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Dr. K visits Balderton Capital, Scytl – SOE, London: Watch what happens…

Watch the video here:

I stopped at Balderton Capital in London. This was after numerous attempts to determine transparency in Scytl-SOE, in which they are the primary investors. Dozens of phone calls and numerous emails produced nothing, therefore, the need for the personal visit. Yet, even this was stonewalled, as shown in the video.

Notice how the agent of Balderton Capital, Goldman Sachs’ Timothy Bunting, when asked about Scytl-SOE says “no,” he knows nothing about it, but when asked again later, he admits that he knows all about it. This is that same Goldman Sachs, which usurped U.S. Taxpayers’ monies in the form of the so-called bailouts, which were nothing less than grand theft.

Here is the letter emailed to Mr. Bunting at his request. Yet, just like all the other inquiries to Scytl-SOE or its associations, no
response (sent on January 23, 2012):

Mr. Bunting:
Thank you for taking my call to address a few questions, which you mentioned would assuredly be answered.

Had some questions specifically relative to mergers and acquisitions, re: voting systems.

You noted that Balderton Capital is the main investor in Scytl-SOE.
Who is/are the owner(s) of Scytl-SOE, as Balderton, according to Business Wire, is an investor only? Does Balderton play any role in management of the vote counting systems?

How is the vote counting achieved? Is the server, which counts the votes, in the United States or offshore, for instance, in London or Spain?

Do you know which individuals or groups specifically manage and coordinate the vote counting systems,such as the ones that counted the votes in the United States primary presidential elections this year?

Is your capital investment limited or ongoing?

Mr. Bunting, you had mentioned that there would be no problem in getting these questions answered.

I do expect a response as quickly as possible.

Many regards;

C. Ingram
Independent Writer/Author
KHP Publishers

Obfuscation, anyone?

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