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Getting excited about being in Tampa at Paul Festival and the SunDome!

Ok, I'm getting excited about being at Paul Festival. Tampa, 8/26-28, inside the enormous Fairgrounds Expo Hall -- AC, hot dogs, fantastic bands and speakers, PLUS the Ron Paul Sundome event simulcast on the JumboTron (unless I want to Ronvoy over there and be AT the actual event...). WE GET IT ALL. No computer for 3 days, hanging with my Ron Paul peeps. And Ginny Saville and Gigi Bowman and Adam Kokesh (who will love me even though I'm a tad chubby) and Tom Woods, Lew Rockwell... Damn. It doesn't get any better than this!!!

Here's Who's Playing At Paul Festival: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLB1BBE2C979541C7D&feat...

Need to add the speakers and a few more bands... but this will get you going. See you there!

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I'm in

barring a FEMA Camp roundup !

Same here!

plus, I'll get a break from these 106-108 degree days.

p.s. What's not to love about being a tad chubby? ;D~

I'm very excited about the Sundome event too!

Ron Paul will be there with thousands of us!

Paul "Gary Johnson" Fest though? You won't see me there!

I am!

I don't like Johnson either,

I don't like Johnson either, but I wouldn't miss Paul Fest for the world, maybe I will get a chance to tell Johnson why I won't be voting for him, Too bad they didn't invite Roseanne too, maybe then my wife would want to go. I can't wait to meet Tatiana Moroz and Adam Kokesh, and of course all my online friends from RPT.....Have fun missing it to make your stand, it's your loss.

"The organizers of Paul Fest

"The organizers of Paul Fest have been very helpful in working with my staff to avoid scheduling conflicts with our rally on Sunday, and I am very appreciative of the flexibility they’ve shown and the enthusiasm with which they’ve embraced our plans. I am confident that the hard work by the Paul Fest organizers will result in a great time for all those attending their event." ~ Ron Paul

Nice to see it....

from Ron's perspective.

Maybe other people will take notice.

Who's interest is it in to make the people or organizers of Paul Fest look bad? Seems rather little and petty, IMO.

Happy to bump this one!

Stay excited!

See you there, SallyO


Ah yes!

Positive happy news! Nice to see! Bump for unity!