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Military Brought Prostitutes To Columbian Hotel

Military Brought Prostitutes To Columbian Hotel

Aug 3, 3:25 PM EDT

WASHINGTON (AP) -- A dozen U.S. service members brought women, likely prostitutes, to their hotel rooms in Colombia and also allowed dogs to soil bed linens and building grounds shortly before President Barack Obama arrived in the country for an April summit, according to a military investigation that followed the announcement of punishments for the men.

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I Love This One....

"unstructured free time" as one of the contributing causes of the incident. (Golly gee, some officer should have scheduled a museum tour for those men).

I thought these were also the secret service members....

Pretty much have a bet going it was secret service members, the drugged out kind that were needing to be removed before causing further problems for the president.

It looks likely. All the names are of agents...the military officers, corrupt ones, were also thrown out afterward.