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Alex Jones surely isn't right about everything

But- I am willing to entertain his allegations. I love a good story. I do believe the government is corrupt though- there's proof of that everyday. And it's more plausible to me that the government is hiding this technology than the existence of aliens. Seeing technology that we've never seen before shouldn't over-impress us. Otherwise we're setting ourselves up to be frightened and manipulated. We ought to stand there holding up our middle fingers not shaking in our boots. (But, then run away quickly to avoid the laser beams.) lol

If Alex Jones said it, then

If Alex Jones said it, then it must be true. He's never been wrong in theories before. Speaking of which, why aren't we all dead because of the oil spill? Remember how that was going to destroy the country and cause an "oil-cane" and destroy life in the ocean leading to mass starvation? After this latest fail - that's when I stopped listening to his conspiracy jive. It's just cooked up doom porn.

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I love the term "doom porn"

I'm new to all this stuff- so I haven't witnessed his history of accuracy. It's entertaining and potentially useful, but I'm sure I'll tire of it soon. It is getting repetative already. I'm glad I know what the conspiracy theorists are saying- whether it turns out to be true or not.

Those are the new X-47Bs.

Those are the new X-47Bs. Google TR3Bs for pictures of the black triangles that get reported as UFOs around the world. Looks like our military has finally found a way to spy in plain sight without anyone suspecting its us.

Blessings )o(

The X-47B is an unmanned

The X-47B is an unmanned vehicle with a length of 38 feet and a wingspan of 62 feet, powered by a turbofan. So like any airplane or jet it has a minimum speed, it can't hover. The triangles that have been reported have often been much larger (although not always), can hover, and have 3 bright downward facing lights at the corners. Also, many of them were seen 20 years ago, before the X-47B existed.

That doesn't mean the triangles aren't man made, but the X-47B can't explain most of them.

As for the TR3B, that seems to be about as speculative as the alien spacecraft theory. Various websites repeat the claims that it is nuclear powered, uses a highly conductive plasma to somehow cancel out gravity (huh?) and, get this, was reversed engineered from alien UFOs. So if I believe those sites I have to believe in alien UFOs anyway, as well as a lot of physics that, if true, should have won the discoverers Nobel prizes.

Well, I've personally seen

Well, I've personally seen the black triangles, TR3Bs, fly out of the air force base in Tucson. I lived one street over from the base so it came over my backyard directly at treetop level accompanied by fighter jets. It was huge, totally black except the three bright lights in the corners were on, and very bright. I was outside at the time so was literally underneath it when it went over. There was no missing it. Apparently, once it gets up to a certain level it disappears somehow because I watched them fly off and it just poof! went away though the planes were still there and in the same positions relative to each other. You can hear it when it powers up, its very loud and doesn't sound mechanical at all, more like a very loud hum that starts low and gets continually louder until it lifts off. It was an amazing sight for sure.

Blessings )o(

It seems you saw a "classic"

It seems you saw a "classic" triangle, what is usually reported as a UFO. But as you describe it (accompanied by fighter jets and coming from a Tuscon air force base) it does appear to be "one of ours".

That still begs the questions -- how is it powered? How does it fly? Are the scientists who developed it so sworn to secrecy that they have given up on receiving their Nobel prizes for plasma based gravity cancellation? Was it really reversed engineered from alien technology?

That makes sense

as we are very close to Wright-Pat in Dayton, Ohio.

"The problem is not those in power, the problem is right between your ears." ~Larken Rose


The black triangles are ours

The black triangles are ours and the new drones, X-47B, look like the round UFOs when flying, but this is the first I've heard of square ones. Hmmm . . . interesting.

Blessings )o(

Could be the Borg invading.

Could be the Borg invading. :D