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U.S. Assistance to Guatemala FY 2013

There is no way a country 16 trillion in debt would keep handing out billions in aid each year UNLESS these "aid" transactions are little more than an easy way for the politically connected and the 1% to funnel money from taxpayers into their private off shore accounts.

We are broke, and yet we feel compelled to give Guatemala aid? I don't think so. This ONLY makes sense if the leaders of one or both countries are on the take.

From CRS.pdf at link below:

The requested total for FY2013 is $93.6 million, and includes $56 million for Development Assistance; $17 million in Food for Peace title II programs; $750,000 for Foreign Military Financing; $17.1 million for USAID Global Health Programs; $720,000 for International Military Education and Training; and $2 million for International Narcotics Control and Law Enforcement