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(How) Can I become a delegate or is it too late?

I am about to make my decision of attending Paulfest 2012, buying airline tickets etc., and such an investment would be much more important if I was more than a spectator. I've been a supporter since 2007 and haven't looked back since.

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First you register GOP

You should be in the GOP at least a year.

I suggest you go to your local GOP central committee meetings and get to know them, let them get to know you. If there is a seat in your district take it. This assured that you are a credentialed delegate. Credentialed delegates are the ones who will be at the RNC working to nominate RP.

Different states have different methods for becomming a delegate. If you have a committee seat, it is taken care of. If you don't, you take the risk of being tossed under the bus even if you qualified and were elected.

If you are in my area, you will find 5 Ron Paul Republicans already seated and VERY HAPPY to see you show up. Please show up.

You can still be a GOP

You can still be a GOP delegate for the future. What State do you live in?

Too late, sorry

You had to sign up to become a delegate before your state's primary.

However, I still recommend going to PaulFest and then Ron Paul's rally. It will be historic and a lot of fun. :)

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You would need a time

You would need a time machine.