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Obama's 'Bank of Washington' Applauded by Solyndra in E-mail

Obama's 'Bank of Washington' Applauded by Solyndra in E-mail

Published: 1:18 PM 08/02/2012
By Neil Munro

Solyndra’s CEO labeled President Barack Obama’s administration “The Bank of Washington.”

Chris Gronet offered the description in an internal email one year before the company collapsed in 2010, costing taxpayers roughly $500 million.

The email was obtained and published by the Republican National Committee.

“The Bank of Washington continues to help us!” he wrote in the October 2009 e-mail, which sketched plans for Solyndra to exploit several additional federal programs and tax-incentives.

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Nice to see that destroying privacy rights and collecting

email data has come back to bite Obama and his buddy on the a$$! The people in power don't appear to have considered the fact that nearly everything they do or say is criminal.

How ironic would it be if the orwellian surveillence system put in place by the power hungry psychopaths to watch all of us...ended up shining a light on all of their criminal behaviors?

Hell, I'm against having my privacy invaded and I don't do anything wrong. If I was a career criminal like 99% of the 1%, I'd probably be getting a little paranoid about now. LOL!

Obama's computerized terrorist kill list is going to end up with his name and all his friends names on it. Computers that are designed to follow patterns and look for threats won't factor in anything to do with your position in life or whether you have lots of money. It shouldn't be too long before a computer report is generated and sent to the head of DHS reccommending that every congressman but 1 needs to be detained and held without charge or trial. Now, THAT would be JUSTICE!

This will make a nice talking

This will make a nice talking point for Gary Johnson at the debates... if he can get into them.