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Be afraid! Hide behind the government's skirts! Run! Fear!

This came up as an ad prior to one of my favorited Ron Paul videos. I was so horrified by the ad that I literally couldn't stop watching it.


This is why we can't have our country back. Because too many people would rather believe this nonsense than face the truth of the bully in the mirror.

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Trashes Obama. Spews same propaganda as Obama administration.

Stinks of Neocon. Even the actress looks like she can't take this BS seriously.

That was a modern day waste of time.

There's nothing to fear about the Wizard of Oz, that is obvious.

Today's Modern day Pharisees have a bark that's worse than their bite.

What the

F was that?

Thats some good ol propaganda there.

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I would be interested to know...

Where the funding for the garbage came from. It's clearly anti-Obama so I assume the GOP is behind it at some level.

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