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The Roman Empire and the Catholic Church are about to Fall: The Roman Conspiracy to Create Jesus Christ Unveiled:

Get a load of this: http://caesarsmessiahdoc....

It's going to be released in Beverly Hills, CA. September 28, 2012

The Second Coming of Christ Has Already Happened.

There is absolutely no denial after you grasp this. It may take you a few hours to finally get the gist of it, but once it hits you, it's a WHAM you'll never forget, and you'll never look at the Scriptures the same again.

The "Holy Trinity" .... "Vespasian - Titus - Domitian" .... All three became Emperors of Rome, and after Titus' death, Domitian constructed the "Arch of Titus":

Arch of Titus in Rome was constructed in 82 AD by the Roman Emperor Domitian shortly after the death of his older brother Titus to commemorate Titus’ victory in the Sack of Jerusalem in 70 AD. The Arch of Titus has provided the general model for many of the triumphal arches erected since the 16th century including the Arc de Triomphe.

The "Second Coming of Christ" was Titus' take down of Jerusalem, and the Son of God was memorialized with this mighty Arch. The second attempt was successful, and that was the Second Coming.

As seen here: http://www.touropia.com/a...

The concept of a divine trinity consisting of a father, son and “Holy Ghost” – the Greek words actually mean “awful spirit” – comes from Josephus. Josephus applies the Jews’ messianic prophecies, not just to Vespasian, but to his dynasty. In other words the real trinity is Vespasian, his son Titus, and his son Domitian – the awful spirit.

Domitian was the "Holy Ghost" - The "Awful Spirit" who wanted to be recognized as a God himself.

In Greek evangelion, a technical term meaning “good news of military victory.” In English, it is translated as “gospel.

The "Gospels" is nothing more than a military victory account of the Romans win of the Jewish. The New Testament was written by the Flavian Dynasty with the help of Josephus Flavius

For anyone who doubts that the Flavian's of the Roman Dynasty and Josephus were the ones that actually wrote the New Testament and created "Jesus", just take a moment out of your day and ask yourself why is the Bible so Antisemitic and so "Pro-Roman"? .... "Turn the other cheek" .... "Give unto Caesar what is Caesar's", etc.

Now ask yourself if you've ever even noticed the book of "Romans" and the book of "Titus" in the NT? Now are you ready for the FACE PALM moment?

Why would a Jewish loving "God" dedicate in his written words, a book to "Romans" and another to "Titus"?

Go read Titus, and realize that it is actually Vespasian (God) giving the Son of God (Titus) instructions on how to teach the newly acquired slaves (Jewish after the Romans conquered them in the War) how to be obedient to their new masters (Vespasian and Titus).

The Original Jewish people had their own God, and he was David; a real Titan; a warrior; a man of war that even brought down Goliath and was soon to take the head off of Caesar (Dead Sea Scrolls), and there were many Jews amongst and within the Roman Empire who were gathering in groups discussing how their God "David" was coming soon to take the head off of Caesar. Nero didn't like this and called upon Vespasian who he had earlier exiled to return to the Empire and deal with this disobedient Jews, and he did along with his great warrior son Titus.

Vespasian and his son Titus went to Jerusalem and tried to bring down the city, but failed. That was the first coming of Jesus Christ (Titus). Vespasian was wounded and told his son Titus he MUST reenter Jerusalem and finally take her down and make all those unruly Jews submit to the Roman Empire, and Titus went back to Jerusalem and did just that.

Here's Part 1: and there are 5 parts total:


And that was the "Second Coming of Christ" aka "Titus".

The following account of Vespasian's triumph in Rome is provided to us by the Jewish historian, Josephus who was present at the festivities. His description not only provides insight into this victory celebration but also of the nature of other triumphs staged after a Roman victory. We join his story in the early morning hours of the day of the festivities:


The Jews who submitted to their Master (God) and came to him through his Son (Titus) were allowed to enter the "Kingdom of God" aka "Heaven". Those that disobeyed were killed or not allowed inside the gates of Heaven (the new Jerusalem).

Now hopefully you understand why many Jewish people today do not believe in Jesus Christ; nor do they follow or praise him. Their God is "David" the great warrior and not the pacifistic "Jesus" that turned the other cheek and gave unto Caesar.

Use your head for a moment and realize the Jews and Romans were arch enemies. Do you really think their "God" would be a pacifistic tax slave? Or would he have been a Warrior?

The Romans created this "Jesus" character to hopefully teach the Jews to turn the other cheek; submit to authority; give unto Caesar that which is Caesar's.

Why would a real living God who's loving and caring order his followers to kill sinners and their children? Seriously think about this a moment: Would a loving God order the death of a child of a sinner? What did the child have to do with a mother infidelity? The child should not be held accountable for a parents sins, right?

Or did he (Vespasian aka God) order the killing of children so that one day they would not come back to revenge the death of their parents?

Why would a God demand sinners to bring their best Oxen and Cattle as a tribute to God as an offering for their sins? Could it be because there was nothing of more value that the Jews could afford? Why would it be easier for a Camel to fit through the eye of a needle than a rich man get into Heaven? Could it be, because Vespasian did not want anyone of wealth in that Kingdom but himself?

The Scriptures were back dated 40 years to the day that Titus took down Jerusalem. Remember that Jesus spoke of this real Messiah that would burn down the cities; surround Jerusalem and raze the Temple within that 40 year span. The Romans created "Jesus" and made him a passive and forgiving Messiah; one that would turn the other cheek and give unto Caesar that which was Caesars.

The supposed Crucifixion of Jesus Christ was a mockery to the Jews; the end of Christianity; the end of their messiah Jesus, and the acknowledgment of the REAL "Jesus Christ" that fulfilled all those prophesies that the Jews Jesus spoke of, and that REAL "Jesus Christ" was Titus, the Son of God (Vespasian).

They (the Romans-Flavian Caesars) wanted to be known as God (Vespasian) and the Son of God-Jesus Christ (Titus). The only way they could get the Jews to accept them as Gods was to get them to pray through this made up Jesus character they invented. The Jews would NEVER bow to a living man (Vespasian), but by bowing to "Jesus Christ", they were actually bowing to the Caesars of the Roman Empire. They wore a mask; created a strawman (Jesus). They did not care about the name; they knew that they created "Jesus", and when the Jews were bowing and praying to Him, that they were actually bowing to Vespasian and Titus.

I know this is a hard pill to swallow for Christians (myself included), but if you actually step away from the Bible and stop looking at it as some magical book, and read it in it's literal typological form, the truth is in plain sight for all to see.

The campaign of "Jesus" ministry and the campaign of Titus' war on the Jews are in perfect sequence with each other if you read Josephus' court of record of the Jewish-Roman War. Remember that Josephus was a Jewish General who was captured by Titus' Army; they spared him; he was a great mind and they had a use for him in the Empire. One record of events is totally dependent on the other; as in the ministry campaign of Jesus was actually created from Titus' campaign in his war on Jerusalem.

All "Religions" are total BS; they are meant to divide and conquer; to control the masses; to teach obedience to a master, and that master is Government.

Now you know why all the authors of the Bible never contradict each other; because it was written by a few men at the time; all in the same court.

"Jesus" spoke of his prophecy in 40 years (within his lifetime), not of 2000 years afterwards and beyond. The Flavian's back dated the Scriptures 40 years on purpose, so that when Titus actually brought down Jerusalem it would look as if HE was the real Christ.

The many "Anti-Christs" that will (already did) come, are actually nothing more than those who opposed Vespasian and Titus; they were non believers; must be possessed with demonic spirits since they did not believe in Jesus Christ (Titus). These disobedient slaves with demonic spirits were against "Anti" Jesus Christ aka Anti-Christs.

No one shall enter the Kingdom of God (Vespasian) without coming through his Son "Jesus Christ" which was actually Titus.

John 3:16

For God (Vespasian) so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son (Titus), that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.

Go read "Titus" at the end of the New Testament; then read Romans and Philemon where "Paul is a prisoner of Christ Jesus".

At the end of Revelation written by Josephus from the words of God (Vespasian), he warns anyone who alters the text will suffer the plagues described within.

Would a loving God actually do all those things to man just because he changes some text? Or is that the "Threat" of God (Vespasian) to anyone who would alter his words?

Now read Revelation 19:11 "The Rider on the White Horse"

I saw Heaven standing open (the walls of Jerusalem had holes in them from the battle and the gates were finally opened) and there before me was a white horse, whose rider is called Faithful and True. With justice he judges and makes war. His eyes are blazing fire, and on his head are many crowns. He has a name written on that no one knows but he himself. He is dressed in a robe "dipped in blood" ...

Would a robe dipped in blood actually mean that the robe is Red or Scarlet?

A Roman Victory Parade was at hand; Titus was wearing his Victory Robe and the Victory Crown upon his head as he entered the gates of Heaven (The New Jerusalem).

Here's the famous painting on Joseph Atwill's facebook page:


The triumph was a gala affair. Presided over by Vespasian and Titus, it featured piles of booty, including gold relics taken from the destroyed Jewish Temple, paraded through the streets. Now you understand what the text means by "Streets of Gold".

Titus was the the Rider on the White Horse followed by the armies that followed him were on white horses and dressed in fine linen .... It was a VICTORY PARADE; the "Second Coming of Christ" had taken place; they were all celebrating and dressed for the occasion. It was now time for God (Vespasian) to take his Throne, and the Son of God (Titus) to be seated at his right hand.

"You are worthy to take the scroll and to open it's seals because you were slain, and with your blood you purchased men for God..."

Titus was wounded in the war.

Once you tie the Scriptures to the Roman-Jewish War, it is plain as day.

Here's Josephus' account of the victory celebration first hand:


The most precious of objects taken from Jerusalem were items from the Temple: the golden table on which the bread of the presence had been placed, the golden lampstand, or Menorah, the golden trumpets used in calling people to worship, and a copy of the Jewish Torah. Behind the wagons that carried these objects rode Vespasian, then Titus, with Domitian beside him. The triumphal procession ended at the temple of Jupiter Capitolinus where Simon, son of Gioras, who had been the Jewish general, was put to death before all of the citizens of Rome. All of this happened in 70 A.D. when Titus destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple of God.

If you will read the book in it's literary and typological sense, you will come to realize it was an account of what had happened THEN, not what would happen 2,000 years from THEN.

Listen to Joseph Atwill explain the truth about the "Jesus" character and how and why he was brought to life:


Here's another very good interview:


Look up his other interviews on YouTube as well.

Ask yourself one question: Why would a Book inspired by God himself who loved the Jewish people more than anything in the world or universe combined, dedicate a Chapter of His Book to the "Romans" and another to "Titus"?

Answer: Because the Flavian's created Christianity and with the help of Josephus Flavius, they created the character known as "Jesus Christ", and Titus himself fulfilled all the prophesies of THEIR creation, and his Father who is now known as God and accepted as God along with Titus who would now be accepted as "Jesus Christ" had fulfilled the prophecy of the "End Times", which was nothing more than the end of Jerusalem and the Messianic Christian Movement with the "Second Coming of Christ" aka "Titus".

As a tribute to their conquering victory of the Jews and to make sure everyone living at that time knew that Vespasian was to now be recognized as God and Titus as the Son of God aka Jesus Christ, they put it in plain sight for all to see in the book of Romans and the book of Titus.

In the book of Titus, Vespasian (God) is talking to his Son Titus (Jesus Christ) and instructing him on how to teach the new slaves (Jews) to be subservient and obedient to their new God.

Just read it; it's right there in the "Holy Bible" for all to see who the REAL God and the REAL Jesus Christ really is.


This is a good overview on Joe's Blog:


Once we break the chains of religion, the political structure of the world WILL change.

The Second Coming of Jesus Christ has already taken place; and the "End Times" are nothing more than the end of the militaristic-messianic movement of the Jews in about 70 CE (Common Era).

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When you seek me with all your heart then you willl find me

If you think God is not real, then you really haven't sought for him. The Bible says: Jeremiah 29:13

Viewing the King James Version.

And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.

I have experienced this to be true, so maybe you haven't looked for him with all your heart.

I noticed you mentioned at least one Gnostic source.

You might find this site very interesting, especially Dr. Stankov's scientific works.


Also, this "scientific explanation" for Genesis as translated literally from Hebrew by the former translator for the Vatican


Jesus lived an example of tolerance, something upon which both "Good Christians" and "Good libertarians" should agree.

Satan = Father of Lies

John 8:43-45 (New KJV)

43 Why do you not understand My speech? Because you are not able to listen to My word. 44 You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you want to do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of it. 45 But because I tell the truth, you do not believe Me.

All the problems in the world start with lies.
Satan is the liar, who denies the Maseah, son of Maryum.

I would like to add...

The Bible is hardly pro-Roman. The one Roman official given more than a few sentences' worth of attention - Pilate - is portrayed as a cowardly jackass who had Jesus killed even when he found Him innocent, then made friends with Herod after Herod tormented Jesus. Revelation has a passage that's pretty clearly detailing a rather violent downfall of Rome - unless, of course, you'd like to contend that the city on seven hills was somehow a different city.

"Turning the other cheek" is not an act of submission.

It is an act of defiance.

Go read the passage again. Ten times if you have to.

Jesus is instructing his followers that if a Roman soldier strikes you in one cheek, give him your other to strike as well. He's telling them to turn their head to the side, point to their other cheek and effectively say, "here m-f'er hit me again!"

You also forget that while Jesus said to "render unto Caesar" he also said "render unto God what is God's."

The money was Caesar's money. Legally, no one owned save what Caesar allowed them to own. It was a monarchy. (with trappings of a Republic)

Jesus was no pacifist. He did not preach submission.

If he did, why didn't he simply obey and stop preaching? Why didn't he confess to Pilate so he could live?

Your entire theory rests on Jesus being a pacifist.

So, now your lengthy diatribe there, and everything you linked, has been rendered moot by the fact that he DEFIED earthly authority to the point of being crucified for it.

When Jesus said

"render unto Caesar what is Caesars" he was begging the question, asking "What actually belongs to Caesar"?, not saying to give all money to Caesar or that Caesar owned whatever Caesar demanded. He was being cagey in reaction to an attempt to trap him into making a statement that would get him arrested.



1.a person who believes in pacifism or is opposed to war or to violence of any kind.

2.a person whose personal belief in pacifism causes him or her to refuse being drafted into military service. Compare conscientious objector.

So, now your diatribe there, and everything you thought, has been rendered moot by the fact that he DEFIED earthly authority to the point of being crucified for it, and that is not defined as pacifism.

Um no.

The OP relies on Jesus being a pacifist and practicing and teaching it. He did none of the above.

What his personal beliefs were, we can only glean from what he said and tought or was purported to say and teach.

Had he been a pacifist, had he been an individual who avoided confrontation and simply gave in to authority, he would never have been crucified, because he never would have pissed off the authorities of the day.

He died because he challenged their authority, not because he submitted to it.

Anyone trying to make you thik Jesus's teachings and life are justification for submission to human authority are just flat out wrong. They couldn't be more wrong if they worked really hard to do so.


I don't pay much any attention to what people were saying in Antiquity. Especially a person that has so much violence has been perpetrated in his name. Not to say that he was violent. I don't put much thought into it.

I am a borderline pacifist. I might change my mind if I witnessed violence being perpetrated on a child, friend, family, or helpless animal. But I am rebellious and defiant as hell. I just don't believe violence solves anything. So that's where I disagree with you. But I agree with your premise that Jesus was defiant. I should have made a point to tell you I agreed with that, sorry.

No problem, but I don't recall saying violence is a solution.

So I'm not sure why you found cause to disagree with something I didn't say.

Carry on then...

You didn't.

But a pacifist is against violence. A pacifist can do illegal things, practice civil disobedience, and be a rebellious pain in the ass. He just does not thing violence solves anything.

So I disagree with your definition of pacifism.

That's all.


Come on man

This shits why people write us off and don't take us serious.

Any REAL knowledgeable person Knows ILLUMINATI wants to

ILLUMINATI wants to destroy religion and Jesus in the minds of men with fake artifacts or findings because they are Lucifarian and hate God, and want to fool the world that he was nobody!!! The Bible says, IN THE LAST DAYS BEFORE THE RETURN OF CHRIST THERE WOULD BE GREAT DECEPTION. This is one of them. Globalists want one world religion of new age and communist slavery. DON'T BE FOOLED!!!


Your great response is only contemporary history.

To clear and very little interruption required so no opportunity to weave tales.

The men that have laid the plans you describe are still alive and will tell you - daily on state media - books,lectures etc

They want one religion - one world govt - and to destroy Christ. Their statues and buildings that are STILL standing today show these occult symbols...but hey lets go into texts 2 centuries old and try to make a name for myself.

The author of the OPs material is a jesiut. go figure.


Liberty = Responsibility

Another Fallacy

"God" did not dedicate books of the bible to "Romans" and "Titus" to glorify emperors. They were written by Paul, a Roman, a gentile, and a convert, to reach other gentiles and spread the word of Christ. If you were a Roman seeking to convert other Romans to the faith, who would you dedicate your book too?

Again, the contextual basis of your point is really weak.

Denise B's picture

Paul was not a Gentile

either, he was Jewish, a Pharisee, who persecuted Christians before his conversion on the road to Damascus. He was charged with spreading the Gospel to Gentiles after his conversion. Also, Romans is actually a letter of instruction written by Paul specifically to the newly formed Christian church in Rome ("A Letter of Paul to the Romans"). This entire article is so full of falsehoods, ignorance and stupidity it doesn't deserve any further comment.

I don't think Paul even "dedicated" the book to the Romans.

It was a collection of LETTERS to the Romans.

He wrote letters to other groups. Each group of letters is collected in a "book" with the title as the name of the group.

Technically, the book in question is not called "Romans" it is called "Paul's Letters to the Romans."

If people would only bother to read...

To be even more specific,

St Paul didn't write that letter to the Romans per se, or to the Roman govt, but to the Christian church in Rome.

Yes, exactly.

Thanks for the clarification.


As a point of fact, Paul claimed repeatedly to be a Jew. Here is what is perhaps the boldest example.

Philippians 3:4 Though I might also have confidence in the flesh. If any other man thinketh that he hath whereof he might trust in the flesh, I more: 5 Circumcised the eighth day, of the stock of Israel, of the tribe of Benjamin, an Hebrew of the Hebrews; as touching the law, a Pharisee; 6 Concerning zeal, persecuting the church; touching the righteousness which is in the law, blameless.

Paul a Roman Citizen

Perhaps a Jew but also a Roman.


Roman citizenship

The idea that Paul is a Roman citizen derives from the Book of Acts in which Luke records Paul claiming his Roman citizenship on two separate occasions, both in relation to punishment under Roman law. In Acts 22:28, he is recorded as stating that, in contrast to those who paid a large sum of money to acquire citizenship, he was a Roman by birth. In the letters of Paul, such a claim is never made. Marcus J. Borg and John Dominic Crossan wrote "Luke insists that Paul was a Roman citizen, but Paul himself does not mention the claim, he in fact seems to negate it."[19] Paul appears to negate such a claim by stating that he had suffered three beatings by the rod, which was a punishment forbidden upon Roman citizens.[20] However, the fact that he is able to appeal to Caesar, recorded in Acts 25:11, for his final sentencing leads many scholars to believe that he was indeed a Roman citizen.[21] Without Roman citizenship, Paul would not have had this right.

Jewish Incomprehension of Jesus

You said "Now hopefully you understand why many Jewish people today do not believe in Jesus Christ; nor do they follow or praise him. Their God is "David" the great warrior and not the pacifistic "Jesus" that turned the other cheek and gave unto Caesar."

If you wish to illuminate Christians, then you should frame your arguments with proper context.

Jesus did not simply extol people to "give unto Caesar". The context was that he was presented with a trap in the form of a question regarding whether the Jews should pay their taxes to Rome. Either answer (yes or no) would lead to his arrest or injure his standing.

Thus he held up a ROMAN COIN and said "Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's".

The contextual lesson was that if you profit by Rome's material, worldly system, then you should play by Rome's rules, lest the wrath of the State be brought down upon you.

Jews (and most evangelical Christians, I might add) have a mental block in their mind regarding Jesus because they do not read his parables and lessons in their full context.

Jesus was not a politician, nor did he seek earthly power. Thus, he was a let down for Jews who expected him to be more like David.

What is lost on them is that Jesus' mission was about saving souls, not leading geopolitical revolutions. Jews (and evangelicals) cannot seem to grasp that.

Oh, and spare me the reflexive, politically correct, Anti-Semite accusations. Jesus was a Jew. Christianity is thus a Jewish sect.

Man, you need a hobby.

Man, you need a hobby.

You are spot on.

He sure does.

The Right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be Infringed!
"You cannot invade mainland America. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass." Isoroku Yamamoto, Japanese Admiral

what do you mean

he obviously has one - a poor hobby but one none the less. he chases any idea that is outside the box filling the need of superiority.


Liberty = Responsibility


"All "Religions" are total BS; they are meant to divide and conquer; to control the masses; to teach obedience to a master, and that master is Government."

^^ Amen ^^

Great read. It's amazing how people can still have "faith" in this make believe religion stuff.

The way to combat this rubbish

The way to combat this rubbish is to be truthful.

The Anti- Christian agenda is a Jewish agenda. The very same people behind the media, central banking etc.

Just look at the Talmud and the Zohar.


Converts Who Changed the Church
Jewish-Born Clerics Helped Push Vatican II Reforms

Luke 3:38
Isaiah 43:3-5

"Be Truthful".

+1. You wrote = "The way to combat this rubbish is to be truthful."

Good point John

Your name handle says it all....they are of their father the devil!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

So, who was Jesus?

Jesus incarnated as a highly aware human, and he continues to be a Master Being of Light in the higher realms, helping those who seek his guidance. His incarnation was God’s gift, a way of helping to hasten the return to awareness of those who are trapped in the physical dimension of Earth and reincarnating endlessly because of karma.

Most humans come to the Earth plane for the experience and forget there is a higher realm. They lose their conscious connection to God. We are meant to be as it was in the Garden of Eden, speaking with God and receiving guidance all the time. Many children are being born today who have this conscious connection with God, as Jesus did. We are meant to evolve to this stage of consciousness and beyond.

Jesus was a highly evolved and highly aware human, the prototype of what we are all meant to become as we evolve. He was sent as an example and a guide to show the way.

Jesus had a physical body that he referred to as “the son of man”. He also speaks of his soul, “the son of God” which was his connection to God intelligence or Christ Consciousness. He did not lose his God connection in coming here. He is the forerunner of the new children being born, who retain their Christ Consciousness or connection to God.

His advice to us was, “Seek and you will find.” You will find what you seek in your heart. If you honestly seek God, the door will open and you will regain your God connection or Christ Consciousness, as Jesus did.