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RNC "Ron Paul" NC National Delegate Daniel Rufty telling Mitt Romney "whats up!"


CHARLOTTE, NC: In September, the Democratic National Convention takes over the Queen City. But many local voters are paying close attention or even traveling to the Republican National Convention in Tampa. Fox News Rising's Christine Noël chats with one of the youngest RNC delegates, Daniel Rufty, about the excitement surrounding the GOP's event.

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Holy shizzle! *I shake his

Holy shizzle! *I shake his hand*

Donate to the campaign to get those delegates to Tampa!

Blessings )o(

Its go time, you do whatever it takes...

"Do anything, break any rule, go all the way to the finish line. The country's on the line."

Is this the same Willard Romney who dislikes the 2nd amendment, and lavishly praises John May Keynes while he drives off to a fundraiser for Bain Capital? (The same Bain who is under criminal investigation)





Blessings )o(



"The oath doesn't stop when the uniform comes off..."

What a true patriot!

I believe the oath dies

when I die!


That means we got all the infiltrators inside there as possibly needed. The more infiltrators the better.

The faster they can be de-masked and exposed.



At a Republican Debate in SC

Daniel yelled "The troops support Ron Paul" he would know because he is a Veteran