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What Are You Going To Do When...

Mitt Romney fails to win the nomination on the first ballot?

What will your reaction be? What will you do, besides fall off your chair?

All the way to Tampa Bay, and to the White House for Freedom and Liberty forever and ever, amen.

President Paul.

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I will go to church every

I will go to church every day.

I will cautiously cheer and give thanks to the Lord.

The only reason it will have turned into reality will be due to a blessing from God and his Son, that is just plainly a fact.

I will not drink any alcohol however. I'm through redeeming myself for those mistakes and there is many more bridges to cross.

I shall sharpen my trawl, especially to prepare for the march on D.C. because Pharisee Barack Obama desires to suspend the elections.

RP Kegger!

I've already spread word that when RP wins this, I'm throwing a keg party! Everybody's welcome! ;)

Cry Tears of Joy

from knowing that the long night is about to meet the dawn.

How many people will be out

How many people will be out in the streets crying?

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

All the ones that you see...

...with a Romney bumper sticker...like a needle in a haystack!!!!!!

I will kiss

Julie Borowski. Right there. No-holds-bars.

Start a moneybomb...

...for Paul's security protection. The elite will be VERY unhappy!

I'd pack an AED so someone can jumpstart my heart.


get a huge

liberty boner.

it better last longer than 4

it better last longer than 4 years


You guys can be so funny!