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Gary Johnson Most Definitely Will Not Get My Vote

With all the talk about Gary Johnson, I decided to take a little bit of time to actually research his stances on a number of issues. After doing so, I have to admit that I am at a complete loss as to why anyone who is a true Ron Paul supporter would ever consider voting for this man. I went to the website ontheissues.org and discovered the following about Mr. Johnson:

1. He is an avid pro-choice supporter, and in fact supports a woman's so-called right to choose all the way up until "fetal viability" is reached....that can be as late as 7 months! Ron Paul is avidly Pro-Life and these two positions are incompatible.

2. When it comes to gun rights, his stance is simply that "gun laws are ineffective" and that it is an effective crime deterrant when criminals don't know who else is carrying guns. He even makes the statement that "We're ALLOWED to bear arms" because we are free society. REALLY? We are ALLOWED to bear them, or did he forget that the 2nd Amendment guarantees our RIGHT to bear them. I have seen no statement from him anywhere that talks about the 2nd Amendment specifically being written to protect us from tyranny. That was the primary reason, yet Mr. Johnson seems oblivious to this fact.

3. In June, 2011 he declared that he really is a "Classical Liberal", but others prefer the term "Libertarian". That's interesting.

4. In referece to border control, he stated we should just "Open the Borders - the flood of Mexicans will result in more taxpayers". He fully supported the job killing NAFTA and admitted that although New Mexico lost a lot of jobs "we're talking about those jobs which New Mexicans generally didn't want anyway". Really? I wonder if there are a number of New Mexicans who might take issue with that.

5. He supports more Federal Funding for rural Health Services.

6. He supported: Replacing the payroll tax with a Fair Tax and/or eliminating the IRS while implementing a 23% sales tax across the board.

7. He favors the federal REQUIRMENT of hiring more women and minorities.

8. States that the U.S. should provide No Foreign Aid to other countries, unless it "protects U.S. interests". He doesn't clarify who gets to decide whether or not it is in the U.S. interest or any parimeters at all. Isn't all Foreign Aid that is currently shelled out under the guise of "protecting U.S. interests".

This is what I discovered in only an hour of searching. Gary Johnson is not worthy of being referenced in the same sentence as Ron Paul and he is diametrically opposed to many of Ron Paul's stances. Ron Paul spends most of his time talking about protecting the U.S. Constitution. As far as I can see, Gary Johnson spends very little time doing the same.

He will not be getting my vote.

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Check your facts on immigration...

Immigration isn't bad for the economy. In fact, it's the opposite.

I agree, Johnson isn't the man that Ron Paul is, but he's close. But what the hell do I care? I won't be voting anyway.

Voting fore Johnson is useless.

They will just steal most of his votes and give them to Romney or Obama.

And how do you know they can't flip a write in vote for Ron Paul and give it to Obama or Romney. Has anyone looked into it to make sure they can't if voting machines count these votes.

The global terrorist want your votes, they want you to vote, so they can give them to Obama and Romney.

We should not give the global terrorist what they want. We should be doing just the opposite and tell them either Ron Paul is the Republican nominee or they won't get any vote at all for President in November.

If they can't steal write in votes we have over 100 days to convince the rest of America to vote for Ron Paul in November. That's a lot of time and a lot can happen in that time. Distractions like Gary Johnson only divide the movement, not unite it, which will get neither Ron Paul or Gary Johnson elected. Nothings changed, we can still vote for Ron Paul right up to November, so why should the liberty movement even consider another candidate this election when we already have one.


So, no way will I be voting or will I even consider anyone else.

Ron Paul WILL be on MY ballot, even if I have to write his name on it.

Voting for who I WANT to be president instead of the lesser of two evils is what REAL LIBERTY IS!

Besides, sounds like Johnson is a Liberal like Romney and 0bama.

Galatians 5:1
It is for FREEDOM that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.

Your disapproval...

..is appreciated.
Thanks for keeping his name on top of the DailyProChoice.

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Classical Liberalism

"Classical liberalism is a political ideology that advocates limited government, constitutionalism, rule of law, due process, individual liberties including freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and free markets."


If you hate Gary Johnson and

If you hate Gary Johnson and won't vote for him, why do you make threads about him. Leave it alone and it will go away. Meanwhile some of us believe in a plan b for the so called election.

Formerly rprevolutionist

Over Obama and Romney yes

over Ron Paul no way, i want social security and medicare gone, i don't want a goverment managed private account. I want a USA first and USA only domestic and foreign policy, no waste of money on other countries.

Johnson is pro choice and Pro

Johnson is pro choice and Pro gay marriage. The idea of abortion on demand just makes Johnson another lesser of 3 evils regardless of his other positions. The Paul people are smart enough to know that sticking with Obama and crippling him through the house and senate will be the best thing for our country . This is also the best method of teaching the republican party that we are not neocons and we will not be taking directives from them any longer. I doubt Paul will endorse Gary

Ron Paul is pro-choice, he

Ron Paul is pro-choice, he says each state can choose to be pro-life or pro-choice.

Thomas Jefferson 1796, 1800, 1804; James Madison 1808, 1812; Ron Paul 1988, 2008, 2012; Rand Paul 2016.

Wrong... He has stated a

Wrong... He has stated a million times he believes life starts at conception and believes liberty starts at that very second.... He has said it is not up to the Federal Government to make the laws. The constitution calls for the individual states to make these choices.

I do recall Ron Paul allowing for women to be...

...treated for rape within 24 hours at an emergency room and allowing any conception that may have taken place to be aborted.

What is such a relief about Ron Paul is that he will most likely act on his pro life convictions in the most constitutionally possible way while the presumptive Republican nominee shows an utter lack of any conviction other than his stand for the status quo which is exactly why Obama and Romney are both backed by Goldman Sachs. Doesn't the elitism stand out more painfully than ever now that we've had a taste of political truth?

I am for peace: but when I speak, they are for war. Ps 120:7
Better to be divided by truth than united in error.
The local church(not a building -a people) is the missing link. The time to build is now.

You made my point, there is

You made my point, there is no real difference between Paul and Johnson on abortion besides semantics. Both could be labeled as pro-choice or pro-life depending on your definition of the terms.

Thomas Jefferson 1796, 1800, 1804; James Madison 1808, 1812; Ron Paul 1988, 2008, 2012; Rand Paul 2016.

I stand for Ron Paul!

Gary does not have the wisdom of Ron.


Yep.... He can't hold a

Yep.... He can't hold a candle to Ron... I doubt Ron will even endorse him...


...Gray said he and Johnson will also slash defense spending, saying the United States could close or reduce 80 percent of its foreign bases without hurting national security. The war in Afghanistan would also be ended.

The income tax would be ended, in its place a retail consumption tax of between 15 and 20 percent.

Read more:

Barry Goldwater run on the Fair Tax in the late 60's

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I would not go so far

as to say that I disagree with every single stance that Johnson takes. In fact, I agree with some of what he says; however, my problem with him is two-fold. First, he is a social liberal, which I am not and neither is Ron Paul for that matter. It is bad enough that he supports abortion, but the fact that he supports it as late as seven months to me is unconscionable (and federal funding of it, no less). I don't know if you've ever looked into what a 7 month abortion looks like, but maybe you should google it and maybe you will understand a little more how disgusting and evil something like that actually is.

Second, although some of his stances sound good, his rationale for them always seems to fall short. He spends little to no time talking about the importance of politician's adhering to their oaths to uphold the Constitution. He almost never talks about it and I don't know if he's never actually studied the document himself, or he just doesn't feel that it's worthy of discussion, but I've made it very clear that in my opinion (and Dr. Paul's as well), the simplest way to fix the mess we are in is to simply follow the Constitution and demand that our public servants do as well - anything outside of that will always fall short. If he fails to talk about it, I can only assume that it is not his top priority, therefore, he would ultimately just become part of the problem.

As far as the so-called "fair" tax goes, I fully agree with Ron Paul's stance that we need to eliminate the IRS and Income Tax and replace them with NOTHING! I don't think that there is any place in a free society for a state that claims the right to any percentage of the fruit of your labor. I don't think that any federal tax on a person's wages is Constitutional (although that is a topic for a separate discussion), nor do I think that the federal government has the authority to lay a national sales tax on all goods across the board and I also believe if they get their way, we'll ultimately end up with both (which will be a disaster).

If the government was shrunk down to it's Constitutional size, it would do just fine getting by on it's Constitutional means of taxation (i.e. duties, imposts, excises, etc.) Gary Johnson doesn't get that, because he's not concerned about what's Constitutional and what's not, or at least if he is, he's certainly not talking about it.

I think if we continue to put people into any office (especially the president) that will not make adhering to their oaths to uphold the Constitution their top priority, than we will continue to just get more of the same and ultimately this country will be destroyed.

Another ill thought out

Another ill thought out Johnson bashing post...strange how you dont see them from veterans here...

1. I disagree with his abortion stance but I wont be manipulating into voting on the issue. All three top candidates are pro choice.

2. This has to be a joke.

3. Another joke. Starting to doubt your sincerity.

4. A classic libertarian position...which I disagree with but w/e. All three candidates support open borders.

5. Sure he does.

6. Better than the current system.

7. Sure he does.

8. Yes, this one is actually troubling but Johnson is still LEAGUES better than the other two and we can make a splash by giving him bigger numbers.

Ventura 2012

What is a vote anyway?

It is the consent of the governed in practice and in application. Elected officials use it as their mandate to rule.

Congress has actively participated in it's own obsolesce as the Federalists push Hamilton's American System. It is very similar to the system of tyranny proposed in Marx's 10 Planks. Hamilton was looking for central control for political gain and profit. Marx wanted central control because he needed an oppressor of the masses.

I do not consent to the American System nor it's progressive equivalent.

In effect, a vote for President is a consent to the Office of President whoever is elected.

The nature of American politics in The Century of the Fed elects the President as the Central Controller guided by the central controllers.

The taxpayers pay the interest on the debt. Congress wants more taxes because government wants to afford the interest on more debt.

The interest we pay on the debt is profit for the banking cartel protected by the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. Cartel members get 6% guaranteed profits after expenses tax free. Profits beyond 6% is a member's franchise tax and it is paid to the US Treasury. Regulations are applied by Congress to help members maximize their profits and their franchise tax owed.

The taxpayers pay the interest on a loan authorized for them by Congress and enforced by the 14th Amendment. Am I consenting to this when I vote?

If I consent by voting for a President I can only vote for someone who will stand by their oath to protect and defend the Constitution.

The candidates we get all follow presidential precedent instead of the Constitution when they get to office. I don't consent to that.

I will be thinking these things when I get my ballot.

Free includes debt-free!

What Country Is Better?

Where do you want to move to?


A country...

A country (defined nationally) = a farm (livestock management)

The fact that the United States has (in some ways) preferable livestock management might constitute a reason not to move. It does not constitute a reason to endorse the concept of subjecting humans to livestock management practices of any kind.

Here's what I heard, three times.

If you love me feed my sheep.

Shall I look somewhere else?

Free includes debt-free!

Rand Paul is actually much

Rand Paul is actually much better and more pro-liberty than either Gary Johnson or Ron Paul. I suggest we all write in Rand Paul. Rand will not compromise and make the easy votes like Ron and Gary do.

Thomas Jefferson 1796, 1800, 1804; James Madison 1808, 1812; Ron Paul 1988, 2008, 2012; Rand Paul 2016.

"make the easy votes"

in no way that that could possibly be taken, could ron paul be considered a person who "makes an easy vote"

and gary was a governor, so i dont know exactly how you consider him making an "easy vote."

what you said makes exactly zero sense.

the easiest way to get something done isnt to change the behavior; its to change the meaning of existing behavior. like a cut isnt a cut, torture isnt torture, its enhanced interrogation. war isnt war, its kinetic military action. declaring war now appare

It makes a lot of sense if

It makes a lot of sense if you think about it.

Thomas Jefferson 1796, 1800, 1804; James Madison 1808, 1812; Ron Paul 1988, 2008, 2012; Rand Paul 2016.

It makes a lot of sense as sarcasm.

Nice sarcasm.

ah, so thats my problem


the easiest way to get something done isnt to change the behavior; its to change the meaning of existing behavior. like a cut isnt a cut, torture isnt torture, its enhanced interrogation. war isnt war, its kinetic military action. declaring war now appare

i suggest you do some more of that

the easy votes would be FOR government giveaways and intervention. ron has spent his entire second career rebuking his party, both inside and outside congress. that is in no way "easy"

the easiest way to get something done isnt to change the behavior; its to change the meaning of existing behavior. like a cut isnt a cut, torture isnt torture, its enhanced interrogation. war isnt war, its kinetic military action. declaring war now appare

Thank you for posting this

Johnson is not worthy of our vote. Also, I am almost 100 percent sure that he is in there to draw away support from Paul, which is exactly what is happening.

It sure seems like a lot of Paul supporters are a lot weaker then I thought.

How is he dragging away

How is he dragging away support for Paul when the Paul campaign is over? are you retarded?

Ventura 2012

Mods? Anyone? Anyone?

These personal attacks are simply getting out of control.