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Massachusetts Delegates Strike Back

The Massachusetts Delegation has filed a challenge with the Committee on Contests. The 16 challenges were filed in order to restore the elected status of the MA delegation.
The Massachusetts Contestants’ Statement of Position can be seen here, along with all of the proof that will be presented to the RNC.


While we have been admonished for not doing enough here in MA, we have been busy working around the clock on a number of different ways to reseat our delegates. This is a major step to reinstating our people.

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I do

believe this thread needs another bumpity bump...

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Bump for congrats

Good luck and Godspeed. You will be credentialed!!!

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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Thank You MA!!!

...thank you for posting and taking the correct approach. We will all be anxious to hear how it turns out. We will beat the system yet because of folk like you.


Bump It Up

.....and stay tuned.