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CIA owned and operated Mi-17 A’s flown covertly by American contract pilots in Somalia

According to this report, US oorporations like (blakwater, or Xe, or whatever it is they are calling themselves now)appear to be operating covertly in Somalia. If that's the case I'd bet a good chunk of change that contract fighters are already on the ground in Syria too. The US Government can send in the assassination team via corporate contract fighters (killers) and avoid the public scrutiny that would oome from sending in US troops.

Seems the US is pretty much ignoring all "international Laws" while it operates covertly in Somaila. But it's okay for US to ignore international laws...it's only OTHER countries that must be bombed for "breaking the rules".

Exerpts of Notes made by The Monitoring Group inside Somaila

The Government of the United States is also carrying out in Mogadishu and inPuntland extensive programmes in support of Somali security sector institutions without any prior approval of the Committee. Mogadishu

According to high officials from the TFG (Transitional Federal Government), a United States Government intelligence agency has been providing technical assistance, training and equipment to the Somali National Security Agency for several years. In addition, in a speech celebrating the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Somali National Security Agency in Mogadishu, on 9 January 2012, NSA Director General Ahmed Moallin Fiqi thanked the United States Government for its assistance to his service.

According to AMISOM’s figures, the Somali National Security Agency is a 1,500-strong force, well structured, equipped and trained, which operates under direct supervision of the TFG Presidency.

The Monitoring Group is unaware of any notification to the Committee
concerning assistance by the Government of the United States to the Somali National Security Agency, and on 20 April 2012 sent a letter to the Government of the United States requesting clarification and additional information.

According to a letter sent to the Monitoring Group on 7 May 2012, the
Government of the United States does not acknowledge any form of direct support to the Somali National Security Agency or any other Somali agency. Puntland

In Puntland, the Government of the United States has been providing support to the Puntland Intelligence Service (PIS), now known as the Puntland Intelligence Agency (PIA), for at least the last ten years.

Puntland Intelligence Services training, conducted by US contractors in Qaw, at the same shooting range as used by SCS/Saracen trainees, in August, 2011

On 1 June 2011, the Government of the United States acknowledged in a letter to the Monitoring Group that thirty-one flights from Djibouti to Bosaaso, Puntland, operated by two private operators, Prescott Support Co and RAM Air Services, were conducted on behalf of the Government of the United States in support of Somali security sector institutions.

During the current Monitoring Group’s mandate, Prescott Support Co and RAM Air Services conducted sixty-five flights to the Puntland region of Somalia between August 2011 and March 2012.

The Monitoring Group is unaware of any notification to the Committee
concerning assistance by the Government of the United States to the Security Sector Institutions in Puntland, and on 16 May 2012 sent a letter to the Government of the United States requesting clarification and additional information.

Non-compliance involving foreign military aircraft The Monitoring Group, based on confidential security reports and open source
information, has counted 64 reports of activities of foreign jet fighters, helicopters and UAVs in Somalia from June 2011 to April 2012

Some of these reports concern attacks mistakenly targeting an IDP camp and a humanitarian feeding centre, targeted killings by drones of Al-Shabaab commanders, and Special Forces covert operations in Somalia.

In addition, the Monitoring Group has obtained reports of incidents in the Somali airspace involving foreign military aircraft and commercial or chartered flights, in a context of an increasing expansion of the number of companies and flights in Somalia,
Robert Young Pelton, “Drones in the News But Much More Down Below”, Somalia Report, 22 September 2011

including since 6 March 2012 regular commercial flights operated by international carriers such as Turkish Airlines.9

Military aircraft operations
The Monitoring Group has received numerous reports of airstrikes and military air operations in southern Somalia during the course of its mandate. Information obtained by the Monitoring Group indicates that most of these incidents involved Northrop F-5E/5F “Tiger II” aircraft operated by the Kenyan Air Force, purchased from Jordan in November 2007.10 Spokespersons of the Kenya Ministry of Defence have, in several cases, confirmed the involvement of the Kenyan Air Force in reported airstrikes in southern Somalia.

Since Kenyan forces were not, at the time, operating on behalf of AMISOM orwith a Security Council mandate, it is the assessment of the Monitoring Group that these aerial operations represent a violation of the arms embargo on Somalia.

The Monitoring Group is also concerned that some military air operations may constitute attacks on civilians, in contravention of Security Council resolution 2002 and international humanitarian law.

The International Committee of the Red Cross and the aid organization Médecins Sans Frontières - Suisse (MSF - Switzerland) have both issued official communiques expressing their worries and calling upon all parties to respect civilian lives after airstrikes targeting respectively an IDP camp in Jilib, Middle Jubba region, and a nutritional centre in Baardheere, Gedo region of Somalia.

The Monitoring Group has also received report that the US government is operating for covert operations in Somalia a fleet of four unmarked Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant Mi-17 helicopters, based at Camp Lemonier in Djibouti. These aircraft, although not equipped with any weaponry, are reportedly used to deploy US-Special forces from Djibouti to northeastern Somalia in support of the Puntland Intelligence Agency (PIA).

According to the US-based news website Somalia Report, U.S. Special
Forces are deployed from Djibouti with “CIA owned and operated Mi-17A’s flown by American contract pilots (one is a female) ostensibly on behalf of the US-trained Puntland Intelligence Services.”

A reliable military source with knowledge of such operations has independently corroborated the use of Mi-17 in Somalia by the U.S.

198 page .pdf here: (very interesting read)