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This is the type of mind we're up against


Was doing a bit of research and came across this website. At first glance, it just looks like some yahoo with an ill-researched page. But this was on the first page on google after searching libertarianism, which surprised me. Why so high up on the search? How many here have heard arguments like this guy and how prevelant do you think it is across the masses? My heart always sinks when I read things like this, makes me want to bash my head against the wall...

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That is really bad and quite frightening.....Definitely...

I have to admit I was among them.

I used to think the central bank and markets were just the wheels that turn the system, doing their job to keep the economy doing good. I thought their job was to balance economy, create prosperity with a few criminal issues like any other entity.

I also have to admit, I was quite shocked when I learned the real truth about the Federal Reserve & saw how it has been a criminal group of traitors since its inception. Just wrapping your head around how bad the conspiracy is, was not easy.