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Is Colin Powell's son, Michael, considering a D.C. mayoral run?

Is Colin Powell's son, Michael, considering a D.C. mayoral run?

Posted at 01:39 PM ET, 08/03/2012
By Mike DeBonis


Given the troubles Mayor Vincent C. Gray has been through of late, there’s been some talk about possible successors. And given the troubles Harry Thomas Jr., Kwame R. Brown and other D.C. Council members have been through, there’s been some talk that the time is ripe for an outsider to swoop in and take the job.

But which serious outsiders are seriously interested?

Friday comes an intriguing suggestion. Two city residents independently contacted me to share that they participated in a lengthy, live-caller (read: expensive) poll that tested their opinions on several potential mayoral candidates.

Among them was a wild card: Michael K. Powell, the former chairman of the Federal Communications Commission and the son of retired Army general and former Secretary of State Colin L. Powell.

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If he does, run him out on a rail...

He must be exposed for being an accomplice to the criminal syndicate of the Zionut MIC whores, who destroyed two entire countries and nearly caused world war 3.