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United Nations TV Show Purchased by NBC

I hope this TV show isn't what brainwashes Americans to giving up soveignty to the UN.

EXCLUSIVE: In one of its first buys of the season, NBC has
gone global with a geopolitical project set at the United
Nations . Described as “West Wing in the United Nations,” the
drama, which has received a script commitment, follows an
interpreter at the international organization’s New York HQ
working with ambassadors and politicians from various
countries as they deal with political and military crisis around
the world. Hell On Wheels’ scribe Tom Brady is writing, Walter
Parkes, Laurie MacDonald and Parkes/MacDonald’s Ted Gold executive producing.
The project stems from Parkes/MacDonald’s fist-look deal at NBCUniversal, which has yielded one series, the 10-episode Crossbones based on the book The Republic of Pirates. The U.N. has long been a dramatic backdrop for film and TV.


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Wonder what kind of

Wonder what kind of brainwashing this show is going to have.