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Ted Cruz vs. John Jay Myers

Now that the Republican primary for senate is over in Texas, I am taking a look at other candidates. My vote for Cruz was more of an 'anti-dewhurst' vote, and in light of some things I have hearing about Ted Cruz's wife and his stance on Americas support of Israel, it looks like I am changing my vote to John Jay Myers for the general election in November.

I know some of you will say "well Ron endorsed Cruz" and that is true, but to anyone who was watching the debates, did you ever hear him say the words 'Ron Paul' at any time when they were discussing endorsements? Hell no you didn't. Ted Cruz is part of the 'Rand faction' and while I like Rand and believe he is a great champion of liberty, I think there is a better candidate out there for Senate in Texas.

Anyway, what do you guys think?

Here is a link to his website:


I want him and Cruz on the same stage during a debate because I have this sinking feeling in my stomach that Cruz was a tea party puppet candidate, one who won't really offer much change and would not think twice about sending us to war on behalf of Israel.

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I don't understand...

Is he the democrat's nominee? His website said he's libertarian.

He's the Libertarian nominee

He's the Libertarian nominee

GL finding someone perfect with a chance

if he has a chance than thats great but if he don't than Ted Cruz is close enough for a vote. because its not like the two running as close to each other as Obama and Romney are.

From the looks of his

From the looks of his website, this guy is running a full libertarian campaign.

I'll wait until Nov to decide who i'm going to vote for, but if he is more Libertarian than Ted Cruz (which shouldn't be hard), then I wouldn't have a problem voting for a "D".

D? He's a Libertarian.

D? He's a Libertarian.


I will vote for Meyers too. I woulndt trust what Cruz says if his tongue were notarized while standing in holy water.

but dewhurst was spanked and I rejoiced with great GLEE, ALL NIGHT LONG!
How cool if Cruz lost Tea Party support and was beaten by Meyers

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

JJM... JJM...

... the Politburo will bully Cruz into submission. He will suck up to the establishment to keep his seat safe... more of the same. His victory had some significance, but the Politburo has been very effective in blunting the impact by the time "our" liberty candidates arrive in Washington.

JJM offers us an opportunity to show our true commitment to liberty. (I didn't bother to vote for Cruz. I'm done voting Republican - Debra Medina - being the exception.)

Plano TX

JJM all the way

John Jay Myers without question is the better candidate. I've been following his campaign for a while and he is truly a liberty candidate. He is unwilling to water down his message to appease the Tea Party crowd as Cruz has.

That was Good

I like!




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Awesome answer.

The next generation is coming, and they are well trained and hungry. You hear that GOP? It's the sound of inevitability.