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Ron Paul 60%, Obama 15%, Romney 10% WHO gets the highest percentage?

Who will get the highest percentage of Ron Paul supporters to vote for them in the presidential election?

MY PREDICTION(link to detail)

60% Ron Paul!
20% Gary Johnson
15% Barrack Obama
10% Mitt Romney

note: Romney changed his number from 5% to 10% because he wanted to, so it doesn't add up to %100%, lol but Romney camp said the ignorant Americans won't notice.

WHO do you predict and why? I am looking for constructive feedback no matter which candidate the information benefits. The goal is to share & learn so that we can come up with a the best voting strategy possible.

I just don't see how Romney can win-- he is far too arrogant and out of touch with most Americans. The guy can't even fake sincerity, I don't know why he got into politics. I predict he will set an all time losing record for most money spent campaigning per vote received.

IF Ron Paul doesn't win the nomination (yes I still have hope) then there is a very small chance I would vote for Romney but ONLY if he stops the talk of going into Iran, he promises to keep government out of the internet, and he puts Ron Paul into a role that will help America, for example Federal Reserve Chairman.

The internet freedom is a huge one for me... most people probably don't realize how close Ron Paul was to winning the Republican nomination, had the contest been fair Ron Paul would have been able to gain unstoppable momentum with early successes.

I was thinking about the caucuses this year, and how Ron Paul cleaned house in some of the states before the RNC started realizing it and basically changing the rules on the fly to stop the "will of the voters". I imagine the MSM reporting it for Mitt Romney, then for Ron Paul...

Imagine if Mitt Romney was so wildly popular that voters came out in record numbers to support him. Imagine the caucus meetings overflowing with Mitt Romney supporters who were willing to do whatever it took to become a delegate in support of him. Now image the live television coverage of one of these caucus events, can you picture it in your mind? I can almost hear the Faux News Anchor, "The voters of Minnesota are speaking their mind tonight in support of Mitt Romney for the Republican nomination. We have Susan Ortega live at the caucus... Susan, what is the atmosphere like there, do you get a sense that the voters are more enthusiastic about this presidential election year"? "Thank you John, yes there is a lot of enthusiasm this year, this entire room is full, and there are people standing outside just waiting to be part of the democratic process, to support the candidate they believe will be the next President of the United States". "I have to tell you John, this overwhelming response by the voters of Minnesota is really something to see, it is the true essence of being an American and to be here watching democracy in action-- it's just a great feeling. I talked with a few of the voters, they have been here for hours, and some are willing to stay all night to become a delegate for Mitt Romney". "There is no question the voters are making a statement tonight, they are sending a strong message to the status quo, and to President Obama, that they are ready for change, a fresh start with Mitt Romney as President.". "Blah, blah blah blah..."

Now for Ron Pauls' version of success:

"We are here at the Minnesota caucus where an all-out paulite epidemic has spread throughout the building.". "We are seeing everything from the retired professor to the factory worker, I even saw a few crack-heads heading in a while ago, you know they have a lot of flunkies and drug addicts who are willing to wait as long as it takes to legalize pot, cocaine, and many of them are chanting, 'end the fed". I've been told they are using "arcane rules" to push out incumbents who have been loyal to the establishment for over 20 years. I just don't understand, there is no chance of Ron Paul winning but it doesn't stop the "paulites" from doing their thing. "I talked with Chawley Webterd and he was visibly upset about the paulite offensive, he told me that we aren't going to count the votes tonight anyway because it is supposed to snow and they don't want anyone getting hurt over a simple "beauty contest" that doesn't make any difference in the world"


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NO FAT chance that I would

NO FAT chance that I would vote for Mitt...NEVER. RON PAUL ONLY.

My estimate

60% Ron Paul
20% Don't vote
10% Gary Johnson
10% Obamney

“It is not our part to master all the tides of the world, but to do what is in us for the succour of those years wherein we are set, uprooting the evil in the fields that we know, so that those who live after may have clean earth to till." -J.R.R. Tolkien

I think most will go to Johnson

I'm not counting the write in Ron Paul votes because they won't get counted anyway--they would go into the stay at home and not vote category.

I can't stoop so low to vote for Obama or Romney. It will be for a third party.

Somewhat agree

I think it would be
40- Paul anyway
25- Stay home on voting day
20- GJ
15- Obama- because Paul attracts a sizable amount of democrats, and because of an amount of voters that want to prove that Romney can't win without the liberty movement.
0- Mitt Romney (F#$K that guy)

Am I crazy if I say

Am I crazy if I say Ron Paul 100%? Is that too much to ask?

Heck NO

Its a good positive attitude. I still hold hope that he can win the nomination! And if he can win that... well the rest will be easy.

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I don't know if

you're crazy, but I don't think anyone can call you a pessimist!! :)

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