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Ben Swann Reality Check: Is Congress the Real Problem with the Post Office?

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Costs $1.17 to mail a domestic letter in Norway. $1.12 in Demark

75 cents in Finland. In fact the average price for a domestic letter in those countries with Post Offices is 55 cents. Yet you can mail a letter First Class from the Florida Keys to the furthest reaches of Alaska and have it hand delivered in the US for just 45 cents.

THATS a bargain.

The US Postal Service takes a lot of abuse but its actually run pretty well.

IF the Post Office could raise its rates without Congressional approval - perhaps it could turn a profit at $1.17. But Congress will not allow that. Congress sets rates arbitrarily and then moans when the Post Office loses money at those rates.

How many of your businesses could succeed if Congress set your prices, and set then TOO low?

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I want to send the link to this fine investigative report

to ALL the discouraged, maligned USPS workers in the country. My local postmen & women are hard-working kind people. They deserve to be fully informed of what the system is doing to them.

This is exactly what is wrong with

Social Security. Bernie Sanders makes it quite clear that, at least according to the accounting books, they can pay all benefits for the next 25 years easily. But the money is not there because it went the way of the derivative.

These are the same people who handle our SS money

Give the government a monopoly and they still screw it up. The first class mail statute makes it illegal for any competitive entity to deliver first class mail "Article I, section 8, Clause 7 of the United States Constitution grants Congress the power to establish post offices and post roads, which has been interpreted as a de facto Congressional monopoly over the delivery of mail. Accordingly, no other system for delivering mail – public or private – can be established" Wiki

As they raise the cost of mail, alternative avenues will develop, like e-mail, fax, electronic funds transfers. The consumer, given the choice, will find a more cost efficient way.

What I can't seem to get people to understand is

that the Government is ALSO borrowing and spending most if not all of the money that individuals are "investing" in their 401k accounts.

The money IS NOT sitting there waiting for you to retire. It's getting spent. Sure, if you jump through enough hoops and pay a big enough penaltiy you can get at your money...but if everyone wanted at their 401k money...it wouldn't take long before people would see that there is only a fraction of the amount of retirement savings being held in reserve by financial management firms and/or insurance companies than what average Americans THINK is being held for them.

I took my money out just prior to the 2008 crash and was glad I did. With the coming crash of the dollar, there is no way that the real value of a 401k account will do anything but decrease until the markets are liquidated of all the bad debt and several years of positive growth are acheived. On the current path, with the current debt load, those several years of growth look to be around 2025.

If we do the right thing and let the too bigs to fail, fail... and get the pain over with immediatelty...401k's lose 50% of their value instantly (instead of through inflation over many years)

The smartest thing for anyone (under 60) with money in a 401k to do is to yank it out if you can get at it without losing more than 50%...then take the money you get and buy physical silver, gold, or real estate. (in full) Guns, whiskey, Tide, cigarettes and diapers are also good investments if you want to have some things that always hold their value during very weak economic times.


The Grand Illusion...

Don't be fooled by radio, the TV or a magazine. They show you photographs of what your life should be...compared to someone else's fantasy. So if you think your life's complete confusion beause you never win the game...just remember that it's a Grand Illusion and deep inside we're all the same.

America spells competition, join us in our blind ambition, get yourself a brand new motor car..

But someday soon we'll stop to ponder what on earth(is)this spell we're under, we made the grade and still we wonder Who the Hell we are?

So, the usual suspect, the Fed, has been

stealing, I mean "borrowing", and then spending it, "investing", in Treasury Bonds, Bills, and Notes, from the Postal Service's "Congressionally" mandated over-payment to their pension fund.

What's the Postal Service getting in return for it's borrowed money?
Bankruptcy? That sucks. Losing your job and your pension. Hmmmm...

Haven't we been down this road before with Soc. Sec. and Medicare?

If this doesn't shed a different light on the growing govt unions, nothing will. It ain't about their retirement benefits which I'm sure the unions labored long hours over in negotiating, it's all about the theft of that money by the Fed. and their minions, our representatives to feed their glutinous appetites.

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina

It's mismanagement.

Remember how the upper executives were still given trips and millions in bonuses AFTER needing to be bailed out? The same thing happens with management in the Postal Service. Every year BONUSES and "awards" are given to ALL managerial positions, which equals to millions of dollars. Ask your letter carrier about it.


Love the way he uses the word "invests" when speaking of how Congress stole the money from the USPS pension fund. Down the same black hole as Social Security.

Government Thefts

During the Clinton/Gingrich era, postal employees Social Security benefits were recalculated meaning that if postal workers had already earned enough credits to receive Social Security prior to postal employment, they would, in most cases have their earned Social Security benefits eliminated.

President Bush raided postal employees' pension savings to help balance one of his budgets although the money had come out of employees' gross pay and was designated for pension. Bush stole so much money that the CBO said there would no longer be enough money to cover the cost of those employee's pensions. Instead of Congress recompensing postal employees, the Post Office was required to raise postage rates two years in a row thus angering customers at the USPS for price increases caused by Bush and Congress.

Now the USPS has been required to fund the next 75 years of pension costs in a 10 year time frame by Republicans in Congress.I don't know how many fortune 500 countries could accomplish that feat. It is a policy intended by Issa and others to destroy this part of our Constitutionally allowed infrastructure. What next, should we hire Blackwater for our army or make all roads toll roads? There is nothing in the Constitution requiring army personnel to be public employees or public roads either.


How many time do we have to go down this road? When the Fed and Congress use those terms, "borrow" and "invest", you kinda expect a response in terms of a "return".

The only return we ever get is: "Bankrupt! Ha! Fooled ya again, didn't we!" "And guess what! There are a lot more fools where that one came from."

So sicko.

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina

UPS and FedEx?

There are plenty of other countries that allow private competition in mail delivery. Think about all the spam that would be cut down on, efficient service, speedy delivery. When you do online shopping, FedEx and UPS and other private delivery services do such a better job that when your dealing with standard mail and the Post Office.

Competition in this industry, like any, will drive down prices and lead to profitable business...ultimately leading to what everyone loves...more jobs.

Is the post office necessary

Is the post office necessary in any way? I can't think of any reasons.

i thiink so

If the private postal services fail, who provides thia critical infrastructure? Would the government have to infuse money into one of the major players? Once it comes to that, what's the difference in having had the government provide this service to some degree?

There's a lot of misinformation about the post office. Its supposed recent failure is a result of being micromanaged by congress while still being expected to function as a supposedly private business. Members of congress (who are probably friends of fedex or UPS) have voted to force the USPS to put billions into their employees' retirement ahead of time, an expectation that would never be forced upon a private business.

The USPS is a fine service, and can easily pay for itself. Even he founding fathers realized its necessity. Congress is the problem.

Oh my, I hope that was sarcasm.

"If the private postal services fail, who provides thia critical infrastructure?"

I count on private industry to provide the food I need to survive, and the shelter I need to live in. I think private industry can handle delivering "my" snail-spam (and if not, good riddance).

Food and health services provision are different in that

if there's a drought or (say) a lack of doctors in an area, that's a localized issue. On the other hand, if there are large swaths of the country from and to which no communication is possible, the whole country has a problem. The founders were right in determining that this infrastructure is not one that can be sacrificed on the altar of the so-called free market.

Massive hyperbole in the name of statism.

"On the other hand, if there are large swaths of the country from and to which no communication is possible, the whole country has a problem."

Bull. Someone in Illinois not having USPS service doesn't really affect me any more than someone in Iran not having USPS service.

And unless we were in some kind of post-apocalyptic/giant-natural-disaster scenario, "large swaths of the country from and to which no communication is possible" is fiction too ridiculous to spend any time contemplating. (And if we were in such a scenario, the USPS will not be delivering your Safeway coupons. And private industry is better able to cope with such situations because they are more free to raise prices to cover the costs.)

"The founders were right in determining that this infrastructure is not one that can be sacrificed on the altar of the so-called free market."

If the founders were alive today, in the era of cell phones, UPS, Fed Ex, DHL, email, forums, facebook, twitter, etc., they would be calling for an amendment to the Constitution to end the USPS.

Parcel Delivery

Bills and other "generic" mail could certainly be delivered electronically. A bottle of vitamins or your new T-shirt cannot, however. I think Abdelnour's comment about competition deserves a look, though. Bottom line is it "costs" a certain amount of money to deliver any parcel.

A free market will eventually stabilize with an agreed cost. Too high and nobody will use it. Too low and the company providing the service will go out of business or raise its price. Competition between providers will incentivize lowering prices that might be too high. Ideally, that is. ;)

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Yes of course!

It's in our Constitution. That we have the right to be informed my U.S.

We can take things that

We can take things that become unnecessary out of the constitution.


like the 2nd amendment *wink wink*

I was thinking the 16th

I was thinking the 16th