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Anyone near Michigan's Oakland or Wayne Counties?

Kerry Bentivolio, endorsed by Ron Paul and Justin Amash, is running for Congress in Michigan's 11th Congressional District.

His name will be the only one on this Tuesday's August 7 primary ballot but the local GOP got together and endorsed a former State Senator as a write-in candidate.

This is an election we MUST win against the establishment.

Liberty For All Super PAC has spent over $500,000 on this race supporting Kerry but the entire establishment GOP is backing the write in candidate.

If you have time, please help out this weekend. The campaign will be making phone calls and knocking on doors.

Here is a map of the 11th District:

If you can help out, please let me know and I can put you in contact with some of the volunteers.

This election is on TUESDAY, August 7. If you know anyone in the counties, make sure they support Kerry Bentivolio.

Here's his website:

Here's a Q&A that goes in depth into his views on issues:

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Any help from someone in Macomb County?


Rick Santorum has jumped

into this race. Santorum just endorsed the establishment write-in candidate.

Meanwhile, Kerry Bentivolio has been endorsed by Ron Paul and Justin Amash.

Anyone in the area, please make sure you get the word out about Kerry and the Tuesday primary. Voters must request a Republican primary ballot to vote for Kerry.

Santorum wants some more?

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Anyone around

Wayne or Oakland counties?

The primary is this Tuesday.

Kerry's name is the ONLY one on the Republican primary ballot so he has a huge advantage but the entire establishment is backing someone else in a write-in campaign.


This is a solid GOP district.

Winner of this primary on Tuesday will more than likely become the next Congressman.

If you know anyone in this area, please let them know about Kerry Bentivolio and the primary on Tuesday, August 7.

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I sent this guy 20.12. Not a

I sent this guy 20.12. Not a lot, but a bit, i'm in a state over but we need to try to help J Amash and Rand in Congress. Kerry is a veteran and a RP Style Republican. Please take the time to vote for him and drag a friend or 3 along. So many people don't vote, especially in primaries, it would really make a difference. Buy them a beer or a soda. Get Justin Amash help. Get it done Sons/ Daughters of Liberty in Mich!!!

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Every little bit will help in this primary.

Turnout isn't expected to be that high so donations will go a long way.

Forwarded to sister iin Bloomfield.


I don't think Bloomfield

is in the new 11th Congressional District. Hopefully it is.

Here's a better map:

If she want's to help the campaign though, let me know. You can send me an email.

Also, if she knows others in the district, spreading the word about Kerry will help a lot.

Kerry is endorsed by Ron Paul and Justin Amash. He's a teacher and served in Vietnam and Iraq. This guy is the real deal.

Here's a Q&A he did where you can find out a lot more about him:

Sorry I can't open map.

She's in Bloomfield Hills. She is not a political person but I'been working on her. Her daughter is a die-hard left winger who contradicts everything I say and she still lives at home.

According to the map

the city of Bloomfield Hills is in the new 11th Congressional District.

Do you know if she is registered to vote? If she is not registered, it is too late.

If she is registered, please try to get her to vote for Kerry on Tuesday, August 7. She will have to request a Republican primary ballot.

She can find her polling place here:

I'm from sagnasty!

to all of you non michiganders that means saginaw.

Do you want to help the campaign this weekend?

Phone banking or knocking on doors?

I hope this works out...

Is the campaign running any local ads?

I'm not sure

They did but I don't know if it's still running. The campaign has not raised a lot of money. However, Liberty For All has stepped in and bought about $200,000 in tv ads.

This should be on the front

This should be on the front page

This should be front page news - Less than 3 days remain!!!!

Please everyone bump this thread, this is the most important race coming up in 3 days from today. We may possibly have another RP representative in the U.S. House from Michigan's 11th district...

Latest endorsements for Kerry Bentivolio:

Liberty For All PAC
Ron Paul
Justin Amash
Freedom Works PAC
Freedom Defense Fund PAC
Tea Party
RP Grassroots

Even with all of these, this primary will come down to people getting people to the polls and working the polls (not strippers either).

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Yah this is way more

Yah this is way more important then gary johnson