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Tampa Local Urgently Needed: Washington State Challenge to Illegal Romney Delegates

We urgently need someone in Tampa who can act as the agent for the Washington contestants in the challenge of 17 national Washington delegates. Said agent will receive (by post) communications on our behalf from the RNC and the respondents. Respondents include the notorious King County Chair, Lori Sotelo, of Reality Check fame.

Who can help us? We need you NOW!



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I was in attendance and was an insider to the RP campaign

I must conclude that although I have no idea as to what this person is saying, something was definately awry with the "representative" we had from the campaign; the night before the convention I had a private sitdown with him and he stated it is 'our intention that we cannot win so therefore we are working out a deal with the Romney campaign to get delegates.' Also might I add that his strategies were with the tailspin of losing in the end, almost always, as if it were inevitable. To my knowledge, these backroom deals failed as RP wannabe delegates were too cocky to concede and trade for positions.

The "minority" vote as some would call it failed at the end due to squabling over technicalities of rules and failure to be a part of the process either prior to the convention (in the platform making aspect), or wasting precious time near the end not planking the platform as to attempt to add nonvital verbage to the platform that seemed redundant to those who chose not to read it along with the rest of the party moments earlier. Speaking as one of many who would've liked to request clarification and probably ammend the platform standing in line. A majority of those waiting patiently were never to be heard. I voted alongside the minorities of the party who seemed hellbent on calling the chairman a "democrat" and made us Paulites, look like the fools that they'd like to label us as.

Romney people are as corrupt as they say they are. The Republican Party IS being infiltrated by conservatives, libertarians, socialists, communists, and everybody else. Problem is that neocons, religious right, and authoritarians blanket the party and have made this a totally exclusive club where only they can win. The Republic is made up of differentiating viewpoints. The party will only allow those who spend their money to the party the longest and largest the frontrunners of their party, regardless of what they believe in.

Freedom Lovers Unite : to bring in our last chance for what was a great country back again into the hands of the people.

Bump for attention.

If all else fails, could you not retain a local atty to act as the agent? I believe there are also companies that provide that kind of service. Of course, it would be much better if a local patriot would step in and help. Come on Tampa patriots!

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Please help us out in Wa.

Please help us out in Wa. state!

can you clarify?

Is the same situation happening in Washington state as is with Maine, etc.?


No... .the state party, with collusion at the county level...

From what I hear out there, they totally cheated the system... broke state law, national rules, state rules, and RROO.

Criminals seem to run whole counties, thinking themselves holy and above the law! It is like Austria 1938, with whole churches once Christian, now turning blind eye to pro choice, anti gun, big government socialism, and pushing Romney... because the party can do no wrong.

Some 'RP grassroots' coveting seats at the RNC also colluded to deceive the rest of the grassroots apparently, and made deals... shutting down debate at the state convention, tricking the delegates for RP into sitting on their hands because they had apparently made deals with the Romney camp for their spots.

In the end the RP camps appearance changed from a liberty minded stand upon principle and the rule of law and orderly following of RROO, into the typical, recent decades Republican style of tit for tat, pat my back and I'll pat yours, forget following the letter of the rules and upholding the rights of the minority to speak and debate!

They failed to object to violations and let stand without a fight illegally elected delegates. It is those illegally delegates who are challenged! It is a matter of truth and principle, the rule of law versus the Neocon Rhino status quo!

So I am told... and the truth will be published soon!

"Made deals" is more like, they have taken it over....

Delegates despise Romney and are purposefully infiltrating to puff him up & leak all the secrets. The only deals being made now is how to flush the lying, boot-licking democrat back to the swamp.


for the cause