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Ron Paul's Georgia State Coordinator is now a State Representative

Charles Gregory, state coordinator of Georgia For Ron Paul, defeated a fifteen-year incumbent for a seat in Georgia's House of Representatives in the July 31 Republican primary. As there is no Democratic opposition, winning the primary is tantamount to winning the seat. Charles will represent Georgia's 34th House district when Georgia's legislature convenes in January.

It is considered to be one of the greatest upsets in this election along with the failure of the 1% sales tax which was backed by our Republican Governor. It was not a close race. Charles won with 4,061 votes to opponent, Judy Manning's 3,241, giving him 56%

As Charles was tied up with the Paul Campaign until mid May his state house campaign was only a 90 campaign ending on the July 31st General Primary Election.

At first Charles alone, and then later joined by more and more volunteers canvassed almost the entire district in those 90 days to enough effect to achieve this outstanding victory over his RINO opponent.

Gregory said, "We worked hard, I’ve had a lot of inspired volunteers that are very passionate about small government and less taxes."

Liberty in On The March in Georgia

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You Beauty!

Nice work, Keep it going!


Another win for Liberty.