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List of Congressional Town Halls in August 2012

Congress is on a month long recess and many Congressmen will be hosting town hall events in August.

You can find a list of announced town halls here:

Note that the list is not comprehensive and is updated as more information is released.

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Thanks for keeping tabs on this.

Check it out, Patriots. If you're guy is on the list, get there and ask about NDAA, Patriot Act, etc. Don't let them squirm out of giving direct answers in front of everybody.

a lot more town halls

have been added to the list

The missing locations scream

volumes! Our congressmen really don't want to have to answer any of our questions. Go ahead and roll the dice and take your chances, Puppets.

Sometimes these events

get announced the night before so again, this is not a comprehensive list and will get updated as they get announced.

The night before?

Good idea. That way most people with legitimate questions won't even know about it.

But, I understand that more should be coming up and with enough notice. Just not enough town hall meetings will be happening. Not with their voting records.

What? Nothing going on in SC?

I am so shocked. Not!

~Your perception becomes your reality~