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I would be very interested about your information about dental health..

Yeah as in line with me cleaning up my whole life, dental health is a bit in the dark for me..

Maybe you can help me out. What is good what is bad.

Personally here is how I do clean my teeth...

I got the best... model 5000 braun

I use non fluoride paste...

I use non fluoride floss...

after that I use non fluoride mouth wash..

Only fear I have is that I for many years smoked.. I have stopped.. but I still have problems due to that.. mainly that I feel I need to bleach my teeth... cause compared to my sister who never smoked..my teeth aint to white..

Any good advice here.. and yes I do not smoke anymore...

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I know alternative dental health info (FRIEND DENTAL ASSISTANT)

All doctors are out for money right? One Dentist my friend said: The best way for a healthy mouth and will have good check ups is:#1) The sonicare tooth brush is awesome! Keeps your gums healthy and takes off built up tartar.

2) Rinse daily or every other day with hydrogen peroxide to kill the bacteria as one other posted and 3)

Rinse at least once a week with warm salt water for gums. You will get healthy checkups all the time. I do now have great check ups after a friend gave me this info.

Hydrogen peroxide. You can

Hydrogen peroxide. You can use a q-tip with it on there or just mix it with some water, just as long as you get drips on your teeth. This will help to kill bacteria and loosen anything stuck on them. It does say on the label "oral debriding agent".

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sorry m72mc i wrote too fast.

Discolored teeth is the sign of toxins coming out. Remember I wrote our teeth are porous. What are the toxins? Mercury, lead, fluoride, junk food, alcohol, drugs of all kinds. Bleaching is like putting a suit on Romney. He is still a flake.


Dental health

is easy. Hey m72mc.
Like many other things out there we are believing false information.

Our teeth are porous and fed what we eat. Cavities are a sign we are poorly fed. Cavities may or may not start on the surface of the tooth. Avoid processed foods and eat lots of animal fats, moderate protein and low carbohydrates. If we don't eat nutritious foods our body can rob minerals from our teeth and bones. Hence poor teeth and porous bones.

Avoid dentists unless absolutely necessary and don't brush with tooth paste that has any sugar in it. Use sea salt and baking soda. Our teeth reveal our inner health so poor teeth leads to poor overall health.



and cucumbers, apply to armpits daily for 3 months

For natural tooth whitening:

For natural tooth whitening: Baking soda and peroxide (just enough to make a paste)

Works great! Might have to do it a few times depending on the shade.

Drinking green tea makes your breath fresher.

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I second this

I'm way into baking soda and peroxide, and not for whitening, but because it really works keeping my gums healthy. My teeth are white, and I have never uses a commercial whitener. I see a dental hygenist and have my teeth cleaned at least twice a year, though I don't have a plaque problem, I don't want one.

I have an assortment of toothbrushes to make brushing fun, the sonic care and electric brushes aren't for me. I like having a variety of brushes and I throw out the ones that become my favorite and replace them with a simular brush.

I enjoy my water pic, and I put a small amount of peroxide in the warm water, and I also have an assortment of flosses. I brush my tongue and don't use the scrapers I have, and I really like this anti-bacterial mouthwash I'm using called Breath-rx.


Always drink water after a meal, and before going to sleep. What you are fighting is the process that breaks down sugar, because the byproduct is acid, which breaks down the calcium in the teeth. This condition also provides a hospitable environment for microbes that cause gum disease.

Additionally, the vast majority of the foods we eat are acidic, more so than basic. This is why baking soda is good for your teeth- to raise the pH levels of your saliva.

The primary reason they put fluoride in the water is because of its antibacterial properties, but we get side effects of this as well, just like chemotherapy kills cancer cells, but makes you really sick in the process.


this website has proven highly useful in my quest for alternative health therapies. They have many suggestions on dental health. Investigate Oil Pulling - there is extensive coverage and testimonials available on the site.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Sea Salt are two of your best friends when it comes to oral hygiene. Also, tea tree oil.

As for teeth whitening try the oil pulling method as often as you can with coconut oil - I noticed a significant difference within two weeks of pulling 4 to 5 times a week.

Any questions you may have will be answered much more thoroughly directly by searching the earthclinic.com site.

Best Health To You,


Testimonial on Oil Pulling

Last week I noticed that the gums around one of my teeth was slightly sensitive. After a day or two of trying to ignore it and hoping it would subside, I figured that I had some bacteria working overtime up there, so I thought that I would give oil pulling a try. I used organic coconut oil three times a day and after the second day the tenderness was gone. I was amazed that it really worked.

Here's a link to tell you all the details:
Oil Pulling for a Brighter Smile and Better Health

Also, I have been using a toothpaste called Vita-Myr for the last five years or so. It is the best, bar none. Just click on the name for the story of how Vita-Myr came into being.