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Romney hires ex Fannie Mae PR to put lipstick on Bain pig

Romney hires ex Fannie Mae/BP/Paulson PR to but lipstick on Bain pig http://www.buzzfeed.com/bensmith/romney-taps-paulson-fannie-...

More Mitt Romney hypocrisy, he used Fannie Mae to attack Gingrich during the debates.

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Are Romney and the Republicans

Serving into the net?

Does it look to anyone else that Romney and the Republicans are playing this to lose?

Is Ron Paul and the Ron Paul Republicans toxic?

Is Romney playing to lose and Ron Paul and Ron Paul Republicans playing to win? Are too many people under the unfluence of MSM to actually see what is happening?

Yes, I think so

They are not stupid, they know an economic down turn or depression is near. Congress is unwilling to make any changes to limit government spending for fear of losing votes, so what to do? I believe they have "accepted the things they cannot change" and have "the wisdom" to blame it on the Democrats. In 2016 Obama can't run for re-election and the people will be so sick of Democratic party rule and socialism they will welcome any Republican. Looks like that to me.

"accepted the things they cannot change"

Or perpetuating the things they don't want to change by playing the blame game.

I hope you are correct!

Its alot like badminton

The left and right, Republicans and Democrats, hit the responsibility "birdie" back and forth as the spectators, read voters, watch. As the spectators are watching the game they are unaware of the fact that they are being ripped off at the box office. The sport announcers, read MSM, keep the excitement up and as long as the audiance is unaware of the scam all is cool. Once they become aware something is not right, one side "net serves" sticking the other side with the responsibility birdie. The olympic sport of politics explained. LOL

I see that

and agree.

ytc's picture

PRs, polls, money from bailed-out wall-st banks &

war-mongering foreign interests. . . are these all that MittMitt puppet doll is stuffed with?

Any sense of JUSTICE? FAIRNESS? Principled honor? Intelligent thoughts on endangered monetary crisis? Backbones to firmly keep moneyed lobbyists at bay?