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"This is the most effective brief explanation of the FED I have ever seen..."

Newsletter author and former Ron Paul research assistant Gary North praised The Official Counterfeiter with these words: “This is the most effective brief explanation of the FED that I have ever seen. . . .“ It is now freely available online in PDF format. Use it to educate others about the FED as we try to get Dr. Paul's audit the FED bill past the Senate. Download is available here:

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Let's Go After the Fed Again...

Just want to bring "The Official Counterfeiter" back to people's attention as the Fed issue revives.

This video by Provacatuer Network...

was always my favorite - introductory - video on the FED.


Very entertaining.

The problem is, who is the enemy?

With the Federal Reserve, you have a tightly knit group of criminals no different than say the Ron Paul movement; just going down the exact opposite path.

Who is the enemy and who is the ally?

The Federal Reserve includes:

Vatican Church
Black Panthers
Luke Rudowski
Julian Assange
Michael Savage
Freedom Works
Michael Moore
Green Peace
Bev Harris
Sean Hannity
Global Network 2012
Governor Chris Christie
John Travolta
Marco Rubio
Koch Brothers
SPLC Anti Defamation League
Russia Today's chief executive officer
All the major colleges in the United States
The top 20% serving officers in the U.S. Military
+ The entire Supreme Court save one, half the U.S. Postal service and half of the U.S. Marshals service.

With so many conspirators, clowns, and frauds who are part of the Federal Reserve zio-nut network, how on earth do you separate which criminal is which?

This is of course, deliberately done on purpose by Rothschild and the George Soros brothers. They want you to be so confused by who is doing what, that at the end of the day you won't know what hit you!

Division, civil war, divide and destroy. You might think their cause is just, and follow them along on a rope-a-dope scam so they can get rid of you - as there is so few of them in number; but the difference is they have little CLIQUES all over the United States they control.

U.S and U.K Bankers at RBS, George Bush bank, arrested days ago.

Proof that Irish, United States and U.K. bankers were arrested


They are disappearing like rats now. Drake wasn't lying at all. A lot of the top bankers have been arrested that were protecting the outer layer of George Soros, Bush and the traitors.

We're going to be cutting it close, things are getting whacky...

We are going to be cutting it really close if we win, no matter how slow the win is, and I guarantee some of you will be shot at but it's very HIGHLY likely freedom will win.

This is going to be one brutal roller coaster so you folks better hang onto the bar.


Freedom is going to win, the bankers are gunning to lose!

The Federal Reserve is the most communist institution there is.

One hundred years of treason, subversion and misdirection.
The Federal Reserve has been one colossal mistake to never forget.

Here's my favorite video explanation of the FED

This one's done in cartoon format and it so clear anyone will understand.


FED Explanation...Thanks

I sent it to my daughter who is homeschooling her children for the first time this year.