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Congressional hearing chaired by Dr. Paul on competing currencies. A Must Read!

"As concerns over the U.S. dollar and the Federal Reserve continue to grow, U.S. lawmakers explored sound money, competing currencies, and the route to monetary freedom during an August 2 congressional hearing chaired by Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas). "

Includes supporting testimonies.


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"He's this eccentric Ghandi-Like figure that you cant touch with the normal bribes that people respond to."
the man Doug Wead on DR. RON PAUL

I think most of use prefer to look at the glass half-full.

We'll wait until Tampa to hear the fat lady sing.

Cross Post

Cut and pasted because it is relevant:

I like doing the things that I do well enough to be appreciated by other people, call me a "worker", low life, "regulator", subhuman, whatever, as I don't like getting money for nothing, in pursuit of property.

What makes me happy is to be appreciated.

I like, and will, watch that specific hearing and I can quote from it and comment on it in ways that an eager to learn soul can understand - a Central Banker won't understand, but you will.

This one:



The word Parallel is used and you may not know as much as I do about how that word works in fluid dynamics, electronic circuits, and things that flow through working devices, including rocks flowing and sand flowing through a rock plant.

A Parallel circuit can be compared (competitively) with a Series circuit. If you have one Banking Monopoly lasting 100 years and then you have a replacement Banking Monopoly lasting another 100 years the result is 200 years of Banking Monopoly, and that is a series of Banking Monopolies lined up in a row, and that has to happen for there to even be a Banking Monopoly.

Monopoly is a Series circuit.

If you have two Banks in Parallel, then they are two Banks working at the same time, not one working and then another working in series. Parallel means "at the same time".

In a series circuit the entire flow of stuff has to go through one Bank at a time and all that capacity has to be able to handle all the money power, or there will be waste, that series Bank has to handle everything all the time, no backup, no spare, no alternate route, no reserve, nothing but the one measure of absolute capacity to handle the entire load, and the 1st Bank in series has to do all the work for 100 years, and then the next Bank in that series has to handle all the money for the next 100 years, and the Ben Bernanke's, and the Involuntary Tax supporters, all love it. They get to handle all the money all the time, for 2 centuries, and then again for another 2 centuries, no problem, things are just fine for Central Bankers with their Banks working in series.

Parallel Banks have to share the load, one Bank in parallel with another Bank will get roughly half of the money while the other Bank handles roughly the other half of the money unless one Bank is a counterfeit Bank and then the counterfeit Bank will handle all the counterfeit money and the real Bank will have to handle all the real money.

Central Bankers know that given a choice the majority of the people will insist upon using the real money for real things and only use the counterfeit money for fooling people into giving up real things for nothing in return.

Two counterfeit Banks in Parallel can happen too, where there are Euro Counterfeit Banks in Parallel with Federal Reserve Note Counterfeit Banks where each bank has to share the demand for money that is used for fooling people into giving up real things for nothing, or worse, in return: literally something given for literally nothing, or worse, in return.

I can show you how that works in electronic and hydraulic fluid schematic drawings, and there are math formulas that measure how that works very precisely, down to fractions of a unit of pressure or POWER, such as a pound per square inch, or a watt.

Ron Paul, by the way, is right on target here as a voluntary government Statesman, offering to keep his grubby hands off The FED, so long as The FED is gracious enough to allow a real money bank to exist in Parallel.

If Ron Paul was Dictator he could get rid of The FED, chop off all the heads of all those Legal Criminals who support The FED, and usher in a New Age of truly Free Market Legal Money in SERIES, whereby the old fraudulent bank is crushed, sent into the Memory Hole, and the new Bank, the Ron Paul Bank, replaces the old ONE with the new ONE, in SERIES.

No, that is not the Ron Paul way, that is not the competitive way, the competitive FREE MARKET way is to allow competitors to compete, and to let the chips fall as they may, as frauds choose a fraud money and as honest people choose an honest money, and a fraud can even have 2 accounts, one fraud account and one honest account.

Where do you think Ben Bernanke stashes all his Surplus Wealth, in Fraudulent Federal Reserve Notes?


Ron Paul want's to allow everyone to have as much freedom to choose as Ben has, as far as having an option to pick honest money. This may sound confusing since anyone can buy Gold, but this is not confusing since no one, but a very few, can actually earn Surplus Wealth during a BUST Cycle.

Too many people are too pathetically stupefied.

The key point concerning that link between a Monopoly Bank and choices to use other money is The IRS. The IRS demands only Federal Reserve Notes, not gold, not silver, not any other honest money, only the fraud money, and this is crime, this is legal crime, this is extortion, and you pay or they will crush you, and they will hand you the bill so that you have to pay all the extra costs required in the work it takes to crush you.

Parallel is a very significant word, not at all trivial.

Ron Paul is very good at signalling honest and accurate ideas with English language and it is so telling, very telling, when people complain about how Ron Paul isn't "polished" and his "personality" doesn't dominate the scene.

What a joke; poor, poor, poor fools.

Even if Ron Paul is the Devil, it makes no sense, since he is doing exactly the right things to move everyone closer to Liberty, leaving no one out, not even those lovers of fraud, who can have their own fraudulent money if that is what they want.

Central Bankers know that victims would choose not to be victims given the choice.

Already at time 2:32 another key term must be understood: World Reserve Currency.

That means in real terms, as in troops on the ground terms, that the ONE LEGAL MONEY MONOPOLY will require huge costs spent on making victims use the ONE LEGAL MONEY, and again the victims are given the bill and they have to pay the costs. That can be understood better if you listen to the following:


This helps too, and it is humorous:


If you need help with the concept of a World Reserve Currency, then ask vital questions and you can work to settle for no less than accurate answers.

Right now The Dollar Hegemony means that the people who control the World Reserve Currency are the people who control the supply (the total number of units) of Federal Reserve Currency.

If World War III is the events that are used to change World Reserve Currency from The Dollar Hegemony to a new Headquarters, in China, and have that done by about 2030, or whenever, then that would be a Series of World Reserve Currency Power going from England, then to U.S.A. Inc. with World War I/II, and then to China with World War III, and that is speaking only about Fraud Legal Money, that has nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with Real Money, or Honest Money, or Accurate Money, such as Gold and Silver or even Oil.

Central Bankers do not store their own wealth in fraud money, they have Real Money, like their second set of books, like the difference between The Budget (what the Public are told, and lied to, about "we" are broke) and Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (where the actual net receipts from all forms of income are documented and "we" are not broke by that accurate measure).

Why does Ron Paul not recognize people like Walter Burien since Walter Burien uncovered the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report scandal? That is another subject, but it does not necessarily mean that either Walter Burien or Ron Paul are bad, they merely have their own special ways of doing things honestly, honorably, and equitably.

There are things I do not agree with in the History of Oil, and in Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, but that does not make either one of those reporters of information false, or bad, they may not be as accurate as is humanly possible.

At time 3:00 there is a term used by Ron Paul:


Having a mutually understood definition for that word, without having the meaning of the word mean one thing one minute and the opposite thing the next minute is vital, so we may get a solid definition from someone before this video runs out of time.

I stopped again at 3:47 for two key points concerning the practice of allowing another (or even more than two) Parallel currencies, and Ron Paul asks:

Would it be legal?


What are the tax consequences?

See? Do you see? When the single Nation State demands direct taxes from The People in every State paid in that ONE MONEY then there is no choice anywhere unless the choice is Love it or Leave it, and that means Love the one money or get the hell out of this Despotic Nation state.

A Parallel currency is an alternative option to Love it (one legal fraud money) or leave it (exile from your own country).

I have issue with this:


"They are managing a money that they can't even define."

That can make sense if Ron Paul means that the victims are spending all the costs required to manage a money that is defined by criminals who can double the amount (defining it as being twice as abundant as it was) or cut the amount of money in half (defining it as being twice as scarce) at will. Ron Paul can't seriously believe that the people who have monopoly control of the legal amount of legal money can't define the money they control, they, the people at The FED define exactly how much they change, they change it, they know they change it, they define it, and they defnine it whenever they want to change it, doubling, or cutting it in half, is defining it, and they can pick and choose who is transferred that legal power and who can't have any.

They (the people at The FED) define that money at will, but the victims have to react to those changes after the fact, or find a way to get the inside information.

Mr. Lewis offers an example of what happens to competitors if competitors in legal money dare to compete: they will be crushed by the Monopoly Power, no trial, no presumption of innocence, they will be crushed, and that does not even address the demand for involuntary tax payments with the one Monopoly Money.

I want to caution you on the idea of getting rid of the Fraud Money but not getting rid of the Frauds. The tool didn't commit fraud, so getting rid of the tool, or blaming the tool, does not address that actual problem, the actual problem is two fold:

Ready victims are ready to be victims because they are stupefied (Ron Paul is informing people to fix that problem if it can be fixed)

Ready criminals have the badges that make their crimes legal (Ron Paul does not yet have the badge that can take those badges away from those criminals, or if Ron Paul does have that Political Power, that badge, then why do those criminals still have that badge that makes their crimes of fraud and extortion legal?)

Tools will always be ready for people to use productively or destructively, so don't blame the tools.

That is stupid. Blaming the tools is stupid, when responsibility is not accurately accounted to each individual, there can be no such thing as responsibility.

The word responsibility is rendered meaningless if the meaning does not mean that individual people are accountable for what individual people decide to do and then do according to their own power of will.

Blaming the tools for what people do is stupid.

Why do that?

What is the point of doing that?

I can guess.

Play action:

You hate a group of people, say the people in a church in Waco Texas, so you order a bunch of criminals to go there and torture them for months, chop off their heads, burn them, shoot them all, and pile their bodies up and run them over with tanks.

The tanks did it.

No, no, better yet, they killed themselves, it was obviously a case of suicide by religious decree.

God did it.

Yea, yea, that's it, God did it, and I merely signed the order to supply them with the tools that they used to follow God's orders to commit suicide, yea, yea, that's it, the fire did it, yea, that's it.

That's the point!

Dr. Richard Ebeling spoke of how competition accomplishes the task of holding those responsible for errors accountable for those errors that they alone make, and therefore costs of their errors does not get passed onto innocent people, which if you remember is well reported in Equitable Commerce.

Ebeling also mentions the capacity of adaptation, experimentation, and the potential for improvement as many competitors work on improving the products demanded instead of ONE non-competitor working to make the products demanded worse for those who demand the product - but those are my words not his, and I can add that it is these many choices chosen by these many people that is the voluntary FORCE that drives quality up and cost down.

As to the need to force The FED out of business with the FORCE of government I disagree with Ebeling. Criminals should be processed by the same due process that is due every single person without exception. If Ben Bernanke can get away with the crimes he admits to have committed, smugly, than every damn convict in every prison anywhere, by that same due process afforded to Ben Bernanke, should be set free, and paid a lot of money for doing such a good job committing crimes.

We do not need more laws to regulate competitors, and The FED can compete in the FRAUD Money Market as they alone choose to do, and Trial by Jury will remove that connection between those criminals and their victims as each victim can process each criminal by that same due process afforded to everyone or there is no such thing as Law, and there is no such thing as responsibility, since all of that, by that executive privilege of legal fraud afforded to those few, is null and void, merely lies stacked upon lies, of no authority anymore than any other lie told by any liar ever.

What is the difference between the snake oil salesman and The Central Banker? One has a bigger army of victims?

If the Snake oil salesman has to legally answer for having injured innocent victims then so does the Central Bankers or there is no such thing as Liberty or Justice, or Law, and if the fund of voluntary contributions to the law effort is running out of money then who is telling us to put thousands of snake oil salesmen in very expensive prisons when it is much less expensive to try a few hundred Central Bankers and merely stop enforcing their versions of fraud upon ourselves?

Did I wake up on Planet X?

Why are so many people so damn stupid?

But Joe, I can hear Bear reminding me, if they are so stupid how come they have no bid contracts, licenses to raise their own pay, vacation homes in every one of their Nation States, and we are struggling just to make ends meet?

We The People are as stupid as every cent of our earnings flowing into the hands of those people who are making us suffer.

The answer isn't more laws, the answer is to be smart about who you hire to process those laws or at least smart enough to stop providing the means by which we suffer and stop paying those crooks for being crooks.

So, no, don't spend any more power than necessary on The FED people, if they can be brought up on charges, like anyone else, then do that, along with Parallel Currencies being allowed to exist, to compete, and let our choices determine what we deserve, let our combined choices, each to our own, force quality up and cost down.

On to Grey.


That is a good start calling those crooks at The FED thieves, so, so, so...

Where are the Federal Troops? Why aren't the Federal Troops now descending upon Wall Street, surrounding the New York FED, and demanding confessions, demanding that they send out their fearless leader, and shooting them when they try to escape. Will the Federal Reserve burn down after the siege? Will the Central Bankers kill themselves too in a final blaze of glory?

No, not that, but at least due process?

No drones sent to follow Ben Bernanke to a wedding or a funeral of Central Bank Thieves?

No, cooler heads must prevail?

How about Trial by Jury based upon sortition?

They at Central Bank Center didn't just steal a pittance, they are now stealing Liberty by the trillions.

Where is my show trial?

Move the small time Theater Lone Gunman to late night and get this show on PRIME TIME!

This is NEWS! Think of the ratings!

Federal Reserve Central Bankers are THIEVES!

Did I hear that right, hold on, I can play that one again.


Mr. Grey
"No fair challenge can be made between honest men and thieves."

So when is the trial?

If they don't try those National criminals then why spend another dime locking up a person failing to pay a National tax? What is the point of paying the Central Bank thieves for being thieves, allowing them to set their own pay rate, what is the sense of sending them any power at all, since that is power that we may need in defense of Liberty?


Hey Bear, I just got a call from this number:


That was 7:04 PM PDT

It was a survey.

I answer that, yes, I am a registered voter, and the next question was multiple choice about the likelihood of my voting.

Something like:

A. You will vote
B. You might vote
C. 50 percent likely to vote

I said none of the above.

The lady says: what do you mean?

I say: If Ron Paul makes it past Florida then I will vote.

She hung up.

Back to Mr. Grey, and that guy is very good, right on target, and I wonder how much power Ron Paul has in selecting these witnesses. Whoever did pick Mr. Grey didn't pick a polished speaker, but the information is very sensible so far.

Ignore the FED.

How about this:


Ignore the FED, and then consider the exchange rate concerning any so called "National Debt".

Ron Paul asks:

How important is Legal Tender Laws?

I heard Lewis. He want's gold and silver, and he knows that The FED criminals will use their power to force big companies to use the one legal money, their money, of course.

Next is Ebeling.

Before I listen to Ebeling I can answer the Doctor's question.

Ron, nice to meet you, finally. As you know the National government demands payments of taxes based upon Income which is an invasion of State Sovereignty, which nullifies States Rights, and therefore The People's rights are also nullified by that power of direct taxation alone, not even counting the hidden frauds called inflation or "quantitative easing", but seriously, a Parallel Currency in each State, to pay, or not to pay, taxes in their own State denominations to the Federal Government would go a long way toward returning this Despotism back to something resembling a State of Liberty. Stop direct taxation and give back the power to decide if the Sates will pay Federal taxes, and in what currency they alone decide to pay taxes, is my advice. Perhaps a deal can be made to agree to use only Gold and Silver as payments by States of membership dues into the Confederation.


I smell a rat with that one. Notice the credit given to "the courts" as if judges have some special power over the serfs. All that nonsense is nullified with Trial by Jury and a due process that is due everyone, without exception, or no one, and again the connection between Involuntary tax "Liabilities" at a National Level are exclusively demanded in the ONE MONEY, so that has to be stopped or there will be an "unfair" (read: criminal) advantage or "subsidy" given (actually stolen and then transferred) to the one non-competitor.

No one has made that connection yet, and that is either a case of ignorance or deceit, and it is very difficult for me to believe that I'm the only one seeing the naked emperor here.

How about Gray?

Grey brings up an interesting point and a challenge to Ron Paul. I may be in the dark here since I thought that Legal Tender Laws demand payment of taxes in the one Legal Money. In other words a person alive in America must gain control over dollars or die trying. You must work for food, sure, and you must work for shelter, clothing, and all those necessities but "death and taxes" are paid for with U.S. Dollars from The Federal Reserve dollar farm, so you had better get at it right away, get those dollars or else: slave.

That, if that is "legal tender laws" in a nutshell, means that any competitor who produces a money of some merit must exceed that measure of merit to reach the level given to the Monopoly producer. The Monopoly producer is given 300 million guaranteed customers since every single one of them will be taxed and they must, by law, pay those taxes in dollars.

Is that the meaning of Legal Tender Laws (on a National level) or have I missed something important?

The question on the Euro.

That was already answered by Grey. There is no competition (fair and equitable or free market) between honest money and fraud money, so to ask if one Fraud money (FED) is in Parallel with another Fraud money (Euro) misses the point.

A silver money (outlaw or black market money) in a town in France is not in parallel with a gold money in a town in Utah.

A very competitive question to ask, a vital question, is to ask why do people choose a fraud money if they have a choice?

If there is no reason for a victim of fraud to choose to be a victim of fraud then there has to be some other reason other than choice to explain the subjugation into victimization by a fraudulent money made fraudulent by criminals, with or without badges.

OK, I'm hearing double speak at time 34:55.

The key word was said to be "confidence", and that is misunderstood, obviously, and measurably. People use dollars not because they are confident in the power of the money: they are told to obey the order to pay this much tax in dollars and therefore it matters not what other things can be done with that fraudulent money, it may be worthless for any other purpose, the main cause for the use of the fraud money is the consequences of failing to pay taxes and taxes must be paid in that ONE MONEY.

Why is that not easy to see?

They are not stupid, they must know this, so why are we so stupid?

I'm hearing more of the "confidence" scheme, as in Con Man.

So a big corporation doesn't have to pay any taxes, but Grey already explained what would happen if Ford decided to use Gold and Silver as their choice of money, they would be punished, and how would they be punished?

The FED:
So you think you can just use any old money you want?

Damn you caught me.

The FED:
When was the last time you were audited for tax liabilities?

Ve have vays of making you pay.

Who is that congressman or is it one of the well paid criminals?

I can't read it, it looks like Luetkemeyer.

OK, Grey begins to say that everyone is in debt. That is not supported by the information published in Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports. The Budget reports are lies so as to threaten the tax payers with claims of being broke, and therefore tax payers have to pay more taxes or else, and meanwhile the actual (second set of) books, these Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports report who is OWED all the money.

Grey started out well but I think he is missing some key information.

The Connection between involuntary taxes and the supplier of the only money demanded (or else) as payment of those "liabilities".

Two sets of books, and even two types of money, are used by the Legal Criminals.

A. Fraudulent money, and fraudulent budget reports, are for the public (victims)

B. Commodities: gold, silver, oil, and accurate accounting books: Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports are used by Legal Criminals (or anyone with surplus wealth and a desire to keep it secure)

Those are key points and this diversion to "confidence" is a confidence scheme just like a magician employing the skill known as sleight of hand, or the Emperor using Bread and Circuses, or Reality Television and Show Trials, agent provocateurs, public hangings, witch burnings, etc.

Now Ron Paul is entering into the subject of taxation, and reinforcing a point offered by Grey concerning the non-competition whereby a supposed competitor is taxed and the supposed "better" (legal) money is not taxed or the supposed "better" (legal) money is in fact subsidized; hence it is not a level playing field, and it is not due process, and it is nothing short of theft.

You can call it Collectivism, but by any other names the victims are still made weaker and the criminals are still made stronger by that transfer and it is not good for anyone but the criminals, and even that is only temporary, since the golden goose does get cooked eventually.


So who brings up the fatal flaw?

Ron Paul

Who else?

Ron Paul "The IRS"

Guess what?

What do you 3 think about the National Tax Man (I already blew the whistle in my imaginary response to Ron Paul's grueling interrogations)?

Mr. Lewis appears to advocate becoming that which we supposedly abhor, which is to say that we try to get away with fraud too, just don't get caught. That is a ratty thing to say. I smell an anti-rat.

As to Ebeling on the IRS there is a point that comes to mind concerning whose business is it to collect taxes from The People?

I'll give you a moment to hazard a guess.

It is a person's, an individuals person's, power to decide to , or not to, pay a membership fee to be a member of Texas, and if that becomes an involuntary payment then move to Arizona, if that becomes an involuntary payment then move to where ever else the Free People are moving within the Federated Sovereign States, and if there is no place where masters are not enslaving the slaves then guess what?


Paint it red with innocent blood and call it a rose, it still stinks.

Grey completely dodges the IRS question, and that is a confession. Perhaps he has "liabilities" not limited to IRS "liabilities" per se, he admits so much in his words, which are instructive as to the present state of voluntary taxation at the State and City levels as competitive as they may still be despite the force of deceit at the National Level, and despite the force of threats of violence at the National level, and despite such things as invasions by National Troops into States where church goers are "suicided" with Military Tanks and fire.

Luetkemeyer appears to be back working his confidence scheme. If people decide to pretend that the power of current law is not criminal then they have a lot of work to do covering up the facts - it seems to me.

Dr. Ebeling tows the Austrian (Menger) line claiming that the fact that people put money is banks is to earn interest, as if he suddenly became spokesperson for all of humanity. I'm not buying it. There is a carrot dangled in front of innocent children called by various labels, such as "independently wealthy" and "The American Dream" and that is roughly half true - in my opinion - it is based upon an enforced monopoly power regime.

More rat smell.

But this is all part of the web woven in deceit. Notice how the vital question lasted a few moments (costs) in a futile effort to get the accurate answer.

What about that IRS Dr. Paul?

Ask me Dr. Paul.

My hand is going up, waving, waving, waving, and the teacher calls on me.

Teacher Bear.

What about the IRS Joey?

Well Mrs. Bear, those guys are making us suffer, so if that is what you want, then pay more, by all means, but please leave me out of that arrangement.

Bitcoin is tabled.

These are all things concerning that fourth side of the fence intending to cover a square area, where there are very high sides on three sides of the fence, but the fourth side of the fence does not exist, and this is the Black Market.

Yes there is now more than ever many ways to invent, produce, and maintain competitive currencies that fill the demand for high quality and low cost mediums of exchange as never before in the history of human kind, but that is not the same subject as what can be done to combine our power of Liberty to avoid being incorporated into absolute despotism by a system of Legal Monopoly Debt Based Money where the victims are providing the means by which they suffer through hidden involuntary taxes called "quantitative easing" and involuntary direct "income" taxes from a National level.

So stop enforcing a fraudulent involuntary tax (The FED)

So stop enforcing a direct involuntary tax (The IRS)

And those tax collectors are not going to like it, so bring the Troops home, to save all those innocent victims foreign and to save all these innocent victims domestic.

Oh, Ron Paul is speaking again.


Vehicle for taxation (involuntary).

I stopped to field the question myself.


Parallel currencies, alone, will not address inequity.

That is exactly right Dr. Paul. Many people, and possibly most people care not to make money make money, they merely want to earn their living, and they have no use for money other than a means of maintaining equity, so the real problem isn't the relative ability of the ONE money to serve as money, the real issue is that the ONE Money is, as you very astutely report, that fraudulent ONE legal money is a vehicle for National taxation of every person without question and if you dare to question, well don't, just don't dare question.

Thank you Mr. Kelley.

No, I'm not done. I yield the balance of your time to me, and I get to say the whole truth.

It is not taxation if by that word the idea is to volunteer to join The Friends of Liberty and volunteer to combine our power of defense to avoid any resort to deceit, and be able to afford to avoid any resort to threats of violence, and avoid any resort to violence of any kind between one human being and another. I think your word choice here is disingenuous at best.


Just Tax?

It is not a vehicle for taxation, that wording besmirches taxation, and throws mud on the concept of taxation. What you speak of is a vehicle for crime and the crime is fraud, and the crime is extortion, and those crimes, by that vehicle, are made legal and the cost is always paid for by those who are weaker at deception and those who are weaker at the ease in which violence is employed upon the innocent, so, so, so, consider please the concept of speaking the whole truth and not any lesser version.


It is a vehicle for involuntary taxation or theft made legal.

Back to the experts or the authorities:

Ebeling is transferring accountability off of actual people who commit crimes (legal or otherwise) onto "government" and "fiat currency".

The gun did it. He was dodging the question.

Dr. Paul cuts him off and brings him back to the goal post.

"Does it help inequity"

See Bear, see, the Ron Paul guy is almost always right on target, in a sea of deceit, it is incredible.

Ebeling offers the "let them eat cake" answer.

That is pathetic (as in pathology).

Dr. Paul put words in Ebeling's mouth that I didn't hear from Ebeling, but I'm no Ron Paul, so Dr. Paul may get things that go over my head.

Moving in the right direction, says Dr. Paul, is a good thing, and that is a case of me putting words in Dr. Paul's mouth, words I can quote in his own words. I use my words instead. I have such a fragile ego.

Congressman: "How do we save the children from the evil competitive currencies."

That is what I heard.

How do "we" save the choosers from bad choices!?

Choice A:

Work harder today than yesterday, harder tomorrow than today, to pay more to sociopaths and psychopaths who make their crimes of torture and serial killing more legal each day with our power with their false money.

Choice B:

Don't pay so much into that confidence scheme since it will cost everyone everything sooner than anyone can possibly imagine once that day arrives when it is then absolutely too late.

They dare not say State Sovereignty?

If they can't even say that how far away are they from something like sortition?

Oh, I spoke too soon, Mr. Lewis says "maybe a State government".

That is worth noting.

Ron Paul as President of a Federation of Sovereign States can be a reality, it is not impossible, and such a thing would be World Wide Prime Time NEWS, every day of that tour of duty.

I would not want to be on Ron Paul's naughty list.


The first portion of your post...

Reminded me of this:

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars


We can learn much more

From our cooperation on this subject.

Please consider applying the following to the understanding you have of political economy so far:

Power produced into oversupply reduces the price of power while purchasing power increases because power reduces the cost of production.

What would happen, in other words, if a productive machine, such as an social economy the size of America, employed the surplus power currently available into methods by which more surplus power was created and stored briefly as electricity and other actual stores of productive power and as soon as a new method of making more power is known then that stored power is put back to work increasing the store of power?

What is the limit if that is done, and since that is not done, what is limiting us now?

Instead of this:


Instead of that, what could be our highest level of productive power accurately measured by July 5th 2013?



You may want to edit your title

to read "Congressional".

Stuff like that happens to all.


"You are a den of vipers and thieves."

I mean to rout you out!

-Just because you are among us, does not make you with us

-The door is wide open, anything can slither in

reedr3v's picture



Thanks for bump!

Even though monetary policy may not light people on fire like the delegate issue, this is very important for our country's future and people need to understand it in order to discuss it intelligently. And it sounds like the hearing went well.