate (Democrat)
[] Weston Wamp House Rep Dist 3
[] Susan Lynn House Rep Dist 57
[] John J. Duncan, Jr House Rep Dist 2
[] Ryan Harring House Rep Dist 48
[] Steve Dickerson Senate Dist 20
[] Mike Little Soddy Daisy Judge
[] Dennis Kiser House Rep Dist 65

Is there anyone else?
Check out http://www.thegreenpapers.com/G12/TN see if your district has a run off. It should say something like "Proceeds to Runoff on 2 August 2012" under a candidate's name if they're participating in this election.

I'm not in Tennessee, is there a run off election in my state? There are a bunch and you can find out here: http://www.thegreenpapers.com/G12/events.phtml?format=chrono...

There's no one for me to vote for in the run off, who should I be considering to vote for in addition to Ron Paul in the November 6th general election? I've put together a list of as many liberty candidates as I could find, organized by election date, here: http://www.dailypaul.com/242897/updated-list-of-liberty-cand...

There's a run off or other election, but none of the participants are listed as liberty candidates I'm not omnipotent. Just because I don't have someone on my list doesn't mean they're not a liberty candidate. It's up to you to do the research. Find out when your next election by you is at http://www.thegreenpapers.com/G12/events.phtml?format=chrono... and research the candidates.

There's someone not on your list that should be Please leave that person's name, office running for, election date and any other information in the comment section of http://www.dailypaul.com/242897/updated-list-of-liberty-cand...

There's someone on this list that shouldn't be This list is collected from many different sources and what qualifies someone as a "liberty candidate" may not meet everyone's qualifications. Please feel free to leave a comment stating your opinion and why. I would like all opinions, good and bad, to be put out there so everyone can make a decision based on all information.

What can I do to get more people to the polls for these elections to vote for these liberty candidates? The main problem is that only a very few people even know these elections are taking place. Please share this information in EVERY way you can. Re-tweet, thumbs up, add to every social network, ask the mods to put this on the front page on the 31st, etc. Market this like you would anything else.
Candidates not on the run off ballot because they already qualified for the November 6th ballot:

[] Thomas M. Gray, III House Rep Dist 4
[] Lenny Ladner House Rep Dist 7
RonPaulForums Liberty Candidate List
1 http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?365683-List-of-L...
2 http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?384721-UPDATED-L...
Liberty Candidates List http://libertycandidates.com
Republican Liberty Caucus List http://www.rlc.org/candidate-endorsements-2012/
Liberty Candidates United List http://libertycandidatesunited.wordpress.com/
Do you know a candidate running for office? Have them fill out these forms to help get their name out there:
1 http://libertycandidates.com/liberty-questions/
2 http://www.yaliberty.org/campaigns/recommend
3 http://www.rlc.org/rlc-resources-links/#Surveys
4 http://pledge.tenthamendmentcenter.com/2009/08/13/for-legisl...
Don't know your district? Just enter your zip code (if multiple representatives are given, then enter your address) here: http://www.house.gov/representatives/find/ and it will tell you who your current representative is and which congressional district you live in.
Pro-Constitution voting record calculated at jbs.org during the 112th Congress. Example: jbs.org lists Justin Amash having a 93% Constitutional voting record, Ron Paul has 100%)
Thinking about running for office yourself? http://www.amazon.com/How-Office-Liberty-Platform-Liberty-Ca...

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I know senate candidate,

I know senate candidate, Adrian Eddleman, personally. What a great liberty candidate! He has run several Ron Paul meetings in West Tennessee and knows his stuff. He and his wife run their own investing business I believe and Adrian understands currencies and the Fed manipulation without a doubt. We could definitely use him as a senator!

District 52's Daniel Lewis is

District 52's Daniel Lewis is also a freedom-loving candidate as well as Susan Lynn in Dist. 57. She helped out with the Paul campaign in Nashville in 2008 I believe. These 3 are the only ones I know about.

crossing my fingers :)

crossing my fingers :)

Voted for Liberty in Tennessee

Early voted last Friday for:

Lou Ann (she's not Black)
Susan Lynn

I'll just add these women races are BRUTAL. It's been real entertaining to watch - the newspaper ads have been Xtreme.

whoever says women are the

whoever says women are the more docile of the species doesn't get out much

I think

the Independents (Shaun Crowell) is not on the ballot today because this is the primary. He will be on the general in November. If you're getting a Democrat ballot, look at Mark Clayton. He's one of us.

Depending on which district you're in, I've heard these two are liberty-minded:

Zack Poskevich-US Senate (Running against inscumbent Coorker, so he gets my vote)
Steve Dickerson-Senate 2th district (not sure which district)

Stay away from:


Davidson Co. ballot:

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I'm just well-informed

couldn't edit this so replying

Steve Dickerson 20th district senate.

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I'm just well-informed

thank you. I put him on the

thank you. I put him on the list

great info!! thank you :)

great info!! thank you :)



thanks for the bump

thanks for the bump

I have a feeling that this

I have a feeling that this thread won't make it to the front page either

If Americans Knew--ifamericansknew.org

Take a look and pass it around on the Web as much as possible.


Homegrown Israeli agents

You have to watchout for homegrown Israeli agents infiltrating your organization. They are highly skilled by culture and religion to lie, cheat, steal, bribe, corrupt, and deceive their host to no end.