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Romney Is Getting Eaten Alive On The Front Page of Yahoo

Look at these headlines....


(Picture of Romney) 'It's a mathematical fact of life'

Romney's tax plan will raise middle-class taxes while reducing the burden on the rich, a study claims.
Retired porn star Jenna Jameson supports Mitt Romney
N. Korea gives refrigerators for medals, labor camp for losing
Photo reveals giant Greenland iceberg heading to sea
The white world of sports: What Gabby Douglas’ vault into…
Missile Defense Agency employees warned about porn on the job
Cheetah shows up Olympians, breaks land speed record
Obama, after jobs figures, hits Republicans on taxes
Romney aide slams press: The week's dumbest political quotes


I hope to God that the republican delegates in Tampa Bay can all agree on one thing - Mitt Romney can NOT defeat Obama.

The MSM is eating Romney for lunch, in very subtle, yet poirgnant ways.

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The media in not tearing up Romney

No more than they tore up Clinton, Bush, Bush, etc....

It's just meaningless reality TV drama. IF the media was to intend to harm romeny, there are many places to start; involvement with fraudulent madoff like financial scams, association with the bankers robbing the nation, rampant election and vote fraud across the country....

Or the media could just come out and say that organized crime runs our country and have chosen Romney to be the nominee against their other puppet obama.

Even if Romney's tax returns show he's a crook, you won't be seeing those. Kind of like obama's birth certificate. It's all just fodder...how about a headline stating the federal reserve was established by criminals and to this day is robbing the nation and the world. That with their power they have bought up all public broadcasting, have major control and influence in our government and orchestrate the invasions overseas by our military to facilitate their objectives and gains.

Basically, anything front page on yahoo is garbage, worthless garbage.

While it may be true that

While it may be true that it's the same sort of treatment the media gave other candidates, it's clear that reporters are also picking up on the slightest thing; http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-07-27/romneys-have-tax-de...

I follow the sport of dressage and that $70,000 tax deduction for Rafalca finds its way into every thread about this horse. Perhaps you disregard Yahoo as 'garbage', but a lot of people read those articles and one even went so far as to question Romney's lack of participation and interest in his wife's horse during the Olympic tests.

I sort of got a kick out of

I sort of got a kick out of this;


Seems like something Barry's crew would do.

They reported the FBI investigation too....


Wonder how much it will take to make that front page headlines? A lot of people know about this scam too, too late to ignore the mess now.


about time--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

The question is: Can he fall

The question is: Can he fall far enough before the convention so that we win?

He is getting hammered on everything. Well I dont have much else to say, just hope people wake up to Ron Paul.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Looks like the omen's coming true and Romney is self-destructing

With the MSM slowly switching sides and stabbing him in the back that may be the upswing we need to draft Ron Paul to finish this job.


Mitt Romney is a democrat and he doesn't want to go away quietly, he's a crook belonging to the same has-been r us store

Romney, could you answer the questions of why your bank partners have stolen over a billion dollars with you named as a beneficiary?

Make no mistake, when Romney puffs out, they will come out of the woodwork to compromise Ron Paul. We may have to fight to hold Paul's feet to the fire every step of the way to close the Fed.

We may even have to prepare for the worst scenarios under the threats of martial law by Obama and kick Obama to the curb.

If you are prepared for that, get ready!!!
OBAMA is the worst enemy this country has ever seen.