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Missouri 1st Congressional District

In Missouri the recent census has changed the number of our Representatives from nine to eight. During the last election I ran against one of the political family dynasties in our area. We have had the same family as our representative for over 40 years. I have been working very hard to promote the principles of Liberty for many many years. Some of the things I have been very involved in are Ron Paul Meetup Groups, Audit the Fed petitions and delivery, We the people petition and delivery, testifying at MIAC hearings in Missouri, C4L State Co-Coordinator (stepped down to run for Congress), delegate in 2008 (who was subjected to interrogation), educating people on the Federal Reserve, getting people to step up and run for local offices and central committees around the state, working on child-care for people who wanted to attend the infamous St. Charles MO caucus re-do, and more. I need some help from others who share our values during this election cycle. I am running again and need help promoting the race and raising donations. We have a radio ad running currently and would like to do more. Any help would be very appreciated. Our area needs a fresh start free of political family dynasties. For Liberty, Robyn.

Link to our current radio ad: http://youtu.be/LxiGMzTA4pM

Link to our internet video: http://youtu.be/SqGrUMHYIzg

Link to our website: www.HamlinForCongress.com

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$25 - Fly Robyn Fly!

She will be a voice for us

She will be a voice for us liberty lovers!

I met Robyn in 2003 at a Ron

I met Robyn in 2003 at a Ron Paul meetup group. She looked at me and I looked at her, both women .... And she said why aren't there more of us here? She is a true patriot and has never waivered her support for the beliefs that Ron Paul has fought for since the 70's. She will make a difference, she will continue Dr Paul's message. Please if you have 20.12 it will be used to get more radio time.

Go Robyn

Don't get discouraged. :)

Robyn is the Real Thing

... She is a strong pro-Liberty candidate, she knows the rules, she can think creatively on her feet, and she is diplomatic. She is a great spokeswoman for Liberty.

Do visit her website.

I have to tell one story. 2 yrs ago, we had a gathering of (mostly Tea Party) candidates for various offices. Most candidates were running for considerably smaller positions, the smaller the position, the more longer-winded the speaker. When it came Robyn's turn she said this:

"My name is Robyn Hamlin. I am running against Lacy Clay for the Missouri 1st Congressional seat. I will appreciate your support, and your vote. Thank you."

She doesn't waste a lot of your time, and I hear she's equally a skinflint with money.

Support Robyn!

Please support Robyn Hamlin

I have known Robyn for many years. If we can get her into congress she would be one of the strongest liberty voices there.

She outlined some of her accomplishments in her post, but I can tell you one of her strongest character strengths is her uncompromising attitude when it come to the cause of liberty. She, like Dr. Paul, cannot be bought off by lobbyists. Trust me on that one.

She beat her primary opponent in the last election for congress, but as she said, she was up against a 40+ year family dynasty in that district. This time Lacy Clay, the bum that made a speech supporting auditing the Fed and then voted against it the very next day, has a strong opponent who may beat him in the primary.

Robyn's real fight will be in the general election. If we are ever going to have a chance to put a liberty candidate in Congress for Missouri's 1st District, this is the time. It may be the only chance ever.

We are all getting bombarded by requests for help in more campaigns than we can help out on. I know I am. But after next week, all of the committee elections will be over. The primaries will be over and the number of candidates left need help will be substantially fewer.

Robyn should be one of those left running after next week. She needs our support, either physically or monetarily, or both. Please consider doing what you can for her. I know I will be doing what I can.