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Lies and Inconsistencies in the Aurora Shooting Story: Did James Holmes Really Kill these People?

On July 20, 2012, a condemnable act of violence was perpetrated against the American people. In Aurora, Colorado, at the Century Theater 16, about 12:20 a.m., 12 defenseless people were slaughtered, with some 70 others wounded, some severely. It was one of the most brutal, senseless murders, which have ever occurred in American history. Even an infant child was shot at point-blank range, with witnesses identifying at least two bullet holes exiting from the child’s back.

Regarding the perpetrator(s) behind this massacre little is known for certain. Yet, what is clearly known is that much of the official story is fabricated. The point is there is a need for the real perpetrators to be caught and prosecuted, not a mere patsy, who is the victim of a set-up. Here are some examples of some of the falsehoods spread by official sources:

• that James Holmes is clearly the suspect and/or perpetrator
• that the shooter kicked in the door of the theater
• that only one person was involved in the shooting
• that the entire act was the result of a lone, crazed gunman, James Holmes, who dropped out of school and was psychologically troubled
• that the mother of the accused gave a tacit admission of her son’s role, saying in reference to him, “You’ve got the right person.”
• that the shooter was 6ft or more tall

None of the above, well published in the media, are certifiably true. Here is the point. If this is an iron-clad case against Mr. Holmes, why spread lies? The fact that such lies were diffused so vigorously alone gives reason to suspect all official accounts. Regardless, there were dozens of eyewitnesses, who could be relied upon as the source of information. None of them place Holmes at the scene of the crime. In fact, these eyewitnesses place people other than Holmes as the perpetrators.

For instance, eyewitness Corbin Dates stated clearly that the shooter was about 5’8” tall. Holmes is 6’3” tall. Clearly, a man of this height, standing right before the witnesses, some of which were a mere five feet or even less away, would be noticed. This alone debunks the claims against Holmes. Yet, see this account, August 2nd, from London’s Daily Mail:

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Look at the picture of him. That is not Holmes.

That is not even Holmes in the photo.
Who it is, I don't know.

The important thing to see is it could be a double/doppelganger as this same incident has been repeated in so many cities, that clearly someone may have been impersonating James Holmes to start a kill spree.

My instincts

from the start say NO he was not the shooter. We have seen this too many times where a patsy takes the fall for a false flag attempt by the WH.

Keepin' it real.