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Outrageous Smear Ad by opponent in Minnesota

We've seen this kind of demonization before. It's ugly, it's lies, and it is the lowest form of trash propaganda. It is being produced by a candidate for US Senate in Minnesota. This person is not fit to be dog catcher. Who is he attacking? Well, mostly Ron Paul, and via (non-existent) guilt by association, his US Senate opponent. Imagine what kind of false war propaganda would come from this candidate if he were ever elected to office.

Be warned, you might need to take your blood pressure medicine before watching this:


On the other hand, who is running a clean and honest campaign? It is Kurt Bills. Check out Bills' latest ad:


There is a "Quick Kurt" Moneybomb going on right now (Aug 3-5) if you would like to support his efforts to put his "Quick Kurt" campaign ad on local television.


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Final day

This is the final day of a 3 day grassroots Moneybomb for Ron Paul endorsed candidate for US Senate, Kurt Bills. Of course donations will probably be welcome during the General Election where Kurt will defeat the incumbent Democrat (Amy Klobuchar)! This is a winnable race, Minnesota can go either way.


New message from Kurt Bills

Here's the latest message from Kurt Bills:

We have released our new ad, “Quick Kurt,” and it’s got liberals fighting mad. So much so that the media is being forced to cover me. WCCO-TV’s Pat Kessler aired a reported on the ad in a nearly four minute news story.

With your help, I can get this ad to air on our local markets. Your donation of $10, $20, $50, or even $100 will help make that happen.

You see, I feel this ad is an homage to Paul Wellstone. In his “Fast Paul” ad, he introduced himself and compared his campaign to his well-funded Washington incumbent opponent. Sound familiar?

Liberals think we are being disrespectful and I’m comparing myself to Senator Wellstone, but I beg to differ.

Of course Paul Wellstone and I differ on policy. That’s no secret, and just as Wellstone was proud to be a liberal, I am a proud conservative.

And just like Wellstone, I am not afraid to stand up for my convictions. I say what I mean and mean what I say. Unlike my opponent, I won’t campaign as a moderate and vote differently when I get elected. Klobuchar grilled Mark Kennedy about “running up the nation’s credit card” during their debates, then we saw a doubling of our national debt on her watch.

I will not campaign one way, then do another when I’m elected.

Your donations of $10, $20, $50, or $100 will help get that message out.

Paul Wellstone and I even spent some time talking—I was coaching a wrestling match, and his son was doing some coaching on the other side. We didn’t agree much, but I left with a respect for Wellstone’s courage of his convictions. A worthy opponent.

In 1990, Wellstone was the underdog, and so am I. Wellstone’s opponent had millions in the bank, and so does mine. Wellstone faced down the Washington establishment, and so will I.

Wellstone was down 14 points in the polls—in late September—and everybody thought his opponent would cruise to victory.

And Wellstone won despite the odds, and so will I.

The parallels are there. Not in our politics, but in our situation…in our campaigns. Both he and I are scrappy, little-guy teachers campaigning in school buses. Both running against well-funded opponents who had the inside track.

Amy Klobuchar gets her money from lawyers, lobbyists, PACs and Wall Street. She votes for their interests, and they support her.

We have you to fund our campaign. Can you afford a contribution of $50, $25, $10, or even $5 to help us get our message out?

That may not be what a bailed out bank can give Amy Klobuchar, but your support is the lifeblood of our campaign.

Kurt Bills


Your turn. If you won't fight bs like this, what will you fight for?

Patriotism is more closely linked to dissent than it is to conformity and a blind desire for safety and security - Ron Paul




Will you?

I thought Kurt Bills was already

the GOP nominee.

Oh, I see. The primary's not till Aug. 14. Let's fight back folks!

I'm confused too!

I thought Kurt Bills won in the convention. Now another primary?

Also, does anyone have any polling info? Are we winning this fight?

Bills was nominated at the convention

that RP supporters dominated and won. Traditionally, whoever wins the convention nomination goes on to win the primary as well, but, they go ahead and have the primary anyway. From what I understand, this attack ad only played during two segments, during the Sean Hannity show and the O'Reilly Factor, so, I don't know how much or if it's damaged Bills any. The douchbag that put it out is probably just waiting for more cash before airing it more. I don't think any polls have been taken of the Republican field yet. Kurt Bills is expected to win the primary by virtue of winning at the caucus, but, it depends on whether or not the tens of thousands of folks that voted for Ron Paul show up or not on August 14.

Oh My God

Haha That is a Joke!

How does that even get on air with so many lies, Like someone else said here, it felt like a SNL skit, it should have ended with Ron Paul likes to eat puppies and shoot butterflies with his fully-auto assault rifles.

I just cant believe they can get away with broadcasting this crap.

Garan's picture

Wait. We're NOT pro Hitler?

Oh. You learn something new every day..



This bastard will only divide the republican support when we need to get Amy Klobuchar out! Kurt Bills MUST WIN! This man came out and spoke/endorsed for Ron Paul at all of his speeches!

This guy speaking against Kurt, his name is DAVID CARLSON - and he's a complete LOON.


"I wholeheartedly believe that if we nominate Kurt Bills to represent the Republican Party, leading the state ballot, his radical affiliation with Ron Paul will crush any chances the Republican Party has of maintaining the Minnesota State House and State Senate"

- David Carlson

"According to Blois Olson's "Morning Take," Republican primary candidate David Carlson aired two spots on Fox News in the western and southwestern suburbs during the "O’Reilly Factor" and the Sean Hannity show."



i flagged it

and cited that it promotes terrorism. TAKE THAT!


Okay, this ad is so ridiculous that I was laughing the whole time! It was like something out of a bad snl skit. I don't think the people of MN will believe this joke.

Revenge of the Neocons

I'd bet anything that this vicious ad is the revenge of the Establishment Neocons for Kurt Bills beating out their boy, Pete Hegseth, for the nomination.

Minnesota Mary

Interestingly, not surprised

My comments on his facebook were removed and I'm not allowed to comment. There's not even an option to comment. It's funny how these politicians hate transparency and reject the rights of free speech when they feel it's harmful to their campaigns. Not even a rebuttal. Just deletion.


Flag it..

I did.


I try to change people every day. Do You?

I love how

I love how they can totally ignore 30 years of Morality and assume that if Ron was in office he would not have found a way to address all the things they mentioned. Anyone who's familiar with Ron knows he'd find a way.

I hope Bills gets crushed!


Hopefully you mean that Bills crushes Carlson and Klobuchar! First the neo-conservative, then the socialist statist!

Bills is the good guy


Carlson is the nut job.

Is that ad legal?

Saying Ron Paul "called Hitler a positive force for good..."? I mean, how do you get away with that?

That's a pretty fancy ad for someone coming out of the woodwork

Maybe Romney's answer to Paul's grassroots campaign is a faux grassroots smear campaign. He probably needs to bring Paul down a peg or two before the convention but can't do it himself without getting his hands dirty and starting a very unfavorable skirmish.

Great observation

A professional dirty smear ad, with funding to run on a major network during prime-time? Things that make you go hmmmm.

I just thrashed David Carlson's FB

Some comments were maybe initially heated. But if anyone is going to his page to find out more about him, they're getting schooled on liberty.


As time has gone by and more

As time has gone by and more people rediscover liberty, it has forced the opposition to make ridiculous ads like this. Im surprised he didnt claim Ron Paul is for mass murders like in Aurora because he believes in the 2nd amendment.

everyon should

head over to davidcarlsonusa on youtube and leave an appropriate comment.

Bills needs more attention,

Bills needs more attention, put this on the front page mods. The state party isn't even helping him. He ran against two neo-cons and won - the man needs all the help he can get.

He needs to join our liberty-loving senators so we can have more people to defend our cause.

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for Contributions. I did, will you?

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

I did twice

And I'll be doing it again this weekend.

GO Kurt Bills.

GO Kurt Bills.

Guilt By Association Much?

Seriously, TV stations should refuse this ad.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard