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Ron Paul Campaign need to prepare material for Tampa

Preferably get a list of all the names and addresses of delegates attending Tampa and mail them beforehand.
Failing that hand out the material in the hotels where the Romney delegates are staying.
The material could have a front cover of a beaming picture of Romney so they will open it.

Start off with this.

Then some poll data.
I expect to see a lot more graphics like this as the information of what Romney is like starts to get out.

Current state of play

GOP is going to lose hundreds of offices that they might otherwise win if they nominate Romney.
Senators and Reps are going to lose their seats in tight races.

Obama will drip feed information out, he has a huge library on Romney.
This is some of it.

The delegates going to Tampa think that Romney can beat Obama.
They are living in DREAMLAND with all the dirt Obama is still sitting on.
The Bain leaving date and Tax Return's fiascos seem to have cost Romney 4 points.
The poll data won't be fully reflected in poll averages for about another 2 weeks.
And Obama has got about another 50 things lined up.

This information needs to be got to the delegates before the nomination vote.
If Romney does not get 1144 votes on the first ballot, all options are open.

The vast majority of Romney delegates to Tampa are ordinary people.
They have the same level of knowledge about Romney as the electorate. I.E. Zip, nada, nothing.
You will not persuade them by talking about NDAA, Liberty, Freedom or ending the Fed. They think they live in a free democratic country. They have ZERO interest in these topics.
Tell them about ending the IRS - that is an entirely different ball game, that directly and immediately affects their wallets.

Their OVERWHELMING attitude and objective is a hatred of Obama and to kick Obama out at all costs.
They were told by Fox that Romney was the only one who could kick Obama out. Romney can't kick out Romney, but someone else can.
This is where we need to focus our efforts.
They will also understand that a poor Presidential candidate will affect the chances of hundreds of other GOP candidates up for election.

Lots of other potential campaign material here.

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This information is critical for all delegates

This is the in depth 2008 correspondence from RNC attorney stating that ALL DELEGATES are unbound and free to vote their conscience on all rounds of voting.


This is where this was first revealed to the public.

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And Also Help Get 2nd Paul vs Obama Poll Funded

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Meantime, we, the grassroots, should be doing this BEFORE Tampa:


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul