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Is Rand Paul Really about Liberty and Freedom, that's Really Becoming Questionable! Video

Rand Paul was again questioned in the Senate building by RT jounalist, Abby Martin, about his support for Bilderberg Corporatist crook Willard Romney for President. Rand, later tries to have Martin arrested and stripped of her and RT's press credentials for asking legitimate questions using 1st Amendment rights. There is absolutely no excuse for such tyrannical offenses, period! http://youtu.be/3UKXpzdFQ_I

I have always questioned Rand's true political beliefs, since he met with the Zionist Neocom's, before his election to Senate. Yes, I did mean 'coms', since they suscribe to Leon Bronstein, aka Trotsky's political theory. There is nothing 'conservative' in the support of Israel before America, their warmongerings against a mythical Islamic terrorist threat, their backing for a Tyrannical police state against Americans, their support for deficit spending for wars and police state measures, and their complete disregard for Liberty, Freedom, and the Constitution! This is all part of a colllectivist Totalitarian government, with Marxist's on one side, and Trotskyites on the other. The Federal Reserve and Zionism were both created, financed and (still) controlled by the House of Rothschilds. If you If you have never read former Zionist pal of Benard Baruch, who converted to Christianity, Benjamin Freedman's historical exposing speech, you need to read it! http://www.sweetliberty.org/issues/israel/freedman.htm

I could care less, that Rand is Ron Paul's son, if he supports the goals of the HOR to create an World Totalitarian Government, and the destruction of America's Liberty and Freedoms, he's an enemy in my mind. Yes, he may have stood up for some liberty minded issues, but the question needing to be answered, was this just misdirection??? He also has supported unconstitutional sanctions on Iran and Syria, changed his view on the TSA, supported $7 billion in foreign aid to Israel whom we have no treaty with, and has made several anti-1st Amendment statements. YOU DECIDE???

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Give it up for once in your life.

He doesn't support Romney, or Agenda 21 or anything else they support he just plays out to his voting base.

Many of the brainwashed Zionuts in his state of Kentucky, believe that FEMA camps are on the way and hate Obama. They are just now connecting two and two together to see that FEMA camps are guaranteed whether coming from Liberal Obama or Liberal Romney and that's set them off.

Either way, Rand Paul could not get into office without these brainwashed cretins and he had to play to both angles of his base. He has not been voting for anything except to halt the Patriot Act. His actions tell the real story, and he has not supported any of their failed polices or demands to bomb Iran since being in office. So step off of him.

He could be also luring the elite crooks out so they expose themselves, since that is how he has cast his votes in the Senate. It could be all in the name of the plan.