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Anything know about these accusations against Rand Paul?

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Rand brought this one on

Rand brought this one on himself, IMO. He looked like a coward, running away from the question, and now with his office complaining to the capitol police his staff look like jerks. What was so hard about answering the question in the first place?

"Bilderburg? Yea, there are intellectual elites who prefer authoritarianism to wide spread freedom for the masses, (as long as they're the authoritarians in charge), and they get together yearly to convince each other that they're enlightened and the rest of us aren't. Do I like it? No, but whatcha gonna do other than continue to point out to anybody who will listen that they're wrong and freedom is right?"

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As far as

I could tell from the clip, there was nothing especially horrible that Rand did. As far as the claims, I cannot say whether they are true or untrue.

We should indeed watch Rand with due caution; I do think people are panicking since we got quite a few years left to figure out what happaned and whether he can be trusted for re-election. For my part, I still believe Rand Paul to be the best in the Senate, and I do not trust sources that are funded by any government, be it the US Government, British Government or Russian Government.

Not a surprise.

He wouldn't even stand by his own father. Why should the average journalist expect any respect?

I don't play, I commission the league.

I support Rand on this one.

I would be annoyed too if the same thing happened to me. In my opinion, they were extremely disrespectful. If they want someone to take them seriously and answer their questions, they need to work on their approach. They interrupted his conversation and when he asked them to call and make an appointment, they kept following him. And who knows if this was the only occasion that this occurred? Just like every other story, there's probably more to it than we know.

Rand is very Wrong on this one...inspite of often being vry good

I was with Luke and Abby at Bilderberger in Chantilly. They are quite legit! Bold? You bet! Discourteous? Definitely not! You'd be amazed at how respectful and courteous Luke is, while at the same time being as tenacious as a bulldog. Quite a rare combination in journalism. VERY Refreshing. Ditto re. Abby!

Rand is quite the bully in this incident. It should and will backfire on him, inspite of how good he is on many issues.

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Abby works for Russia Today. Adam "KGB" Kokesh works for Russia Today. Both have been smearing the Pauls in backhanded ways a lot recently. Seems like a concerted effort. I have no idea what Luke is up to here. Perhaps he has a crush on her? Or he has a hidden agenda because Dr. Paul doesn't scream "911 is an inside job!" on street corners every day? All I know is I've completely unliked all of these people on Facebook and Youtube.

I was watching RT

headline news because I refuse to watch CNN amd Fox. They had a special about COMMUNISM and its wonderful merits, etc. and I said to myself, well it is Russian TV and hence I need to be very careful with what I watch and hear.

I fear most news agenicies are compromised and serve various, selfish agendas.

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Yesterday's news

Go through yesterday's Daily Paul and you will probably find 14 or 400 threads about it.


very sad :(